It looks like any Newcastle fans hoping that Mike Ashley could be selling up soon, may need to think again.

Supporters would love just to be able to concentrate on who is playing in the next match and who United might sign, but you’d be a fool not to accept that the fortunes of Newcastle United are inextricably linked to Ashley’s Sports Direct empire.

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When he bought the club, Mike Ashley’s people told John  Hall that his primary reason for doing so was to drive the expansion of his retail business.

That is surely beyond any doubt now and even Sports Direct have been compelled to mention the importance of Mike Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle United and the resultant free promotion of SD, as a major factor in the retailer’s growth and success.

It looks now though as Mike Ashley is going to push his business empire onto a whole new level and it would be madness to think that Newcastle United isn’t needed as a major factor, in helping this expansion be a success.

Morgan Stanley believe that the Sports Direct shares are very attractive and says that this is despite knocking 20% off their valuation because of Mike Ashley’s ‘unusual corporate governance’.

With factors such as Sports Direct currently having no chief financial officer or investor relations functions, plus Ashley still owning such a large portion (55%) of the company.

Obviously the huge coverage of Premier League football in every European country, including the likes of Holland and Germany, gives any potential expansion of Sports Direct a massive lift via Newcastle United.

Also though, surely maybe no coincidence that Newcastle have now signed three (four if you include the loan of Luuk de Jong) Dutch players and are said to be continuing to look there for ‘value for money’ as well as allegedly targeting Germany and Spain this summer.

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  • KevinBrown11

    The truth is the greedy man won’t let all the sky TV money go to anyone else it goes against the grain for him to pass up the chance to make money for nothing, he’s not that stupid is he…

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 Clearly, the UK’s equivalent of Howard Hughes see’s nothing wrong in the ‘no publicity’ angle. Every time he gets some it’s all of the negative variety, which is no doubt we he and his minions are almost religiously tight lipped.
    I’m sure Llambias was well and truly roasted over his gaffs here and at Rangers and why no one talks off message, or if they do they are ditched.
    SD by the way take pride in spending (themselves) minimal amounts on direct adveising. That’s where we and his other footballing interests come into play, both domestically and in Europe (undoubtedly behind his move for Rangers).
    Sorry, but I agree with the direction of this article. The fact that SD are involved in a war of attrition with Decathlon (France’s sporting goods empire) I am pretty sure influences where Ashley wants many of his players bought from.

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  • Steve1221

    Worthwhile contribution as usual moose

  • Chemical Dave

    Makes more sense than your obsequious dribbling Steve.

  • nev fur

    Surely though a more successful NUFC playing in Europe would be more beneficial to ma so is the sd expansion into Europe not a good thing for NUFC? I’m not supporting him btw just saying what appears obvious from this article

  • Sickandtiredstill

    nev fur To compete in Europe takes an obvious investment in a squad capable of that and domestic football at the same time.
    Why invest in the team (which he plainly hasn’t and refuses to do in real terms) when you can get Euro exposure just because of the televised PL games. 
    Forget the bollix about FFP. Under the FA FFP we could be using commercial revenue to strengthen the team, but of course that is severely hampered by the free advertising and retail deal SD was given which deprives the club of income.

    UEFA FFP only applies if we are competing in a Euro competition. 
    We can’t even field a chosen first team right now and all this should explain everything about Ashley and his ‘ambition’ for NUFC.

    None, except for the profit and tv exposure for SD.

  • nev fur

    I agree, I wasn’t supporting ma like I said just posing the thought that comes from the suggestion of the article

  • nev fur

    Good point there