Talking about the match at Anfield on Monday night, Mark Lawrenson says that Newcastle are the team ‘everyone wants to play’.

For many of us it doesn’t seem that long ago since we were the team everybody wanted to watch!

Lawrenson also has a rant about the fickle Liverpool fans calling for Brendan Rodgers’ head, less than a year after he was the hero who was going to deliver the Premier League abck to its rightful place (in their eyes).

The one big surprise is that Mark Lawrenson has only gone for a 2-0 scoreline. Considering Newcastle have conceded 3 or more goals on 15 occasions in 41 matches against Liverpool in the Premier League, that two goal cushion looks optimistic for me.

Mark Lawrenson talking to BBC Sport:

Liverpool got themselves over the line and to Wembley after beating Blackburn in their FA Cup quarter-final tie and that success will help their league form too.

I can only see one outcome at Anfield on Monday, because Newcastle’s poor form means they are the team everyone wants to play right now.

Mark Lawrenson on fickle fans…

“As soon as Liverpool lost two games – against two very good teams in Manchester United and Arsenal – the knives were being sharpened for Brendan Rodgers by some Reds fans. They seemed to have already forgotten about the long unbeaten run that had just happened.

“The fickleness of so many supporters of all teams at the moment is amazing and it is getting worse because every manager is now being judged on the here and now, not any historical achievements or even what has happened a few weeks ago. That is not going to change because that is the world we live in, but it makes being a football manager a lot harder.”

Fourth place has gone for Liverpool but their aim now has to be to finish in fifth, get to the FA Cup final and try to win it.

Do that, and they have had a good season.

Mark Lawrenson prediction: 2-0

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  • souyes lachooa

    lawrenson is not aware that it was not Rodgers but thanks to Suarez that we came runner-up.
    Rodgers should never have been hired in the first place. He is a downgrade on Dalglish.

  • NottsToon

    I hope that Liverpool score 20, there is no love in my heart for this current incarnation of Newcastle United. It’s like buying a ticket to see your favourite band and finding out that the only original member left is the bass player who you never liked anyway.

  • wor monga

    NottsToon      You hope that Liverpool score 20 against us

    …and you’d buy
    tickets for a favourite band without knowing what their line-up consists of in

    …and you want to be taken seriously on here as an enlightened Toon fan…the
    mind boggles!!

  • NottsToon

    You are apathetic and irrelevant, your views are known and there is no need to engage you.

  • wor monga

    NottsToon      You’re not getting engaged to me, Notts…but, I’ve been an
    NUFC supporter for more than 50yrs, does that not give me the right of reply on
    this site …when someone like yourself…tells me they want to see the Lads
    humiliated by 20 goals?

  • GToon

    wor monga NottsToon I’m sure he doesn’t really (want us to lose by 20) but somehow wants the regime to hurt as much as we do. I can’t see them scoring 20 – close to 10 maybe though!!

  • NottsToon

    GToon wor monga NottsToon No, I actually do want them to score 20, even 100. I have so little regard for this entity of Sport Direct which masquerades as a football club that I want it damaged in a way that the owner will understand, by becoming a bad association with his other business interests.

    I would rather see Newcastle United as a football club in the conference than a Mike Ashley profit making machine in the Premier League, I don’t celebrate balance sheets, I actually enjoy football.

    If what it takes for NUFC to become a football club again is relegation after relegation then I welcome that, because a football club can always be rebuilt, a profit making business is there to service the investment of it’s shareholders or owner…..which brings us back to Mike Ashley.

    April 19th, integrity or apathy, your choice.

  • Porciestreet

    souyes lachooa 
    And Dogleish was a non-entity as well………..!

  • v0ices

    NottsToon GToon wor monga I want success for Newcastle united not free advertising for SD and increased wealth four Ashley.

  • MikeAshleyAteMyHamster

    NottsToon Agree 100% I genuinely hope we get relegated this season or next. Anything to purge our club of the cancer that has eaten through the heart of NUFC (or should that be Sports Direct United).

  • PhilYare

    0-7 to the toon? maybe carver can dig out some of pardews old tactics because according to the media hes a ‘world class’ coach……  if only carver wasn’t  already playing 8-1-1

  • GToon

    NottsToon GToon wor monga I wont be going as i can’t afford it anyway as i live over 200 miles away too and limit my trips to a few a year. I will be going to the WBA game though with a banner and MA is gonna get it big time from me and me lads as i said on a previous post.

  • jimblag

    souyes lachooa Not in a billion years, Rogers has done well at Swansea and then continued it at Liverpool. Do you think Bristol Rovers with Joe Kinnear in charge would finish second in the prem just ‘cos they signed Suarez? No is the answer, in fact if that was the case why didn’t it work out for Dalglish?

  • Toon Magpie

    NottsToon, i dont think you have gone far enough, nothing less than total destruction of the present club, then and only then can we rebuild it. Relegation wont do jack to fat mike, he has been there before. Relegation is not going to happen this season, you are out of luck. Carver will be managing the club next year in premiership  because no manager worth his salt would manage the club under Ashley.