I am not a Mike Ashley fan, and I do not agree with the way he runs the club, but I wish to add some balance to the current Ashley out campaign.

I have lived through a few owners of our club, some more palatable than others.  Ashley has came in and treat us as a business, balanced the books and removed all ambition, but let’s get something into the open; he hasn’t ripped the soul out of the club.

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We are the soul of the club; Ashley hasn’t wasted millions on over the hill mercenaries, wannabe galacticos or disbanded the youth set-up; he hasn’t belittled the local area or questioned the beauty or morals of our ladies.

Consider for a moment, you want to invest in a football club; would you be looking at one where the fans are not engaged, may make personal attacks on you because of your background and are no longer attending and getting behind the team on the pitch?

If we want to attract a new owner, surely a better proposition would be a club with a good fan base that stay behind the team on the pitch no matter what; a club with attendances in the top 10 in Europe and making money each year?

We don’t need to like Ashley or how he runs our club, we can despair at his blatant disregard of ambition (would a cup run be too much to ask?), but the chances of him outlasting us are slim to none.

So I vote we don’t ruin our club and give him the satisfaction of creating permanent damage.

Also, please stop this nonsense about him being a cockney.

We are known as being one of the most friendly cities in the world; some of the greatest players to pull on the black and white have been from London.

Call him fat if you must, greedy certainly, but leave the cockney element out of it – we are better than that.

  • LeazesEnder

    Moron…. what do you mean ‘balanced the books’…. 

    Lets look at that statement a little more shall we?

  • dude 1

    Too late(the man who lives past scotch corner)  this mupett has already made our club look like ar#e holes

  • RexN

    Your attempt at balance is to be applauded. It stimulates debate and you seem to imply a comparison with a particular former Chairman.

    A personal view is that the key to the argument is what is meant by “invest”.

    Private investment tends to be for income or growth. Corporate or government investment tends to be in infrastructure whether that is in equipment, human resource or anything else.

    No, Ashley has been a speculator, correctly anticipating and buying into growing revenues from TV income and Premier League marketing. he has also found a sideline in asset stripping through the transfer market. In doing so, the “brand” of Newcastle has deteriorated with its traditional customer base sacrificed. He can devalue the brand with, or without our help.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    He`s a Modern day Robber Baron
    Your money or the Kitty

  • Corkyjohn

    Here here Mr Charnley, now go back to Mikes office & bend over. He has a reward for you….

  • michaelhodg67

    Pathetic attempt to try and balance this Ashley out.com the man’s a parasite he’s done nothing for nufc as a club without him making a fortune out of it and single handedly destroyed the club with he’s greed time for him to go he’s hated more than loved on tyneside and I can’t see that changing in the forsee able future

  • Demented_Man
  • 1toonman

    What a load of liberal claptrap! You continue going & giving your cash till he has enough money or gets sick, but, I like most others have got more sense!

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    If he spends big do we still want him out the richest man in the northeast give us wot we want n spend the cash he can balance the book long as we c our team do well n win more games we r happy toon till I die

  • RaySte

    “If we want to attract a new owner, surely a better proposition would be a club with a good fan base that stay behind the team on the pitch no matter what; a club with attendances in the top 10 in Europe and making money each year?
    We don’t need to like Ashley or how he runs our club, we can despair at his blatant disregard of ambition (would a cup run be too much to ask?), but the chances of him outlasting us are slim to none.”

    As Andy Dunn wrote last week in The Mirror:

    “Yet you can bet, Newcastle fans, that Ashley thinks you should be eternally grateful. You should not. Your club has become a commercial shell. A vacuous ­institution. And the only people who keep it an institution are you.
    There has been a good, balanced debate rattling around Tyneside over the worthiness of not turning up for the fixture against Spurs.
    Those who say the team – on a desperate run – needs support regardless of feelings against the owner have a strong case.
    Those who say there is no ­alternative out there are also not without reasonable foundation for their view.
    But the least convincing ­argument against supporting the boycott is that whatever happens it will not concern Ashley one iota.That is not the point.
    Whether you turn up or not, making sure – in an entirely peaceful and reasonable manner, of course – Ashley knows that you, unlike his staff, do not have to be grateful, is the least any ­self-respecting Newcastle fan can do.”

    Have some pride ffs, don’t just roll over and let him have his way. There’s a massive black hole in the club’s commercial revenue (every other club’s has grown, ours is shrinking), he has admitted the tills pay directly to SD, there’s a massive transfer surplus, we see nowt in the way of advertising revenue. I haven’t even mentioned football yet! The bloke is richer than the Glazers and he’s draining the club’s finances of what is a pittance to him.

