Writer Chris Holt can ‘only’ think of 50 reasons as to why Mike Ashley has inspired Newcastle fans to boycott Spurs on Sunday.

If you can think of any more then feel free to add to the comments section at the end of the article.

Writer Chris Holt can ‘only’ think of 50 reasons why Mike Ashley has inspired Newcastle fans to boycott Spurs on Sunday

50 Reasons to #boycottspurs

Mike Ashley has taken the debt at NUFC from £70m to £129m.

Mike Ashley has taken the commercial income at NUFC from £27.6m to £25.6m, the only club to drop commercial income in that time.

Mike Ashley has therefore overseen a 7% drop in Commercial income while the other clubs to have remained in the league saw an average 194% Increase.

Mike Ashley has taken the match day income at NUFC from £33.6m to £25.9m.

Mike Ashley has therefore overseen a 23% drop in match day income while the other clubs to have remained in the league saw an average 45% Increase.

Mike Ashley has increased season ticket prices at NUFC an average of 9%.

Mike Ashley has made buying single tickets all season cheaper than season tickets for many seats.

Mike Ashley named a 23 man squad (after January 2015 window) and stated that the 25 man limit precluded adding more men to it.

Mike Ashley claimed he can’t get value in January despite signing top goal scorer Papisse Cisse, trebling his money on Leon Best, doubling his money on Matthieu Debuchy and signing one of our current biggest assets, Moussa Sissoko for just £2.2m, all in January windows.

Mike Ashley claimed to have the cheapest standard adult tickets in the Premier league for 14/15 at £15 each, but these have never been available.

Mike Ashley sells junior memberships that promise a 5% discount on all tickets and then sells member tickets at the same price as public tickets.

Mike Ashley pays nothing to advertise any of his multitudes of brands at St James Park.

Mike Ashley removed the St James’ Park name and replaced it with that of his shop.

Mike Ashley claimed that handing the stadium name to his shop for free was a short term measure for 6 months to encourage others to pay for the privilege.  It remained for 3 years.

Mike Ashley scrapped complimentary tickets for staff to cut costs, despite giving away free advertising to his other companies.

Mike Ashley constructively dismissed Kevin Keegan to the fans dismay while the club were in 9th place.

Mike Ashley sacked Chris Hughton to the fans dismay while the club were in 11th place.

Mike Ashley refused to sack Alan Pardew despite 12th and 16th place finishes.

Mike Ashley refused to appoint a better manager than John Carver preferring to let the club drop down the table to 13th place with 9 points from 13 games.

Mike Ashley has presided over NUFC winning just 3 games in the FA cup from 14 attempts over 8 years.

Mike Ashley has never managed to take Newcastle beyond the 4th round of the FA cup.

Mike Ashley has seen his Newcastle side knocked out of the FA cup by Stoke, Hull, West Brom, Stevenage, Brighton, Cardiff and Leicester.

Mike Ashley has overseen £901m of revenues generated at NUFC up to June 2014.

Mike Ashley provided players to the head coach such that the best team that could be put out against Liverpool in their last game cost a combined £31.3m.

Mike Ashley performed research into Premier League clubs in relation to domestic cup competitions to show that in a five year period Swansea City were the only club outside the traditional top six to win a domestic cup and not be relegated in the same season.  This was to justify not trying to win a cup.  The research was shown to be flawed.

Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear.

Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear again.

Mike Ashley hired Alan Pardew.

Mike Ashley says he doesn’t take a penny out of the club, but has had £11m of loans repaid to him.

Mike Ashley guaranteed to reinvest the £35m Andy Carroll was sold for.  When he failed to do so he denied that he had been beholden to spend it all in one summer.

Mike Ashley remains in transfer profit 4 years after selling Carroll.

Mike Ashley has set his manager the target of a top ten finish every year he’s been at Newcastle, even after a fifth place finish.

Mike Ashley implemented a singing section to improve the atmosphere at the ground and then broke it up because they sang nasty songs about him.

Mike Ashley says he will not sell NUFC to anyone without a commitment from them to buy an executive box for 5 years before negotiations begin.

Mike Ashley went drinking rather than speak to the people who later bought Manchester City.  This was while he claimed to have the club up for sale.

Mike Ashley said he couldn’t take his kids to games because they would be assaulted by Newcastle fans.  Northumbria police confirmed there was no threat whatsoever.

Mike Ashley appointed Dennis Wise above Kevin Keegan.

Mike Ashley told Keegan he had control of transfers when he didn’t.

Mike Ashley would not sanction a move by Keegan to take Bastian Schweinsteiger to St James’ Park for just £3m and £30,000 a week. Later claiming the wage demands were £70,000.

Mike Ashley really DID give Joe Kinnear final say though.

Mike Ashley admitted to an employment tribunal that he repeatedly and intentionally misled the press, public and the fans of Newcastle United.

