Writing in the London Evening Standard, Patrick Barclay has had another go at Newcastle fans.

Back in October, the London based journalist took it upon himself to slag United supporters off for showing their unhappiness with Alan Pardew, Barclay going out of his way to stick up for Pardew and praise Mike Ashley for sticking with him.

Patrick Barclay Oct 2014

Pardew may have his flaws — the shoving of a linesman in 2012 was not pretty, and nor was the gentle nutting of Hull’s David Meyler eight months ago — but he can manage a football team and Newcastle owner Mike Ashley deserves credit for keeping him in charge.

Another reason for the fans to cheer up is the emergence of youngsters. It’s always refreshing, and the dart of pace that enabled 18-year-old Rolando Aarons to score early at the Etihad suggested he may have more in common with Raheem Sterling than a Jamaican birthplace.

Adam Armstrong, 17, also started, while the 22-year-old Sammy Ameobi will be keen to return to White Hart Lane, where he scored his first Premier League goal on Sunday. Newcastle’s summer buys were interesting too — all 25 or under. So it’s a squad built to last. With admirably durable manager.

Barclay is now loving it that Crystal Palace have gained 22 points from 11 matches under Alan Pardew, whilst Newcastle have accumulated only 9 since he left.

Patrick Barclay writing today:

The Newcastle fans who spent autumn evenings preparing “Pardew Out” placards wanted to transform a club’s fortunes.

And how effective the campaign proved. Not only did Alan Pardew eventually take the hint and leave; the fortunes of TWO clubs have been transformed.

When Pardew moved to Crystal Palace at the turn of the year, they were third bottom of the Premier League with 17 points and Newcastle in mid-table with 26. Palace have since taken 22 points and Newcastle nine.

Which suggests that, had he switched earlier, Palace might be savouring the joys of spring with an eye on Europe and Newcastle staring at the Championship. Even now it is the sort of swing that, if achieved by the Green Party next month, might put Natalie Bennett in 10 Downing Street.

Anyway, Pardew is where he should be. In the bits of his radio interview that were not considered so newsworthy, he stressed Palace’s vast potential for growth. He could turn them into — I was almost going to say — a Newcastle.

Newcastle’s big problem isn’t that Pardew left, it is that we have a unscrupulous unambitious (apart from making money) owner who is happy to write a season off once he thinks enough points are banked for Premier League safety.

Letting players go in January, signing nobody and not appointing a credible manager to replace Alan Pardew.

In the four matches before the day Pardew left (day of Everton match), Newcastle had lost four in a row and conceded 12 goals, scoring only 2, including a defeat by Sunderland for the fourth time in a row.

I won’t go into all of the other desperate runs and statistics that happened at Newcastle under Pardew, as you’ll know them off by heart.

Alan Pardew was part of the problem and not part of the solution at Newcastle United, whether he ends up achieving anything at Crystal Palace isn’t of any interest to us, though I’m sure Charlton and West Ham fans would join us in wondering just how quickly Palace fans will find out what management under Pardew is really like.

I’ll be interested to hear what Patrick Barclay has to say then, rather than an eleven match snapshot helped massively by being allowed to bring in half a dozen signings in January at Selhurst Park.

  • PeterRobson

    Why should we be interested in what some “Shandy drinking, Sik Cut smoking” southern hack (not worthy of the title journalist) has to say about our club ?

    Step 1 of purging our club of a cancer began with Pardumbo leaving.
    Like the treatment of cancer, it can be a long process but if the fact that a Southern hack of his caliber is, once again, showing interest in our situation is any indication perhaps the powers that be at NUFC are starting to worry about what´s in store for them !!!

  • Paul Soulsby

    LONDON BASED JOURNO FAILS TO GET IT SHOCKER !!! – Hold the front page.

  • The Glazier

    I’m a Palace fan here in peace, but I do have one point to make:

    The comment; “…helped massively by being allowed to bring in half a dozen signings in January at Selhurst Park” is so far wide of the mark.  It’s simply not true.  With the exception of making Zaha permanent and Ameobi as back up, all the January signing were signings for the future.  You could maybe argue Zaha’s permanent deal and the competition Kelly now has for a place has improved their game, but even still hardly qualifies this statement.

    The real reason for our change in form and fortunes is down to Pardew being a large improvement on our previous manager and the belief he has installed within the squad.

    It’s quite likely our form under Pardew won’t last and things won’t always be rosy but Pardew is now working for a club owned by fans who care more about the club than making money and I haven’t heard any reasons from any Newcastle fans why Pardew wouldn’t flourish under that kind of ownership.  But then you don’t care how well we do.

  • PhilYare

    The Glazier so why were we really s**t when we played you’s here in the 3-3? surely as you say a world class coach like pardew with apparently superior players would have annihilated a team with Warnock the worst manager in the world? 

    you simply have better players than us and pardew has found his perch…. his record at newcastle (particularly for being negative and getting thrashed) is awful…. his record for you’s is excellent but then again he started off well at Newcastle didnt he? so you might be easily get relegated next year once he falls out with a few people and starts employing his own methods

    Newcastle United would be exactly the same position with the same run of defeats if he was still here, nowt has changed

  • Maximus Moose

    The Glazier Ill care when you play the Mackems & Pardews always Ok with someone elses team, wait a year and get back

  • WallaceWilson

    Why should we be interested in what s jack in the London regional press says about us. Do they read Lee Ryder?

  • Sickandtiredstill

    The Glazier You’re right, we don’t care. Not about Palace and not about Pardew.
    His career is testament to his abilities (or lack of), not just 11 games. 
    Feel free to check back in here this time next year.

