Mike Ashley has responded to the campaign against him and his running of Newcastle, by dropping ticket prices to as low as £10 for the visit of Swansea.

The Spurs boycott helped lead to the lowest crowd of the season for one of the more attractive fixtures of the season.

However, that published crowd of 47,427 didn’t include approximately ten thousand season ticket holders who also boycotted.

Mike Ashley is clearly doing everything he can not to repeat the large pockets of empty seats and has made available an extra cheap ticket area in level 7.

The desperate move only 48 hours before United play shows the Ashley Out campaign is biting, this new cheap area sees kids paying just £10, senior citizens £19 and adults £20.

The cheapest adult tickets elsewhere are £27 unless you pay a £35 membership first.

This news comes on the back of the Ashley Out campaign organisers having announced their protest plans for Saturday which you can read about HERE.


  • LeazesEnder

    A big kick in the teeth to anyone with a season ticket….


  • Maximus Moose

    I wouldnt go for Nowt

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder Yip they`ll be over the Moon

  • essexMag

    I have just thrown a SportsDirect cup into a skip. And stuck a ‘bag for life’ up my ars*. Took a picture and sent it to FCB….My personal protest from down here in Essex…
    And no more merchandise bought until he is gone.

  • LeazesEnder

    Maximus Moose LeazesEnder they cant sell boycotted seats though….

  • PeterRobson

    LeazesEnder I agree mate, but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet !!! If it was easy we wouldn´t be fighting so hard to win back our club !!!

  • No Brainer

    Mike Ashley is in the ticket office great will he sign a ticket for me.

  • PeterRobson

    All great journeys start with the first step !!!

    Many will fall along the way but judging by the immediate reaction of the three stooges to all the articles, publicity and negativity surrounding NUFC, I get the feeling he wishes he hadn´t poked the bear (us) that one last time !!!

    Apart from a few “nay sayers” I think the message is getting through at last !!!

    To Quote Capt. Jean Luc Picard: This far, no further: The line must be drawn here !!!

  • dude 1

    stay away its only a ploy by fatty dont fall for it lads we are starting to get at him

  • Tony79

    He doesn;t like it up him.

    The targeting of Sports Direct for this game is the right option in my opinion, but just goes to show you what we can do collectively.

    Lets hammer sports direct, protest at the Swansea game and lead up for another huge Boycott of the next game.

    I am particularly convinced however that games on SKY are the ones we should Boycott collectively.  I will however personally be boycotting swansea, its just that maintaining that level of commitment may be difficult.

  • Tony79

    LeazesEnder May encourage people to jack them in and go on a game by game basis.

    Boycott’s can also work to force the prices down for us.  

    Cracking stuff.

  • David Brown

    Thought they could not do that

  • paul janes

    I wonder if Ashley will follow the West Ham plan to reduce season tickets for next seasòn,Karen Brady was on tv a couple of days ago saying £700.00 plus for a family of four seaso ticket.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No surprise is it? He keeps on proving that he couldn’t care less about the ‘support’. Just fill the seats, with anyone at all.
    Buy ’em cheap and stack ’em high – Ashley’s business ethos to a tee.

  • paul janes West Ham seem to be getting a lot of positive publicity for this but lets be honest they are clearly only offering cheap tickets because they are scared about not filling their nice new big stadium rather than being any specific concern for their fans as it is being painted.

  • LeazesEnder why is it a kick in the teeth to Season Ticket holders??

  • £20 for adults is still not as cheap as the £15 falsely claimed in the ‘Price Of Football’ report on the BBC website:
    It’s disappointing that the BBC still haven’t corrected their website, even though it’s been established for months now that the figure of £15 claimed by the club was clearly not the truth.

  • Before the Spurs game, a small minority of people said Mike Ashley wouldn’t care about the boycott.  Well
    here’s the proof that he cares. He’s worried. And well he should be.
    I genuinely think this could be the start of the tables turning. Not just in terms of Newcastle United. Also in terms of his wider
    business interests. The tide is turning against him…

  • Roberts Grey Pants  I don’t want to put words in LeazesEnder’s mouth, but I’m guessing the reason is something along the lines of…
    In the olden days, buying a season ticket worked out cheaper than buying tickets on a match by match basis.
    Nowadays, however, Mike Ashley just does what he wants, so people buying a one-off ticket for the Swansea game will be getting their tickets cheaper than season ticket holders.
    That is, of course, unless MIke Ashley decides to refund season ticket holders the difference…

  • NUFC Tips Roberts Grey Pants to be fair though I think its been a good few years since a season ticket got you any massive discount if you broke it down to a cost per game basis, a season ticket nowadays (at any club) seems to be more about having a guaranteed ticket for every game in the your desired seat.
    On a general point I have to say that as a season ticket holder it doesn’t really bother me the club offering cheap deals on general tickets for certain games to try and fill the stadium. Obviously its clear this is in reaction to the boycotts but they do this with most games anyway to an extent.

    To be fair to the club I think in comparison to most other Premier League clubs are ticket prices are pretty decent in general – of course the product being served up on the pitch at the moment probably doesn’t justify that comment but generally our prices are decent.

  • Maximus Moose

    LeazesEnder Maximus Moose He`s following Shyte Direct guidelines slash the prices to get the Mugs back in

  • G Dubz

    Dont do it.
    It has clearly had an impact and this is him using the same “Money is Power” tactic to show how fickle our fans are.
    One game wont do it, there needs to be a prolonged protests and demonstration or last weeks effort was a waste of time.
    The last games of this season will be a farce, we will be lucky to stay up. What are you really going to miss? This could genuinely have an impact on fatty though if everyone keeps making his life awkward.
    Demonstrations outside his “tat” shops are also being suggested, great idea. Key is making sure staff dont get abused as they are the unfortunates on fattys zero hour, minimum wage contracts. Start making his brand crumble and we might get somewhere, be that empty stadiums, flyers or making a peacful nuisance outside his shops

  • magpie9

    I hope the fans planning to stay away for Swansea game don’t turn into Judas & be bought by the fat man. Surely seeing him squirming at banks of empty seats is worth far more than saving a few quid & watching one more exercise in futility

  • Tony79

    G Dubz  “Key is making sure staff dont get abused as they are the unfortunates on fattys zero hour, minimum wage contracts.”