  • jimmy3knees

    Completely agree. We might have a black and white soul, but we don’t have to think in black and white terms. 

    Who actually believes this man is some sort of pure evil bond villian, rubbing his greasy hands together and laughing as he plots his next evil plan to make us look like idiots. Do you really believe that?


    Is he just businessman who was naive about football, and especially Newcastle United, who’s made some big and embarrassing mistakes but is sick being called a fat c.nt every 5 seconds and therefore hates us as much as we hate him? 

    Isn’t the second explanation maaaybe a tad more likely? And to be honest, i couldn’t care less who runs our club as long as we can believe in the manager and the football. 

    Personal attacks on Ashely gain absolutely nothing and probably serve to demotivate him even further into not giving a [email protected], never listening fans, and focussing entirely on the money side of things. Its a broken relationship. No communication. A really REALLY not a good atmosphere for achieving in high end elite sport.

    The man is a business man, so can’t we make him a simple deal?- Things need to improve Mike, its beyond a joke now, SO, give us a manger and a team we can believe in. And we’ll stop the abuse. 

    You surprise us and change you’re character, and maybe we’ll surprise you and even start talking about you in positive terms. Give and Take. 

    If not, we’ll stop turning up to games after the next transfer window closes in massive numbers and wreck the club before you do. Just NOT right in the middle of relegation scrap FFS!!!! …. I’m looking at you the ‘Ashely Out’ campaign! Not really brilliant timing is it lads?). Anyway, can it not be the- “A Deal for Ashely Group”, or even the- “Ashely Ultimatum” group?! Then maybe get Matt Damon involved if some of you still think Ashely is an evil genius … (Jason Bourne? Good vs Evil? No? … I’ll get me coat … See you all for the Rotherham away fixture next season ….

  • PaulHenryBlythe

    jimmy3knees aashley in disguise?

  • Chemical Dave

    Gave up reading this stomach churning appeasement halfway down. Guarantee that when FCB eventually leaves and strangles the last life out of the club, simpering apologists like the author will suggest “it.would have been different if we had been nicer to him”. Gutless and pathetic.

  • jimmy3knees

    PaulHenryBlythe jimmy3knees Oh, yeah you got me Paul. Thats why i’m still suggesting a boycott ;) Obviously Ashely would want that …

  • jimmy3knees

    Chemical Dave Somethings got change Dave. Why can’t we change if he first shows he can? Surely anything is worth a go at this point isn’t it? If it doesn’t work. Then hound him out. No?

  • Chemical Dave

    If you’re hoping after 8 years that there’s a nice guy in there who just wants a cuddle to give him a change of heart then you’re even dafter than the author. Personally, I hope something terrible happens to him…and soon.

  • wowski13

    A rational voice at last. I want to see the back of him as much as anyone but not at the expense of my support of the club.

  • Demented_Man


  • jimmy3knees

    Chemical Dave Then you’re one sick puppy Dave. No i don’t particularly think he’s a nice guy, nor do i really care. But shouting blind abuse at the owner of club is the only thing thats happened in 8 years mate. Thats the only message thats been coming from the us fans. Fat [email protected] joke if varying amounts for 8 years. Why not say- enough is enough, but offer to try something else, if he’ll change too? This next transfer window and manger appointment being his last chance. What is there to loose at this point? If that doesn’t work, then yeah we all do everything we can to get him out next season. Either way, now is not the time to poison the atmosphere further.

  • jimmy3knees

    Demented_Man jimmy3knees Ha ha … how the f.ck is what I’ve said brown nosing?!! Nothing i said was a positive comment about the man.

  • MarkBacon

    Having read both of the article and your comments.  I am happy to say that i not not agree with eiter ot you. Businses man, yes he is.  However, the way that he has systematically torn the heart of our club without any attempt to communicate with the fans and show an absolute lack of class and respect!!  No  i do not think that he deserves anything from me except comtent and a desire to rid our club of his toxic cancerous plauge.  support the Boycott Ashley HWTF  OH and if it take vists to  rotherham and the like to  get rid then so be it, at least  there would be hope!!

  • No Brainer

    Chemical Dave You carry on whinging but you never say what you would do differently, ya still wanting KEEEEgan back.

  • No Brainer

    Demented_Man jimmy3knees Bitter as well as demented, some see them as brown nosers they think they just have a rational grip on whats going on.

  • No Brainer

    MarkBacon What would you like to here him say.
    You should stop giving him contempt, as he notices it.

