Mathieu Debuchy has been speaking to his home town newspaper about his move from Newcastle to Arsenal.

The interview was with La Voix du Nord which is a regional daily newspaper in north east France based in Lille, first published as a French resistance newspaper in 1941 during the German occupation.

Reflecting on what happened last summer, Debuchy revealed that Mike Ashley rang him, something that the full-back saw as a ‘big gesture’ by the Newcastle United owner,

No doubt to thank Debuchy for getting off the Newcastle owner’s wage bill and doubling his money when banking the £12m transfer fee!

“It was tricky as everything was done quickly during the World Cup and so I could not say goodbye.

“The President (Mike Ashley) called me, he doesn’t do that with everyone, so it was a big gesture on his part – it means that I did good things at Newcastle.


“It was a bit difficult for me because I had a good relationship with the fans and staff at the club – it was brutal but I’m very happy to be at Arsenal.”

“PSG talked to my agents but they said I wasn’t their priority, that was the end of that.”

I really liked Mathieu Debuchy as a player but I think he is being a little selective with his memory with regard to what happened in advance of his transfer to the Emirates.

On 23 June 2014 we published the following quotes from Mathieu Debuchy:

“It is European Cup competition I miss, specifically the Champions League.

“Right now I’m focused on the World Cup, after we’ll see.”

It was 17 July 2014 when Debuchy’s transfer to Arsenal was confirmed, fully three and a half weeks after the then Newcastle player made that ‘come and get me’ call to any clubs who wanted him.

Instead of doing a transfer on the quiet, Mathieu Debuchy went public to try and smoke out as many clubs as possible so he had the broadest choice to make.

From his latest comments, clearly PSG didn’t come through for him and so he was left with only Arsenal to go to and give him Champions League football.

The only reason things got ‘tricky’/messy was because Debuchy let the Newcastle fans down by not treating them with respect and didm’t go about the transfer in the right way.


  • terriertwo

    Check your phone bill Matt. Ashley probably reversed the charge.

  • Andgeo

    Who cares?? FAT ASHLEY OUT!!!

  • tino o

    Janmaat turned up debuchy who??? Unfortunately if cash is offered for him he will be gone as well Ashley out! !

  • radgiegadgie

    you have to say that was the only good move last summer bar Perez

  • DownUnderMag

    Debuchy also admitted that he saw us as a stepping stone to a bigger Premiership club.   All well and good players doing this when the chance comes, but seeing us as this from the start?  This is all Ashley’s doing – the fat man must go!

  • No Brainer

    radgiegadgie Janmatt, Colback, Darlow and lascelles.

  • v0ices

    No Brainer radgiegadgie glad your crystal ball predicts darlow  and lascelles as premier league players already.

  • ToonTone100

    We have been a stepping stone club since MA took over – its a selling point when trying to get decent players in who think they should be going to Champions League clubs … but cant. Some prove they can (and make MA money like Debuchy – no wonder he got a personal call) and some don’t – they all accept less wages than elsewhere. At the moment I have no problem with players thinking that way – we ARE a selling club (wheeling/dealing), the only thing that annoys me is MA skimping as much as he can get away with to maximise the profit whilst (only just) remaining in the premier league. …. Oh for a new realistic (rather than greedy) owner.