  • No Brainer

    The Glazier You also have something else that we don’t,
    No chip on your shoulder, no belief in a devine right to ‘be up there challenging’
    and more importantly a group of fans that truly do support their team at the match.

  • No Brainer

    PhilYare The Glazier  many influences there, though aren’t there, the Cabaye sale with no replacement a big mistake which cost the guy who did it the sack.
    Injuries to Krul and others in december last year, Cisse at the start of the season.

  • LeazesEnder

    WallaceWilson He’s the sauce!

  • LeazesEnder

    The Glazier Maybe he wasn’t trying when he was here?

  • John Rush

    Who cares what Barclay thinks, he should stick to writing about  Chelsea and his friend Romaaan Abram – ho-vich as he calls him (because as he loftily points out on Sunday Supplement – that is the correct way of pronouncing it). Get a bet on Palace finishing in the top 10 next season followed by a relegation battle the next with Pardew sacked or Palace going down if he stays.

  • Nobbysleftfoot

    My theory here is that Pardew has benefitted from a) not being Warnock, who is garbage and b) the work of Tony Pulis last season, who had them organised enough to escape what seemed to be certain relegation. He’s also a club hero, so that has helped with momentum. 

    It also explains his early success at NUFC – he inherited a good team structure and a well-drilled defence from Hughton, Carr added some foreign flair in the shape of Cabaye, Ba and Cisse, and we finished 5th. Once the Hughton effect wore off, we’ve had three years of crap.

  • PeterRobson

    Nobbysleftfoot Howay man !!! Now you´re being sensible !!!

    You´re spot on about inheriting other peoples work.
    Unfortunately the following seasons he´s been shown to be a complete fraud !!!

  • Andgeo

    We need rid of fat ashley ASAP

  • Jail for Ashley

    No Brainer, cost the guy the sack ??? He was paid to do as he was told and disappear, which he did.

  • The Glazier

    Maximus Moose You won’t have to wait long ‘cos we’re at the Stadium of Sh*te this Saturday.

    I’ve always been led to believe (by Newcastle fans) that your scouts bought in players based on potential and possible sell on value, regardless of what the squad needed?  By that token, you never saw a fully Pardew team either.  My only concern with Pardew is, for all the years in the PL, he’s not had much experience of buying his own players.

  • The Glazier

    Sickandtiredstill You can count on it (me coming back here in a year), good or bad.  Incidentally (and I’ve asked a few Toon fans this), how many years would Pardew need to keep Palace in the Prem for or how far would we need to go in the cup, would it take for you personally to come around the idea that it was the situation and not the man that’s to blame?

  • The Glazier

    PhilYare I don’t remember thinking you were s**t at SJP, I remember coming away from that game feeling pleased that we, relegation battling side were able to get a draw away from home against a potential top 10 side.  I remember you looking really good against us in the League Cup and I thought you had a lot of good youngsters (particularly Aarons, is it?) – in fact I thought we were lucky to force it into extra time but ultimately you deserved the win.  When you game to Selhurst post-Pardew you still looked hungry and up for it and I was relieved to come away with 1-1.  The only game I’ve seen of yours since was the on the weekend and each one of your players looked disinterested and defeated from kick off.  Oddly enough the last time I saw something like that to that degree was us when we entertained Scumderland and Selhurst.  You haven’t got a s**t players, they just don’t want anything – that was Pardew’s fault when he was there, but maybe he was feeling that too.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No Brainer The Glazier A sack of potatoes on those shoulders come this time next year, or sooner. 
    Glad to see that not only are the journalists, newspapers and fanzine writers all to blame or telling lies, now it’s the supporters fault as well.
    True black and white you are, for sure. 
    Nowt but a regime puppet, clear and simple for all to read.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    The Glazier Maximus Moose Who you been talking to???
    Bringing in players is a wind-up when we can barely field a first team! We saw enough of a lone striker to last a life time and his buddy and protege Carver is still using the same tactics.

    Pardew signed up for the job and defended it (the regime) to the end.
    Which way do you and his supporters want this to go? He gets credit for a 5th place finish, yet you all want to avoid the pure dross he served up as well. 
    Win rate 38%, Loss rate 40%. There you are, a worse than mid- table ability based on his time here. Perfectly fine for those Ashley appeasers, but for those of us with ‘chips on our shoulders’ or a belief that we deserve better from a multi Billionaire owner, it’s certainly not.
    At least Palace spent some cash in January. Then again, he gave you the mighty Shola. That’s the Pardew decision making process so get used to it.

  • newcastle7

    Pardew has done a magnificent job at Palace and on current form are in a Champions League position.
    Guess what we are bottom so well done the mag,the lads from bar loco and the sack Pardew .com.
    You have done me proud.

  • Conman

    The idea is to eventually topple fcb.
    We got rid of jfk, we got rid of pardew. We need to make it so uncomfortable and such a pain Iin the arse that he decides it just not worthwhile.

  • onedavidmccreery

    This arse simply does not get it! Like it or lump it pardew was part of the problem with lie after lie after lie. In general the football was awful (especially at home) with the odd run here and there when results improved. Whether pardew still believes he was right to go along with the fcb at every turn and praise him when there was simply not a need to, I don’t know, but to be happy to be implicit to all that is wrong with nufc he had to go and ironically is probably more than happy to have left. JC taking over just compounds everything that we knew what was wrong with the mags and now the sole focus needs to be on the fcb!!!!!

  • jimblag

    The line about Palace pushing for Europe made me laugh, that’s the last thing Pardew wants.
    What a terrible article, the writer obviously doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. How many Newcastle fans regret the Pardews exit? None! Which say’s it all.
    This journalist is the type of person that reads the headline and ignores the article.