  • jimmy3knees

    MarkBacon I understand why you’re so f.cked off and angry Mark. It’s not like I’m not either. But why now? Why not after and if we escape relegation. For a start we’re a lot more likely to get rid of him if we’re a premier league club. As i seem to remember, we didn’t get many takers last time we went on the market and we were relegated. They weren’t exactly cuing up to buy us on ebay. Personally, i don’t want to go through that b.llox again, only for Ashely to put in more loans to get us back up and end up more in debt to him … and back were we started, but in a worse situation.

  • Wingpaddock

    Stand back we’ll fight him. if you don’t want to fight to get Ashley out I’m sure thre’s some else you can do.

  • No Brainer

    RaySte Correction, commercial revenue is higher than ever, including for the first the time ever when compared against the season in which Freddy Shepherd took almost three years sponsorship money in on year. Leaving very little to be paid in the following years, yes the first couple of years of Ashley’s reign.

  • Demented_Man

    No Brainer Demented_Man jimmy3knees Whoever dreams of a reconciliation with Fat Boy is surely brown nosing.  Fu** off all you apologists.

    I’m not bitter, just real.

  • jimmy3knees

    Demented_Man No Brainer jimmy3knees  Nah you’re just angry and f.cking dumb.

  • jimmy3knees

    Wingpaddock I agree with fighting him, if the next manager is a joke and the team still stinks. But doing it now? increasing the risk of relegation makes no sense at all. We’re more likely to get him out if we’re still in the PL.

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees Chemical Dave How many times have the next transfer window been seen as “Ashleys last chance” in the last 8 years. He has lied time and time again (proven in court at that) to the fans, the media and his own staff, why should we give him any more chances?

    It’s time for him to go, sooner the better. This campaign, these boycotts, the store protests are just the beginning, no more appeasement, no more bowing down, no more chances. Time to end this charade, time to take back Newcastle United and let it be a football club again.

  • jimmy3knees

    MarkBacon Even if you think that Mark. Are we not more likely to get rid of him if we’re still in the PL next season? Tell me if i’m wrong, but they weren’t exactly cuing up (on ebay!) to buy us the last time we got relegated.

  • Chemical Dave

    No brain and no guts, you’re a coward lad.

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Why are we? What on earth makes you think that a continuation of the same will change the situation? A choice between relegation and the owner losing advertising revenue, I say bring on Doncaster.

  • Chemical Dave

    Saw through this guy years ago jimmy

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees MarkBacon Or in the 7 seasons in the Premier League, do you actually think that the club has been up for sale whilst it offers the advertising of the Premier League? Do you honestly think that the fat new TV contract from Sky makes him want to sell?

  • NottsToon

    wowski13 You have just summed up exactly what he relies upon.

  • jimmy3knees

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Because no one bought us last time we went down, Ashely ploughed countless millions in the save his investment and we ended up even more in debt to him. One of the main reasons we’re not an attractive investment now. We’d be even worse off then.

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees NottsToon Wingpaddock Why do you think the club was for sale? It makes him a mint. He loaned the club (himself) more money to cure a situation which he caused by his incredible ineptitude and you want to give him more chances?

    The club is sole owned, the “debt” is Ashley loaning himself money as an accounting exercise, wake up man.

  • jimmy3knees

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Ha ha I’m not suggesting he put that money in out the goodness of his heart! But its not “an accounting exercise” either. That debt (about £120 mil i think?) however you define it, has to be paid off by any prospective investor. He’s not loaning himself, he’s loaning it to Newcastle United as a corporate entity, that a very important distinction. 

    People keep saying sh.t like “get real” and “wake up” …but i’m sorry, but there isn’t much discussion on here about the reality of relegation or the chances of selling up as a championship club. I’m genuinely worried and shocked at how many people actually seem to believe that getting us relegated is going to help. Make no mistake. If we go down, we are deeper, much deeper in the [email protected] than before. 

    If you want rid of him, get behind the team now and do it next season. If you can’t wait that long, start to boycott and mudslinging once (if) we get another 3-6 points.

  • Chemical Dave

    He ploughed countless millions in ? Haha I smell a rat !

  • jimmy3knees

    Chemical Dave  Yawn. You probably need to clean the house a bit then dave …

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees NottsToon Wingpaddock Simply, as sole owner of the club he bears sole liability, the owner and the club are one. There is no “corporate entity” in sole ownership, just a man moving money from one of his bank accounts to another.

