Well here we go, or maybe don’t go…I have forgone the pleasure of a night away in Liverpool, to enjoy the game in the comfort of my local club and lovely chilled beer!

The reasons? Could it be the £52 ticket price, or the restricted letter box view, or maybe because the game is on TV? No, for me it is the fact we are now total sh*t and I think we will get a right tonking.

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If I was to write this article tomorrow then who knows what I would be saying. If any game needs boycotting it is this one, once one of the most exciting fixtures in English football will be watched tonight by the smallest Newcastle away following in PL history, fair play to the boys and girls who go.

Talking of boycotts, it was a breath of fresh air seeing the start of the Ashley Out campaign, already it has attracted widespread media attention and the possible boycott of the Spurs game is interesting

What I hate about all this however is the division amongst our own ranks, for the record I have not ever boycotted before but I won’t be attending the Spurs game, I feel it really is now or never. However, I can’t accept fans who do attend being called scabs by others, people should be allowed to do what they see fit.

And the bottom line for Ashley is money anyway, and the fact a lot of non-attendees have prepaid via season tickets will probably just make him more smug in the short-term, what is needed is a long-term sustained media backed campaign to get under his skin.

Last week I stated that I believe the club will change spending policy in the summer, but for me by then the damage will be done, the club could lose fans in their droves, Ashley has it in his own hands to repair this once and for all.

Instead of rolling out his puppets like Lee Charnley or indeed ex-players like Bobby Moncur, he needs to speak himself, in public in person, and state his intention to spend £100 million ( about a tenner to me and you) and buy the players to compete, with a decent head coach in tow.

We don’t want to be the plastic clubs like Man City, or the manufactured Man United, but we want to compete, have something to look forward to, go into a game knowing a Wembley appearance or top 4 spot is a possibility sometime.

When Ashley first arrived he bought the Bigg market a drink, he promised star signings and ground extensions, in fairness he tried by doing what we wanted, sacking Allardyce, bringing in legends like Keegan and Shearer, but it failed, since then it has been more or less continually downhill.

This season and last have been virtually identical, a brief ray of sunshine where we looked threatening, before a post-Christmas decline into oblivion, another season where so much was wasted, remember we bloodied the noses of some good teams pre-Christmas…..Man City, Spurs, Liverpool etc

Newcastle United are indeed the gravy train of the premier league, and current premier league whipping boys, will we go down? Possibly, but I don’t think so, it is 3 from QPR, Burnley, Sunderland, Hull and Leicester.

New owner, new manager, new players, new outlook, roll on the cricket season.

I can’t finish without mentioning the Sunderland ability to self destruct, each time they beat us they then tend to go on a losing streak, Saturday was both enjoyable and spectacular, well it would have been had it not been cemented by a sickly smugness from a certain individual.

Interestingly, the Palace hat-trick hero was Yannick Bolasie, a player with immeasurable amounts of unpredictable ability, akin to a certain player the manager fell out with up here, I wonder how long it will take for him to become Pardewed?

Please don’t anyone say Pardew is now a good manager, he has had these peaks before, but the slump will follow…..mark my words.

3 points tonight anyone……8/1 at the bookies!

  • NUFC9

    It would be great if we spent some serious money on proven quality players.  Announcing in advance that you are planning to splash the cash would only
     inflate asking prices.  I think Ashley is too canny to do that.  Whether he’s prepared to quietly go about spending some money though is a different matter.  I can only see us spending the bare minimum to ensure a top 17 finish.

  • datguyukno

    HA! And I need to win the lottery. The bloke is richer than the Glazers and he won’t spend a quid. The worst thing is I’m not even angry any more, I’ve just stopped caring. Don’t care if we get beat the night, don’t care if we win next weekend. There is nothing left at NUFC that I feel any love for anymore, it is a husk of a club. I can’t even think of a player I particularly like, even the half-decent ones like Sissoko I despise for their overt lack of loyalty. One day NUFC may be worth supporting again, but right now that club is so empty and devoid of all the reasons I loved it, I just don’t care. I watch the toon games now as if I were watching Villa or something and for the first time in my life I cared more about an England game the other week than the toon games either side of it. What on earth have we let happen to our once great club?

  • PeterRobson

    NUFC9 I love that phrase, “top 17 finish” 
    If you keep using it until the end of the season, it might just get under the skin of people at the club !!!

  • jonny25smith

    Ha, ha, ha, 100 mill, ha, ha, ha, ashley? Ha, ha, ha

  • StephenBowers

    100 mill! Don’t make me laugh. Do an interview, not going to happen.
    Why protest? I never thought I would get tired of Newcastle United I appreciate I’m not alone but I have spent thousands of pounds supporting this club.
    I don’ t think you should boycott or protest in the same way you shouldn’t jeer your own player ( remember Warren Barton) .
    If you don’t like it vote with your feet.

