John Carver has only 2 wins in 15 matches and Michael Owen says Newcastle would be in big trouble if there wree a few more matches left, yet insists that he believes Carver has done a ‘fine job’ at St. James’ Park…

Work that one out!

Owen was responding on BT Sport to John Carver questioning whether those who haven’t managed themselves should be so critical of those in the job.

Michael Owen:

“I said on Monday that I’m struggling to see where their (Newcastle) next point is coming from.

“Obviously in a press conference like that, you are always going to be asked ‘Michael Owen said this…’ and he (John Carver) has come out fighting a little bit.”

Nothing but good things:

“I have said nothing but good things about John Carver, I think he’s done a fine job and is a good football man.

“I do think they are struggling and if there were another ten games left they’d be in real trouble.”

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  • Andy Wardle

    Aye for Sunderland

  • Craig Ian Suddick

    Owen did as good a job for us as Carver has done

  • Kris Suddick

    Aye a good job, as bout as good a job as Hitler did for world relations

  • Craig Ian Suddick

    Kris Suddick – to be fair to Owen we didn’t really give him a chance to show us what a world class player he was…

  • Pulse33


  • Mark Brooker

    Aye Carver doing as good a job as the monotoned boring gobshite does as a co commentator.

  • essexMag

    Somebody stick some gaffer tape around his gob to shut him up.

  • Selbini

    Except nothing bett, idiot

  • Laughlaugh

    As irritating as souness that little sh1t

  • Toon Magpie


  • LeazesEnder


  • Tom Graham

    Shut up Owen you little thief

  • Alsteads

    Pathetic scousers knew you were a sell out and actually despise you in large numbers. Stick to your horses and your nice little life because you ultimately failed as what could of been one of the greats after that goal against Argentina but you were actually the start of the problem of all these so called made it England players that let down and fail at every opportunity

  • Alsteads

    Just to add there was meant to be an exclamation mark between pathetic and scousers!!!

  • Alsteads

    Lol got Miguel fingers and rage!! I want to see charvers interview this week. Last week couldn’t look at TV. This week it’s from under the desk! Just fxxk off john

  • Alsteads

    If ever there was a picture that defined fraud then the one with the post is it!

  • GToon

    Why bother moaning about all this “he said, she said” rubbish. We are [email protected] and everybody knows it and it doesn’t matter who says it and everybody knows why we are [email protected] too. Apart from a particular sports retailer.

  • GToon

    Alsteads Thats the picture of him when he had just signed. If you look closely at his fingers he is saying how many games he is planning on playing for us.

  • PhilYare

    well i suppose owen thinks he himself should be gratified for the non-existent, half arsed, couldn’t give 2 f**ks job he did at the toon

  • nufcslf

    GToon Alsteads Very good.

  • ilullissat

    He had to be on the best sick pay ever and when my mother and brother went to a “meet the players”event Owen didn’t want to be there.All the other players were great and spoke.Not him.We were the only mugs that would buy him

  • Brownale69

    amazing he was “fit” when selected for Engerlaaand!

  • shadsdad

    Thanks for confirming you’ve lost the plot shorta**e.

  • cwtoon88

    problem with the media and snakes like Owen at somewhere like Liverpool or even Villa the manager would be getting hounded but because its here its ok

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