If ever there was one person who was going to stick up for 20 year old Raheem Sterling turning down a reported £5m+ per year, it surely had to be Michael Owen.

The former Newcastle striker says he respects Sterling for ‘standing his ground’.

Michael Owen bizarrely also tries to claim that he thinks ‘greed is never a good thing’, I think you might find the odd Liverpool and Newcastle fan who might doubt just how he can keep a straight face when he says that…

Writing on Sports Lobster, these are some of the highlights of what Michael Owen had to say about Raheem Sterling and greed…;

Football clubs know exactly where they stand and how to ‘play the game.’ They have the huge advantage in any dispute of being able to count on the blind support of their army of fans who have a loyalty to the badge.

Nobody likes to feel like they are getting backed into a corner and if that’s the case, I respect Sterling for standing his ground for the time being.

He (Sterling) has every reason to believe that he would have made it regardless of what club he was at and just as a club and its fans will always believe there should be some form of payback, the argument doesn’t hold up in my book.

Despite what people say, footballers shouldn’t feel bad about earning their share of the market value. Anybody that campaigns otherwise is talking utter nonsense.

This is a short career…. that unless you reach the very top and have a sensible head on your shoulders, these perceived telephone numbers count for little once you’ve retired at 35 with fifty odd years of uncertainty ahead of you.

Of course, there are boundaries and greed is never a good thing but who can blame him if he believes he is worth more than is being offered and possibly knows he can get more elsewhere?

  • toonfan69

    NUFCTheMag cue: Hysterical laughter all oiver Tyneside

  • Andy Brannen

    You little prick Michael , 115 grand a week to take us into the Championship !

  • jacko505

    NUFCTheMag hahahahahahahaha what a hypocrite. Sicknote!!!!!!!!

  • amacdee

    “with fifty odd years of uncertainty ahead of you”
    Absolutely uncertain whether to buy another Racehorse, Helicopter or both ?

  • David Grey

    What a surprise from one of the greatest mercenaries who ever graced the Toon shirt

  • wor monga

    …and that folks is our thought for today…straight from the
    gob of the greediest basta*d on the planet, bar non…the Hon (Sir) Michael Owen…himself!!

  • And 80 people made redundant to pay for his wages..Mr Monaten go and do one.you horrible little man

  • Andy Wardle

    Why are these greedy gets so greedy?????

  • David Grey

    Gets? Divvent hold back in your criticism like, ye knaa ye want to swear, gan on, dee it

  • Andy Wardle

    Bottoms …. There I says it

  • Rollyp

    50 odd years of uncertainty? What planet is he on. Has he never heard of retraining and changing careers. Many people do it, some voluntarily. Makes you wonder what he would have done if he had had an “ordinary ” job and was made redundant.

  • v0ices

    Rollyp well said the days of jobs for life are long gone, how many earn 5 million over a entire working life? Average salary £25 000 or so would take Joe average 200 years to earn 5 million but its not enough for a player in one yeah sickening greed.