  • No Brainer

    How daft is that if its said we have fifty mill to spend what happens is everyone wants a bigger price for their player. Not a good negotiating stand point to say right i want what you don’t want to sell and i have a load of dosh.

    Ha one man

  • LeazesEnder

    jonny25smith I thought it was hilarious the first time I heard that one, its one of Lee Ryders….only it was 50 million in his version….still very funny though!

  • LeazesEnder

    When Bob Moncur went to press with assurances of the club spending he actually meant it…. Charnley said so….

    …..No change in policy though the club will still be run on a shoestring, and as NUFC9 said ‘  I can only see us spending the bare minimum to ensure a top 17 finish’

    The policy has not changed….. we have a chance to protest next weekend and we should all use it…..

    …. don’t let your club down by by letting the chance slip away.

  • Consett Mag

    A £100m spend declaration is completely wrong, for market reasons. For now, we all must wait. If a major investment were to happen in the summer, I’d be gobsmacked, and more in the mood to move on ….

    But I can’t see more than a £10m net spend.

  • Paul Patterson

    The funny thing is, something Ashley just doesn’t cotton on to, is it needn’t take £100m. It shouldn’t take £100m.

    Keep Krul, Janmaat, Haidara, Colback, Abeid, Sissoko, Perez, Cisse, Aarons, Cabella, Obertan and Armstrong. Add into the mix Darlow and Lascales. 14 players is a fair chunk of squad.

    TWO centre backs, ONE creative midfielder and ONE solid 15 goal a season striker and that will be enough.
    That’s as little as FOUR players (One of which needs to be captain material) and we’ll be ok. Nowhere near £100m required.

    Sadly, there are problems, big ones.

    We need a good (GOOD) Manager/Head Coach and we need to keep the aforementioned players. Sadly, I can see at least three of them going which adds to the spend needed.

  • stepaylor

    100m is not needed.

    We need to get rid of Elliot, Goufrann, Obertan, Gutierrez, Cabella, Anita, Williamson, Ameobi, Collocini (still a good player but its time for a change and he is aging fast) and i would also sell Cisse and Tiote. Last chance to cash in on players that are not part of the future. Should bring in around 25 million and drop the wage bill by more than 18 million annually.

    We need to sign Charlie Austin, Victor Moses, Steven Caulker, Micah Richards, James Milner, Danny Ings, Nathan Redmond, Tyrone Mings, Would cost around 45 million including agents fees. and increase the wage bill by 25 million. Thats a net spend of 20 million and a wage increase of 7 million? Would give us a solid platform of English players. A blend of experience and youth and a flexibility in system.

    Playing 4-3-3 i would line up Krul, Janmaat, Richards, Caulker, Mings, Colback, Sissoko, Milner, Perez, Austin, Moses with the bench Darlow, Haidara, De Jong, S Taylor, Aarons, Redmond, Abeid. Matchday squad including Woodman, Lascelles, Dummett, Bigirimana, R Taylor, Vukic, Callum Roberts, Riviere, Armstrong

    Playing 4 -2 -3 -1 i would line up Krul, Janmmat, Richards, Caulker, Mings, Colback, Sissoko, Milner, De Jong, Moses, Austin

    I would send on loan to championship sides Satka and Heardman

  • Phildene

    @stepaylor- nice dream -can I ask what meds you’re on as must be bloody good mate

  • Phildene

    @datguyukno-well said but think our players are as fed up as we are! You generally find players playing goes right ‘off the boil’ when things are bad behind scenes and we know things are shite there

  • Toon Magpie

    What is the point of spending money like that when we have John Carver as.manager?

  • Toon Magpie

    What is the point of spending big money when we have John Carver as manager?

  • Toon Magpie

    Ambitious plan for a top 17 position. That would fit Ashley ‘s plan. I think Ashley intends to keep Carver as well.

  • tino o

    Ashley needs to publicly declare he is selling up [email protected] the 100 million get him out!

  • Billy bob three teeth

    I couldn’t care less if he spent £200 million or even £300 million, the bloke is a leach, a cancer to our ONCE great club he can’t take back all he has done for his own fat, lardy perversion. It’s not about the money for me and it should not be about the money to any of you’s its about the pride, the soul of the club which is gone while we are left with a tacky, charver shell of a club! Ashley out, charnley out, carver out!

  • Jamiekgordon

    What drugs are you on?