    I’d gan further than that.  I think we should offer support to his workforce to Unionise and strike for better pay and conditions.  They are amongst the worst treated in the country.  It is the morally right thing to do and also helps our cause.

  • Davy Jenkins

    makes a mockery of buying a season ticket. but youll still get daft fckers queueing up to get shafted. im living in constant amazement at peoples absolute stupidity.

  • Demented_Man

    Maximus Moose I’ve frequently been offered tickets for nowt and still wouldn’t go.

  • Phildene

    Ashley’s been to every game bar the last one so he more that aware of what’s going on and is shitting himself! Bet he’s not at the next home game either! He’s like a big fat kid who spits his dummy out when he doesn’t get his own way and can’t handle it when the natives get restless. Ashley doesn’t like confrontation one bit as can’t handle it.

  • nufcmag777

    This is the beginning of the end under the parasite Ashley.I never thought i would see the day when NUFC would have to follow the Mackems and slash prices and give away tickets for any match.We have lost 1000’s of loyal fans over the last 7 years due to Ashley.May he rot in hell.KTF

  • WallaceWilson

    Whether it’s £10 or £27 it’s still the worst football in living memory you’ll be watching. Keep your hands on your holiday money!

  • David Grey

    He still makes a fortune on food and drink sales in the ground every match day. Why not boycott buying the food and drink inside the ground? Surely people can do without a pint before the match and at half time.

  • gazchampion

    True… this is where being a true fan means boycotting the 5h1t that’s being served up at SJP and start thinking of the long term future of NUFC, if you haven’t already!
    Gettting rid of this fat leech of an owner is the only way to do this and we are beginning to affect Fatboy Mike… Hah, he’s even resorted to trying to sell the cheap seats for a tenner! … like they’re a pair of his cheap trainers! 

    Don’t be another “Ashley Sheep” and sit and suffer in silence at the next game…  
    BOYCOTT SJP – BOYCOTT S**t Direct and we will win this battle – it’s not about the money it’s about REBELLION, WE’VE HAD ENOUGH AND IT’S TIME FOR ACTION!

    TOON REVOLUTION… ASHLEY OUT!- See more at: //www.themag.co.uk/2015/04/mike-ashley-slashes-swansea-ticket-prices-48-hours-before-game-as-boycott-bites/?#sthash.vIKIsS6X.dpuf

  • gazchampion

    NUFC Tips TOON REVOLUTION! Howay lads , lets win this battle against the fcb!

  • gazchampion

    paul janes I wouldn’t even pay £70!  … they’re just not worth it… and that would be another £70 into fatboys ‘skyrocket’ wouldn’t it?


  • Bishbosh11

    Unfortunately, the catering was outsourced a few years ago. Ashley won’t notice! A different (innocent) company will feel the pinch of this action.

  • Bishbosh11

    Tony79 G Dubz Great idea Tony79 – this could be the start of something BIG. We could bring his empire to his knees with a sustained effort to target his staff to campaign for better conditions. If they all stood together, they would then have ALL of his power!

  • paul janes

    I’m totally with you I jacked my season ticket 4 years ago after being a constant ST holder since 1976,it’s like a monkey off my back not giving the fat c**t any of my pension.I’m still desperate for the club to have auccess,but know it’s futile expecting any success while Ashley’s here, I am at a loss when I hear people’s justification for attending.

  • ilullissat

    Bishbosh11 The internal caterers used to be employed directly by the club but now it’s done by Sodexo and I can tell you that they are anything but innocent because I used to work there.I was transferred over from another company and from Day One they messed me about by adding on and adding on to my workload and then they made some staff redundant,including me.They then claimed I didn’t qualify for redundancy money cos I hadn’t been there for two years.When I produced my Start letter they had to pay me £500.So they operate the same way as Wonga and the Fatman

  • graham42

    Totally agree

  • fromtheheed

    Today’s Sun has Carver pleading that protests are hurting the team.
    Do what you have to do but ” FOR THE REST OF THE TIME, GET BEHIND THE TEAM “, where has he been the past 7 years?
    Another TV Pundit suggesting we leave it for the last game of the season, sure! 
    We’ll have all summer to think how we can protest at a closed SJP, no media coverage, everyone is on holiday, and by then we Geordies will have forgotten last season and turn up like sheep in our thousands.
    But, I’m missing the point, I’m just too thick to understand, sure we can protest next season when we are playing our first game against LEEDS in the Championship.
    Time is a healer, but we’ve got to keep pressure on and up. 
    Take a bow you 12,000 fans who protested, you make me proud to be a Geordie.

  • Brown Bottle

    Bishbosh11 ….one of Ashley’s companies has the catering contract. Salad dodger never misses a trick to turn a shilling.

  • Harry Todd

    Sorry Graham but you got this one wrong.Swansea could not sell their tickets so Newcastle put their returns on sale.It is illegal to sell them for any other price than Swansea fans paid which is ten and twenty pounds.
    By the way just to comfort you Newcastle fans getting charged more so no way is Mike running scared.

  • Bishbosh11

    Brown Bottle Bishbosh11 catering company is Sodexo Prestige Limited. Not an Ashley company from what I can see…maybe you know different?