Mike Ashley had NUFC pay £1m in wages to a loan player (Ignacio Gonzalez) he knew would not play for the first team as a favour to an agent.

Mike Ashley hasn’t put any money into Newcastle in 5 years.

Mike Ashley banned The Chronicle, The Journal, The Sunday Sun and The Telegraph for reporting on events at the club.

Mike Ashley has presided over 4 of the 6 of the lowest points winning seasons NUFC have had in the past 30 years.

Mike Ashley sold shirt sponsorship rights at NUFC to a payday lender that charges 5,853% interest rates.

Mike Ashley’s previous Chief Exec at NUFC, Derek Llambias, is quoted as saying “You guys don’t understand how fucking horrible we can be”.

Mike Ashley was fined by the SFA for a rules breach in relation to dual interest in Rangers and NUFC.

Mike Ashley asked Jonas Gutierrez to find another club during his battle with cancer.

Mike Ashley is pushing NUFC in the opposite direction to everyone else with an interest in the club.  He is going in whichever direction benefits his shop.  Everyone else wants the best for the club.  There can never be any success as long as he keeps working against everyone else at the club.

Ashley Out.


Thanks to Chris Holt for another excellent piece and you can visit his blog HERE, plus you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies

  • NottsToon

    Also this needs adding to the list…

    Mike Ashley is single handedly responsible for clothing an entire generation of chavs in Lonsdale and Donnay.

  • lovenkrands11

    TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag wow didn’t know all those thingsU0001f633

  • TaylorandBesty

    lovenkrands11 NUFCTheMag There’s a lot going on at #nufc that people don’t know. We need respected ex players like yourself to help us.

  • LeazesEnder

    51. He supports Spurs
    52. He blew quarter of a million of the club’s money (Andy Carrolls fee) in Aspers in one night….. bet that doesn’t show up in the accounts Mr, Deloitte.
    53. He appointed Sodexo the prison catering firm…. appalling 
    54. He plastered his company over the stadium denying the club its own revenue
    55. He got a job lot of TV screens half the bloody size of the old ones, and used half the screen as advertising….. and coupled it with a Bose sound system?
    56. He put Shirts for sale in the club shop at £10 more than S****** D***** and said ‘lets see if they boycott me now’!
    57. Spending money on Rangers whilst starving United
    58. Allowing Lee Ryder back inside
    59. Banning NUST because they dared to ask questions on the clubs ‘debt’
    60. Binning NUFC memorabilia

  • andrew14ad

    lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag
    That’s just 50 he could think of by the way as I’m sure we will find out more to take to task.

  • LeazesEnder

    @TaylorandBesty lovenkrands11 NUFCTheMag Have you seen Wiz yet…. he’s disappeared!

  • elAato

    lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty http://ashleyout.com/articles/a-guest-blog-on-the-state-of-newcastle-united-by-george-caulkin-northern-sports-correspondent-of-the-times/ You should also read this article from CaulkinTheTimes. Perfectly sums up feelings.

  • jonnyehall_

    TaylorandBesty i laughed at “Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear. Mike Ashley hired Joe Kinnear again” then remembered it :(

  • HanoiToon

    lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag Peter – don’t you think you have a duty to do research before sharing your opinion in the media?

  • bernymatthews

    andrew14ad lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag For example, doesn’t mention the Supporters Trust being banned from the Fans Forum..

  • bernymatthews

    andrew14ad lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag The treatment of Alan Shearer….

  • bernymatthews

    andrew14ad lovenkrands11 TaylorandBesty NUFCTheMag Joey Barton being forced out of the club for daring to disagree with them…

  • mentalman

    And thats a reason to boycott

  • venison_barry

    HanoiToon don’t think you have any right to criticise lovenkrands11 he gave 100% everytime he pulled on the shirt TaylorandBest

  • cajster3108

    GallowgateShots MikeAshleyLies I’m sure a few of us north of the border could give fifty reasons why he was (is) a disaster at Rangers.

  • MikeAshleyLies

    cajster3108 GallowgateShots and a few who work for him could do the same about their finances.

  • NewcastleFansU

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats 51, I live in peterborough and once spent a total of 21 hours driving without even seeing a goal

  • NewcastleFansU

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats TaylorandBesty NUFCTips great article by the way, as usual

  • cajster3108

    MikeAshleyLies GallowgateShots self inflicted disaster on and off park. Him & his mates have happily twisted the knife for healthy margin.

  • MikeAshleyLies

    @NewcastleFansU NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats TaylorandBesty NUFCTips Cheers

  • Sickandtiredstill

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats TaylorandBesty NUFCTips Mike Ashley blew the chance for KK to sign Luka Modric (for peanuts) as ‘they’ didn’t rate the player.