    You say relegation is dangerous, to who? Again, we are sole owned therefore the costs must be born by the owner, ever heard the phrase “cut your losses”?

  • NicholasDryden

    I would say Ashley certainly has ripped the soul out of the club. His awful managerial and other staffing appointments have diluted interest so much to a level where there is a massive ”disconnect” between club and fans.

    Which other multi million pound industry would employ Wise, Llambias, JFK  twice, Pardew and carver and engage with Wonga. Everything Ash touches reeks of tacky cheapness and classlessness. Ash defines nouveau riche, loads of money but zero class.

  • NicholasDryden

    You sound just like Ashley coming 17th each year and doing nothing in the cups or europe  suits him down to the ground.

  • jimmy3knees

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Ok, so you’re saying- Mr Mike Ashely (the famous tight @rse) will just write off aprox £120 million, plus the future earning from the new PL TV deal that would be got from promotion, all the gains and sponsorship for sports direct, gut the squad to minimise his losses, sell to a nice benevolent new (very rich) owner, and everything will be good again? 

    And you’re telling me to wake up? Honestly, hand on heart, nothing worries you about that scenario?

  • Chemical Dave

    “Yawn” oh dear, grow up bonnylad.

  • jimmy3knees

    Chemical Dave Zzzzzzzzz

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees NottsToon Wingpaddock Where the hell did I say that you dimwit? Where do you get your figures? Do you honestly think he hasn’t already made his loan back and more simply because the club (Ashley) tells you so? Where did I say he would sell to a benevolent (I doubt you now what you that means from your usage of it) owner?

    The scenario you just created you mean? Bloody hell man, you’re a loon.

  • jimmy3knees

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Ha ha Ok Notts. Run me through how you do imagine getting relegated, then the club being sold will pan out. 

    Obviously you can’t know for sure, my poor dimwitted brain can just about comprehend that much. But humour me. Convince me its a positive thing.

  • jimmy3knees

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Oh yeah and i think “benevolent” means- Someone who is a massive dumb ass and forgets to check what words actually mean before accusing others of improper use. Oh wait, no. Thats sarcasm!! Damn it … stupid me …

  • KevinBrown11

    Em yes he has!! And he dumped idiot carver on us.

  • Gaffa201

    NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Please tell me where he made £129m? and if you quote the free advertising i’ll point you in the direction of the circa £8m a year interest that a bank would have been owed on said £129m

  • Mister Tee

    Why should the debt have “to be paid off by any prospective investor”?
    Let’s say I see a house I consider a bargain. I pay £134,000 for it (like Ashley paid £134m for NUFC), the house is probably worth more, perhaps about £160,000, but as it isn’t as good as similar houses on the same street I consider it worth a punt (NUFC compared to other PL clubs of a similar size?)
    Let’s also say that I get a minimal survey done on the house, not one of those top of the range inspections, just a drive by valuation, and no problems or clauses are flagged up (like Ashley not doing due diligence?).
    Once I have bought the house I am informed that it has a leasehold and I have to pay ground rent every year, I didn’t do due diligence so I can’t blame anybody but myself for not knowing this. I decide it will be better in the long run to buy the freehold (like Ashley settling our previous debt?).
    After a year a notice the house is subsiding (NUFC being relegated?), failure to do due diligence means there is no allowance in my insurance for this and I have to pay (for arguments sake) £100,000 to correct this (like Ashley loaned the club £100m after relegation?).
    This brings my total outlay to £234,000 when the real value of the house is around £180,000.
    What would you put the house on the market for if you wanted to sell it?
    Would you expect the next buyer to pay you back for all the things you had to correct because you didn’t do things properly before you bought it?
    Should he wish to sell he will want his money back, I can understand that, however the reason he get’s his free advertising is tied into us being given that loan interest free so can’t you see he is getting something back from us anyway?
    He has had his money back in 7 or 8 years of free advertising.
    How much do you think that has saved him?
    Not to mention the extra money he now gives to Sports Direct that used to go to NUFC from the club shop.
    He will (hopefully) be realistic in his demands when the day comes for him to sell and not expect to get away with paying absolutely nothing towards the club otherwise I fear he will price a lot of people out.
    He made mistakes, both before buying the club and while he has been here – he continues to make mistakes and gamble on our Premier League existence, something the club say is the most important thing above all else, and I do not see how or why he should EXPECT his money back.

