There had already been murmurings of Alan Pardew as a potential Premier League Manager of the Year.

However, last night’s win which effectively ended any Manchester City hopes of lifting the title, has raised those murmurings up by any number of decibels.

Always the modest one…Alan Pardew had proclaimed in advance of the Monday night match that he could do a better job than those currently at the big/top clubs.

After getting one over on his old mate Manuel Pellegrini with a 2-1 win at Selhurst Park, no doubt Pardew would have been even more smug than your typical smug very annoying arrogant person.

When at Newcastle, Pardew won Manager of the Year despite his team finishing only fifth, the rationale being that he and his team had over-achieved.

Now people are totting up the Pardew points this season and suggesting he could repeat his personal success of 2011/12.

To be fair, he has been on a great run at Crystal Palace and lifted them from 18th and relegation favourites when he arrived, to now 11th in the table and four points clear of Newcastle.

Adding up the points, Pardew has collected an impressive 22 from 11 matches at Palace, added to the 26 he produced at Newcastle before jumping ship, he now has 48 so far.

Taking the usual top six out of the equation, if votes were cast for a less obvious candidate than say Jose Mourinho who is clearly going to lift teh title, then it may well be that only one man can save us.

Ronald Koeman was faced with a massive task at Southampton with wholesale player departures, although he was backed with some serious money in the transfer market.

Doing a superb job, Koeman’s team currently have 53 points, 5 clear of Pardew’s current total.

So we are safe at the minute but if Palace keep their run going and Pardew overtakes Koeman, then the writing could well be on the wall…

As Newcastle fans, it would be the total irony of this slapstick season if Alan Pardew was to be named Manager of the Year, only there would be few laughs this side of the Watford Gap.

(PS John Carver is not a serious contender according to our sauces/sources….)

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  • Steve1221

    He would deserve it, he was doing a good job with us and has done a great job with Palace both with poor teams.

  • LeazesEnder

    Give him an eight year contract… then sell his decent players and underinvest….. and then lets see how he does!

  • dav_art

    Good luck to him.  He was a better manager for us than many on this site think, given the constraints he was working under.

  • Alexh1984

    Ahh yes I remember those first 8 games of this season when we didn’t record a single win, the 4-0 battering at Southampton was also a day to remember…memories

  • Steve1221

    And yet we were still only a point or 2 off the European spots.

  • PhilYare

    Steve1221 thats an exaggeration