  • newcastle7

    Will stop at the first comment as do not want to waste half hour replying.
    The club had not paid for transfers some bought four years earlier.We were a mess the credit
    card bills maxed in short bankrupt on paper.Interest bills ran into millions.
    The sponsorshp money had all been used we were robbing Peter to pay Paul we had not a pot to piss in.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    newcastle7 Just piss off man, its so obvious you work for SD and are posting utter shite for the Fatman. Either that or you truely are a total f*ckwit
    Ashley Out!

  • NottsToon

    newcastle7 Cool story bro, changed my life. Tell me where you heard it?


    He promised to put 20 Million  a Year out of his own pocket into the club for transfers when he first took over
    He said in court he paid for Gonzalez to get first choice of young south american players, well they should be old enough for our first team by now

  • Gary Linney

    Let’s make the boycott the beginning of the rebellion… I hope the Toon Army is ‘big enough’ to retaliate against fatboy & his regime who are slowly killing everything that is NUFC!
    Everything he has done and is doing to the club has been an embarrassment & it has to be stopped!
    Those who continue, as paying customers, to line his pockets then you are SUPPORTING what HE is doing to NUFC.
    Howay, let’s be honest – It’s not as though the team are playing for their lives… most of them are journeymen, already eyeing up a move anyhoo! How many of them can you see as iconic heroes in the future?
    WE MUST BE UNITED AND BOYCOTT… and why not for the rest of the season?

  • GToon

    newcastle7 Aye and the football was great, the players gave their all and we competed in everything and went close to winning a trophy a few times. Wish i had known we were in such financial trouble, i wouldn’t have enjoyed the games half as much. Oh no sorry, i’m lying, it wouldn’t have made any difference at all!!

  • DavidDrape

    agree Gary: will the better players want to leave in all this turmoil (club going nowhere) – you bet they will. Will new above average players want to come in – no way.

  • DavidDrape

    Brilliant Chris. I could add a lot more starting with away ticket issues to start with

  • GToon

    He makes you have to be a member to get an away ticket.
    He’s starting to force people to become members to watch more and more home games.
    He always sells our best players.
    He never reinvests the money gained from sales.
    He doesn’t speak to the fans.
    He wants to sell the land and hence any chance of expanding the ground to make money.
    He will dither over the appointment of our next manager and then use that as an excuse as to why we wont buy anybody come the start of next season.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    newcastle7 Oh Simon. Are you going to campaign forever for Ashley, from the seat H&S built for you? There is extreme irony in that if you had the smarts to understand it.

    Why oh why did you protest against McKeag, yet tell people they shouldn’t now do the same against Ashley? I guess when you were younger you actually possessed some bollix?

    The only person to ever state the Club ‘may’ have gone into Administration was Ashley himself.  There is not a shred of factual evidence to support that. You and your like just keep spinning the line Ashley wants everyone to believe, because you don’t have the brain cells to believe otherwise.

    He’s a multi Billionaire, and he got there by screwing over every business which feeds the SD profit margin. That;s what you are now a supporter of.  A feeder Club to the SD profit margin.

  • Andgeo

    He is ripping us all off!
    He refuses to buy players fit for the premiership!
    He knows nothing about football resulting in a string of bad decisions which has wasted the clubs money.
    He refuses to pack his bags and [email protected]@k off
    Everybody hates his guts

  • Andgeo

    Piss off muppet!

  • Andgeo

    We had less debt than we do now, and had our merchandising and advertising revenue to support the team! Not his fat tat shop empire!!

  • Andgeo

    Maybe you should change your name from newcastle7 to newcastle0?? It’s a very long time since we were capable of scoring 7 goals in a game. 0 is a far more likely outcome since fatty has completely dismantled our club!!! Muppet.

  • Russ_Hargreaves

    DarrelBirkett tsExtraTime Cheers for this mate.

  • Toon Magpie


    So what, a few of those Lonsdale wearing boxers could knock you out. Why not form a muslim taliban fan club?

  • Toon Magpie

    didnt work.

  • eyesleach

    James_h1892 sounds like he’s happy to keep #nufc ticking over and not spending to challenge for silverware

  • James_h1892

    eyesleach That’s exactly why we are protesting mate. We don’t expect to challenge but we expect to try!

  • eyesleach

    James_h1892 fair point, why should you spend money to watch when the club has no ambition. Need more empty stands to prove the point though

  • James_h1892

    eyesleach Hopefully this is just the start of it. The club has openly said they don’t want cup runs or to qualify for Europa League again

  • James_h1892

    eyesleach what is the point in being a football club? We’re just a business promoting Sports Direct at the minute.

  • eyesleach

    James_h1892 agreed, not every club can challenge for the title but all clubs should attempt to win a cup. Good luck with the fight

  • James_h1892

    eyesleach Cheers mate, appreciate it.

  • utdlad

    LeazesEnder sodexho arent a prison catering firm you muppet, theyre a huge contract caterer operating in thousands of different businesses and workplaces. Jesus