  • Gaffa201

    Mister Tee jimmy3knees in simple terms Ashley paid off NUFCs debt therefore Mike will want his money back.  The club is worth less with the above debt but an investor will have to pay him that up front which may not be the case it purchasing the clubs share capital which may prove a problem when trying to sell

  • jimmy3knees

    Mister Tee jimmy3knees Top marks for a thorough reply MR Tee! Impressive. And i would agree, i think he’s probably made enough money off the club and should not expect his money back. The fact remains, that i very much doubt he would sell Newcastle United at a loss or cheaply … even if the gains made else where far out weigh those losses. Sadly.

  • Mister Tee

    Yeah, he paid the debt off but still wants it paid back.
    He didn’t have to do that, it was being covered, but he did it so he could have something to hold over the club as a means to plaster Sports Direct all over the stadium and still look like a canny guy because we don’t have to pay him interest.
    Surely as soon as NUFC became owned by Mike Ashley the loans did too?
    His fault for not looking at the books properly?
    He thought he could make a quick sale at a profit to cover any money he had to put in but unfortunately his incompetence helped the club drop down a division so he had to put more in to stand a cat in hells chance of making anything out of us and saving face.
    Are we really any better of with the terms of his loan as opposed to the banks?

  • jimmy3knees

    Gaffa201 NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock Agreed. If he’s sneak that amount of money back without disclosing it in public accounts, its fraud and you have proof Notts, lets see it …

    But i think smarter men than you …er i mean me, would have unearthed that long before now if it was true mate. But keep up the paranoid conspiracy theory’s … always good for a laugh.

  • Gaffa201

    Mister Tee Gaffa201 He expected to be repaid via club profits didnt he which are not what he expected to until the latest TV deal. The clubs balance sheet is only about £8m better off since the day he bought it. The tw*t whats his money unfortunately and there really is nothing we can do about that despite many comments thinking we can

  • NottsToon

    Gaffa201 NottsToon jimmy3knees Wingpaddock He owes money to himself you loon ! The “debt” myth has been propagated by Ashley and the local press and is now regurgitated by “fans” who should know better.

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees NottsToon Wingpaddock And back to the straw man argument, point out to me where I said relegation would assist the sale of the club? I wrote an entire article on the subject of relegation, so when nursey has done feeding you your soup go and have a look for it rather than me writing it again in simplified terms for you.

    Ask one of the other residents to help you out with the big words.

  • jimmy3knees

    No, you my friend, are the loon if you believe that.

  • NottsToon

    jimmy3knees Says the man believing Ashley’s (the court proven liars) self propagated fantasy…..aye, alright kid.

  • Jarra MIck

    That’s your opinion Geordie but ask any of those seasoned fans who’ve been going for more than 40 years and they will tell a different story. For us he has ripped the soul out of the club, he’s made even the most loyal fans turn away from the club. Some as so angry they want us to go down! A few more years and we won’t have a loyal fanbase we’ll have day trippers supporting our club. This shift in supporters is already happening.

  • 1toonman

    jimmy3knees ”I hold in my hand a piece of paper” 


  • 1toonman

    jimmy3knees MarkBacon ”I hold in my hand a piece of paper” 

    Remember? Didn’t work for chamberlain with Hitler &  I wouldn’t  trust the fat  man either! Appeasement? ………divn’t think so!

  • jimmy3knees

    Well I’ll be honest and admit I’ve mixed up that relligation issue with what someone else was saying on the same threat, it wasn’t you, and Im happy to admit when I’m wrong. My humble apologies on that point.
    However, to say The “debt” myth has been propagated by Ashley and the local press and is now regurgitated by “fans” who should know better. … This is the very definition of a straw argument- for someone so keen to condisend on the subject of literacy, it boarders on madness. That is conspiratorial, lazy tosh. Let’s see the proof notts, let’s see you back this up with any form of evidence before you get on your high horse and throw around terms like ‘strawman argument’ …when ur argument teeters on the thinnest blade of straw imaginable. Show us the evidence.

  • ilullissat

    Ashley could have had the fans feeding out of his hands if he’d played his cards right.They would have taken to him like the Messiah but he decided to go the other way.God only knows why.You can make enemy’s but not of your customers

  • Harry Todd

    There would have been no club left if it were not for Mike Ashley.The club was bankrupkt and in need of urgent repair.
    Even Sir John and Freddie admit as much.Would at least give Mike another year as could have used the thirty four million to reduce his loan but has kept it back to buy players so not the worst man in the world.
    Plus we have had nearly a full team out all season so cannot be as unlucky again next season.
    De Jong to get the winner on Saturday keep the faith.

  • Demented_Man

    Harry Todd

  • LeazesEnder

    Harry Todd No it wasn’t