  • lameduck9

    Mike Ashley’s ownership of Newcastle United is now in its 8th
    year and in this time we have seen the club, once of names the rest of the UK
    would now, now reduced to a group of spineless mercenaries playing in a ground
    bedecked by the graffiti of corporate greed and indifference.  The puppet
    master trots out his latest incarnation of Orville to stand before the fans and
    quote “As a true Geordie I know what it feels like to support the team” and yet
    John Carver still manages to hold out his hand every payday and take the
    traitors coin.  Many of the players can’t really be blamed; they’re just
    not good enough but what would you do if someone  came along and said “it
    doesn’t matter about whether you’ve got the skill, come and let us pay you
    handsomely to be one of our ‘pretend special signings’. The atmosphere at St
    James Park is now as quiet as it has ever been, despite there still being over
    50,000 attending but that’s because those with the real passion, those who
    would sing for 90 minutes, those who care, have been replaced by the casual
    fan, the social fan, the fake fan.  To all those Newcastle fans who DO
    still care about our club, who believe that under Mike Ashley’s ownership we
    will NEVER have a team and a club to be proud of again, I urge you don’t go to
    the Spurs match, come to Leazes Park on Sunday afternoon and join in the
    protest – help start the process for change and this support will last far
    longer than the 90 minutes at 4pm.
    The new dawns, the future promises, the ‘war chests’ that
    will revolutionise the playing staff, are all smoke and mirrors to placate the
    fans into continuing to buy, to pay, to blindly wander into SJP – Mike Ashley
    has no intention of ever building a squad that will compete, or even just entertain
    – if he did then he would have released funds when we finished 5th
    to help strengthen.  No, he saw that season as simply a multiplier onto
    the values of assets he intended to sell.  By publically declaring the
    cups are of no interest he has relieved himself, and whichever coach is in
    place, of having to commit to investing to compete and to hell with the wants,
    desires, hopes of the fans who make up any football club.

    Nope, Ashley lies, he’s always lied and he always will – I had a paper round once and the only houses I didn’t get a Christmas tip from were the big posh ones – Ashely is no different, you don’t get a personal fortune like his by spending money you don’t have to spend.

    Our region has a great pride and tradition in not lying down
    and letting others (especially from outside the area) dictate; The Jarrow
    march, the miners strike, the ship yards – all provoked passion and action to
    demonstrate to the rest of the country that the North East is not just some
    backwater to be used, abused and discarded –  and it is time again for the
    voice of the people to rise up and be heard. 

    Sunday’s protest is merely
    the start of a campaign to demonstrate that we’re not going to take it
    anymore.  Sure it is seen by many as a David and Goliath battle, the small
    fans against the corporate might of a billionaire, but to be honest we are
    quite happy with that analogy – we all know what happened to Goliath.

  • tino o

    Couldn’t have put it better

  • Geordie Zebra

    Couldn’t be arsed typing that but fair play. What he said.

  • Brian Standen

    Excellent comment, and really good points

  • DownUnderMag

    The trouble is, even if he spends that sort of money (which won’t happen), he will no doubt find some way of piling it onto the club itself as a noose around it’s neck, perhaps yet more debt owed to him that he can bankrupt the club with at a moments notice??

    I’ve said all along, the ideas he has for the club and how we should run seem reasonably sound if not a down-right good idea.  However, it is executed with neolithic incompetence and done on the cheap far too often that it undermines any positives about the situation.

    Just look – a club run on what it can earn, being self sufficient, with a firm youth policy to bring through home grown players to make up the gap in funds and provide a pool of players capable of challenging the top 6 if things go right…and yet because of penny pinching on coaches, setup and quality of players actually brought in in the first place, the plan fails miserably.

    You always get left with the feeling of regret that we finished 5th that season, that seems to be where it all went wrong.  We stopped looking to buy any quality because our cheap deals worked so well.  We stopped looking for squad depth because we didn’t need it that season.  We stopped going after real quality for the youth setup…but more over, we stopped giving kids a chance to progress and instead loaned them out to Conference clubs or up to Scotland where they stagnated or even went backwards.  We have failed to get a grip on injuries, something I don’t understand with our policy and small squad size.

    Most of all though, the focus and plan of the club seems to change on an almost yearly basis, like the owner has some form of ADHD, never being able to concentrate on one plan long enough to see if it will actually work, consequently we have limped from a policy of buying good players, to a policy of buying cheap players, to looking to buy in youth players, to going for loan players and I think we are at a point now where free transfers from lower leagues and loan deals seem to be the norm all the while trimming the squad down to it’s bare minimum, offloading anyone they can to save wages as soon as they think we are safe.

    Ashley gambling with the clubs fortunes…..simply not good enough!

  • Jarra MIck

    This is the problem you live in a fantasy land, does history not tell you what will happen. The net spend will be as close to zero as he can make it. He will sell as many of our big time Charlie’s as he can and look for cut price replacements. All the shite will remain Gouff, Wilko, Anita et al and we will have a few different faces making up the numbers. Oh I forgot we have a couple of new signings from forest to come in. Darlo is a mediocre keeper who struggles to hold down a place and the other bloke is a bench warmer. They should erect a big sign next to the sports direct one at St James’ abandon hope all ye who enter.

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    Cashly dnt read look at theses post players dnt carvery dnt