It really shouldn’t be any surprise that Mike Ashley sees players such as Adam Armstong, as no different to the thousands and thousands of people he employs across the rest of his empire.

Adam Armstrong may not be on a zero hours contract but Ashley and his minions have no scruples about using players like him for their propaganda.

The team, management and owner have been rightly slaughtered in the past week for the mess at the club which has led to results such as the fifth derby defeat in a row last Sunday.

With much talk of fans boycotting the next home match against Spurs, who do the club put out for the press to quote as cover for them?

Club Captain Fabricio Coloccini? Stand-in Captain Moussa Sissoko?

No, they put up Adam Armstrong.

This is Adam Armstrong who only turned 18 less than two months ago and has started one Premier League match so far.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Adam Armstrong:

“There is still a lot of games left and all of the lads have to put it right together, at Liverpool I’m sure we’ll do that.”

“We have always got a good fanbase that follow us, no matter where we play.

“When they come on Monday night I am sure they will show us good support like they always do.”

To me the reasoning is obvious.

The club put up Adam Armstrong because he is a Geordie, he’s a young lad, lifelong Newcastle fan, hasn’t got a long record of shocking displays in an NUFC shirt.

What you have to understand is that ALL interviews in the modern day are sanctioned and organised by the club.

Reporters face being banned if they carry quotes from a player that they got without permission.

So it is the club choosing to put Adam Armstrong up as the voice of the dressing room.

The odds are obviously massively stacked against Newcastle players ‘putting it right’ at Liverpool.

Even though it was the blameless Armstrong, he still got some stick from fans when commenting on the quotes carried by the Chronicle, because he had been put up to speak for the team.

Mike Ashley and his minions really are just ruthless and manipulative, rather than looking after young players, they just see them as expendable units to be used by them.

I don’t think any decent club would treat their young players in such a crass way, they need to be protected and nurtured, not put up as a sacrificial lamb.


  • Andy Brannen

    Alan Casson

  • LeazesEnder

    The moral of this tale is ‘Beware of Minions bearing gifts’…. I hate those minions guys!

  • terriertwo

    LeazesEnder They’re not just minions they’re pickled minions.

  • wor monga

    He got some stick from the fans!!…come off it…what you
    meant to tell us was he might have got some stick from your usual gang of ‘axe
    grinders’ who regularly comment on the propaganda that we see daily on this

    …You know…from the likes of those who now live somewhere
    like Kurdistan (or Notts) and stopped going many moons ago, but can’t wait to be
    coming back to a totally rejuvenated SJP and see us taking on the likes of
    Carlisle…as soon as the club can sink down to League 2 standard!!!

    That’s as soon as all those thousands of regular loyal
    attending fans (who didn’t object to anything that the lad Armstrong has to
    say) have gone…seeing as (in their eyes) they are all only a bunch of mackems /apologists,
    and spineless Ashley lovers…who were responsible for destroying the club,

  • Andgeo

    I want to see the lad on the pitch for 90 minutes. And not away from home at anfield or old Trafford where he is inevitably gonna spend the game defending due to the huge owner inflicted incompetence in our squad! Can’t understand why he hasn’t been given more opportunity this season, and at the back end of last season too. Ridiculous bad management and ownership.

  • mentalman

    Where is colloccini

  • IntravenusMP

    Perhaps it’s that Armstrong has had a great few weeks and that will be rewarded with a bigger role in the team. OK, we do need a few more points but as the season is finishing and we should be safe, we should be bringing in the younger lads.

  • v0ices

    wor monga Carlisle would probably beat us at the moment.

  • NottsToon

    wor monga I’d rather watch a football team play Carlisle, than watch Mike Ashleys Sh1te Direct United go through the motions against teams set up to actually play the game.

    You enjoy your comfy seat, lack of atmosphere and keep handing your cash over to a bloke who clearly thinks that you’re a bigger bell end than I do sonny.

  • wor monga

    NottsToon      That’s your prerogative…why don’t you go and
    watch somebody play them then…cos you can do whatever you want with your cash

    don’t give a monkeys about either you or it, and I’ll do what I want with mine,
    and nobody including yourself will ever alter that, sunshine!!

  • wor monga

    v0ices     Maybe they would beat us…that’s the nature of
    football…QPR might beat Chelsea too…but for our sakes I hope they don’t (just this
    time…sad isn’t it)

  • PeterRobson

    wor monga criticising fans for not living in the shadow of St James´ Park is getting a bit stale now !!!

    I´ve followed and supported Newcastle United since I was old enough to stand, and that´s a long time !!!!

    When I joined the Army in 1977 I still managed to get to a lot of fixtures both home and away, but having spent most of my 22 years in service overseas, opportunities were limited, and hopping home from Canada, Iraq or places most people only know from Sky News was not always an option !!!

    I´m pretty sure a lot of Geordies who live too far away to attend every game resent your implication and have good reasons as to why they can´t attend every game.

    That does NOT however make you a more loyal fan/supporter than anyone else !!!

    Just like it doesn´t make someone less of a patriot than someone who puts their life and limb on the line so that people like you can enjoy the freedom of speech to make such accusations !!

  • wor monga

    PeterRobson    I’m not criticising fans who are or have been
    in the armed forces (as I have) or who live away, Peter
    …or even those that have
    stopped going for whatever reason…don’t get me wrong

    …but if they’ve exercised
    their freedom to do those things, but are still having a blast at other’s who still
    go to support the team, and spend their own money doing it then that’s a
    different story…in my eyes!

  • pissed off mag

    with the coaching and managment we have now we couldnt beat eggs nevermind liverpool

  • PeterRobson

    wor monga PeterRobson Okay but it didn´t come across like that !!!

    It´s a bit like the time the provost Sgt sent me a memo and I marked it 7/10 and sent it back !!!

    He didn´t see my point either !!!

    No offence mate !!