In the lead-up to Sunday’s Newcastle v Spurs match, Michael Owen has said that United are very lucky to have points on the board because their current form is relegation material.

The former Newcastle player clearly believes enough points were accumulated before the shocking run of only 3 wins in the last 19 matches in all competitions.

However, third from bottom Leicester’s win over Swansea yesterday means they are now only 7 points behind NUFC and the two teams are still to meet at the King Power Stadium.

Leicester having already defeated Newcastle 1-0 there in the FA Cup.

In his prediction column for Colossus Bets, Michael Owen talks of Spurs’ own poor form but a couple of poor displays against Villa and Burnley hardly compares to what Newcastle fans have been subjected to.

Tottenham are only 7 points off the Champions League places and having already recently accommodated the likes of Everton and Sunderland who were in desperate form, not many United fans would  be backing against the same happening today.

Michael Owen:

“It is a good job that Newcastle accumulated so many points in the first half of the season, or else they would have relegation written all over them in their current form.

“Their two goal loss at Anfield on Monday night meant that they have only scored one goal in losing their last five matches.”

Today’s match a classic?:

“The only ray of hope for them here is that they actually won 2-1 at White Hart Lane in October and Tottenham come here after equally poor efforts in drawing 0-0 with Burnley and losing 1-0 at home to Villa.

“It could be pretty grim viewing and I’m going for 0-0 or 1-1.”

  • Paul Patterson

    Sky’s blue, grass is green.

    Shut your yap Michael and stop stating the bleeding obvious. I seem to remember you had similar influence over our previous relegation – Naff all.

  • SGM

    Its even grimmer watching your simpering efforts, and listening to your mind numbing voice on BT.

  • Demented_Man

    What a pity, Horsey, you couldn’t have lifted your little finger and saved us from relegation.

    We might have had a smidgen of respect for you now.

  • shadsdad

    I could take criticism from just about anyone but this passenger.Can’t be many players who have drawn so much money for so little effort.Didn’t want to be here from day one and is about as welcome as toothache on Christmas day.

  • Andrew Johnson

    amazed he managed the interview with his injuries…..