What’s the name of that shop Mike Ashley owns, you know, that one I’m sure I have seen a couple of adverts for at the Sports Dir….St. James’ Park.

Every day we are taken for fools as Newcastle fans, we don’t have to wait for the turn of April to come around.

I suppose one thing we should be grateful for, at least the vast majority of us, is that we don’t also work for Ashley.

The following appeared today on the official club website, imagine how this poor Dan King must have felt when he was ordered to put his name to this shameless piece:

‘By Dan King – Newcastle United Digital Editor

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Ayoze Pérez is the 11th most popular player in the Barclays Premier League based on sales of replica shirts…

According to figures released by Sports Direct, the UK’s largest sporting retailer, Pérez has sold more shirts than the likes of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, David Silva and John Terry this term; not bad for a 21-year-old in his first season in England’s top flight.’

Not content with blinding us all with the outrageous over the top use of horrible red and blue SD adverts on a matchday, Mike Ashley now presents adverts as editorial on the club’s official website.

He is truly shameless and what on earth we all did wrong to deserve to be landed with this shyster….

City Hall Gifts - shop.themag.co.uk

  • magpie9

    He would bare his backside in the Haymarket with a S.D. ad. tattooed on it if it would make him a penny

  • No Brainer

    A company does a bit of PR which includes our club in its findings as well as info for a whole load of other clubs and you think its preloaded!

    Its not like the mag makes use of the creative headline to draw in customers is it. As your income stream is advertising that is understandable. 
    Conversely its why your audience yawn so much when your often schizo stories end up boring.

  • Chemical Dave

    Do an article yourself then soft lad.

  • LeazesEnder

    Could be that Ashley’s company is tryong to get a bidding war going for Perez