Michael Owen has tipped Newcastle United to make it 11 defeats in a row before the season draws to a close.

John Carver has managed only 2 wins in 15 games and currently stands on six defeats on the bounce in the last half dozen games.

The former Newcastle striker though can’t see where United are going to get another point, such is the disarray both on and off the pitch at St. James’ Park.

Michael Owen speaking on BT Sport:

“If there were another couple of games, if there was 8 or 10 left to go, I would be thinking Newcastle could be going down here.

“I just cannot see how they are going to get a point at the moment.”

So bad:

“They are playing so bad, they have got such a little squad, so many injuries, there’s such a bad feeling around the place, protests again…

“I just don’t see how they are going to get a point.”

If John Carver and Mike Ashley did achieve this remarkable feat, remarkably they would still be some way off the current Premier League record.

With five games to go, Michael Owen is tipping Newcastle to potentially lose all all of them to make it 11 defeats in succession.

The only silver lining, if you can call it that, is the now TV pundit thinks there aren’t quite enough games left for Newcastle to be relegated.In 2002/03 Sunderland put in a brilliant effort to lose their last 15 games to confirm relegation from the Premier League.

Even following that up by losing their first two games in the second tier the following season.

Whatever happens in these remaining matches for Newcastle, fans await to see what happens with the manager/head coach position.

Your heart tells you surely John Carver can’t still get the job long-term but your head says that it is more than likely within Mike Ashley’s model of running Newcastle United.

  • DZA187

    I cannot see where we are going to get a point from. Under Clueless JC we are looking hopeless on the pitch.

  • shadsdad

    Bit late to be showing any interest now.Does he use the hat to stand on at the racetrack?

  • JRobR

    This from the man who, last time we were facing relegation and needed everyone putting in 100%, utterly failed to show any sort of commitment. Gutless, heartless mercenary coward.

  • Rob Stevenson

    …and that basically sums up mr Owens total contribution to nufc. Give us back the money you stole from us you robbing b$&stard

  • Greg Codling

    Owen was a shi player after losing 20 yards of pace. Worst 11. Hooper, Marcelino, Williamson, Dumas, Charvet, Smith, Tiote, Pancrate, Fumaca, Gouffran, Ranger.