There looks set to be a number of changes to the Newcastle team v Liverpool tonight.

John Carver has indicated that he will change both the starting eleven, as well as making changes when it comes to which positions certain players are playing in.

The Newcastle Head Coach saying that he ‘hopes’ the changes will also change the team’s fortunes.

Various media have carried John Carver’s quotes below and the players claimed to be most likely to lose their places in the team are Remy Cabella, Sammy Ameobi and Yoan Gouffran.

Though all three of those have already been in and out of the team this season, so not the biggets surprise if any or all were left out, with naturally the biggest problem being of who you replace them with.

John Carver:

“Maybe I need to change the team to start with, maybe I need to change a few positions of one or two players…hope that sparks something.

“Going to Anfield you are going to need characters. I want to see some energy and I didn’t see energy last weekend. We talked about outworking Sunderland and they outworked us…again – we can’t let that happen against Liverpool.”

Team usually responds to disappointment?:

“This group of players usually responds after a disappointment so let us see how they do.

“I won’t just pick a side solely on ability, it will be about characters, too.”

Just like Alan Pardew before him, it is all very well talking about dropping players and makibg changes etc etc but the big problem is the number of poor players at the club, the majority lacking either the necessary ability or character, or both.

One suggested alternative to those who failed so dismally against Sunderland is18 year old Adam Armstrong who has only started one Premier League match. Surely throwing him in tonight is a massive negative for such a promising young player and putting him in a struggling side lacking character won’t exactly help his development.

Mehdi Abeid would be the choice of most to start against Liverpool and indeed was for the Sunderland game, though he only made the subs bench. Reality is though that Abeid has only started a handful of games himself so expecting him to come in and change things dramatically is unrealistic. Though having said that it is definitely a no-brainer that he should play.

As for others such as Vurnon Anita and Gabriel Obertan…what can I say?

We are definitely into the territory of shuffling deckchairs around on the Titanic but at least one rumoured change should definitely happen. Jack Colback is said to be returning to his midfield position and just maybe with both him and Abeid in there, they can at least stem the expected red tide that will be surging towards Tim Krul’s goal tonight.

John Carver says that this group of players usually ‘responds after a disappointment’.

Hmmm, well only 3 wins in the last 18 games suggests otherwise, unless by responding he means collapsing even more spectacularly in the next game?

  • Fozzyworld

    Everything he says just has me brimming with confidence. And my arse is a watermelon.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ok. I don’t want to be overly negative, but if this fails, like I’m expecting it will- John Carver needs to be put out of his misery.
    So you’re quite happy to play a weakened side away at Leicester in the FA Cup, then return the so called big boys to the team away at Chelsea, where we have no chance of getting a result. Result- we lose both.
    Then, to insult us further, you ride out defeat after defeat, in turn giving a young lad three minutes against a woeful Sunderland side (And fail to use the last sub) but then shuffle the pack for a game we have no chance of winning in the hope we get a response?

    Poor managers I can take, it’s not their fault. But when you see out and out stupidity like this, you can’t help but think where John Carver was when the brains were being handed out . .

  • Leazes_62

    “This group of players usually responds after a disappointment so let us see how they do…”


  • newcastle7

    Everyone knew that Sunderland do not like pacey wingers ask Villa and Palace ours was left on the bench
    so hard to believe.Off to Anfield now but there is always hope was there in relegation season 1985 when we won 2-1 under McFaul with a worse team.

  • Ashleyout

    You know what? I dont mind us losing every week if it means “Carveup” gets the bullet. My biggest fear would be for us to start winning and the fat controller give’s him the job permanently to save spending on a proper manager. 
      I’m near the end of my tether with this shambles of a team made up of mostly division three quality players and if “Carveup” did get the job I’d give up on the toon till Ashley sold the club..

  • Ashleyout

    I need to change the team to start with, maybe I need to change a few
    positions of one or two players”
    Maybe you need to apply for a job selling programs or pushing a wheelbarrow for the groundsman…

  • Pulse33

    I hope he doesn’t drop Cabella. He obviously has talent and needs a run of continuous games to get over his poor form after Pardew showed no faith in him. Bring in Abeid and maybe Anita for some Midfield buffing and switch Jonas out to the left or left back for defensive covering.

  • dude 1

    cant even be Ars#ed to comment on this as he says the same thing after every defeat

  • Lofty9

    Usually responds after a disappointment? When is it coming? Last 4 games LLLL…Aye that’s a great response John! I’m not one to call people names, buts he’s a feckin idiot.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Another load of shite!

  • killyted

    who has he got to replace the current team with. paper thin  squad

  • AndyMac1

    Paul Patterson behind Pardwho that’s for sure ;-)

  • Andgeo

    Williamson and gouffran as usual will be the first 2 names on the team sheet!

  • Andgeo

    He is more likely to drop Cabella than gouffran, who is a complete waste of space. We’d be better off with10 men.

  • Andgeo

    So we can expect at least 1 sending off??? My money is on sissoko, janmaat or Perez. The lads must be so frustrated working with this lot.