Many of the reasons given for not fighting Ashley can be countered with one word – Liverpool.

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When Liverpool fans came to the conclusion that Hicks and Gillett were damaging their club, they protested, and protested, and protested.

They didn’t say ‘there’s no point, it won’t have any effect’.

They didn’t say ‘there’s no-one else to buy the club’.

They didn’t say ‘if we protest, it’ll make the club look less attractive to buyers’.

They didn’t say ‘we shouldn’t complain or they might make it worse’.

(the ‘we’re being pi**ed on but don’t complain or they might sh*t on us as well’ excuse).

They didn’t say, to paraphrase The Chronicle – ‘we shouldn’t do anything until we can articulate what change looks like and how it can be made to happen’.  You don’t need to see the whole path before you take the first step, life’s not like that.

No, the fans didn’t know what it would lead to, but they knew the existing situation was wrong and complained about it, and eventually change came. There WERE other buyers, other people who weren’t put off by Liverpool fans showing their passion for the club.

And Liverpool are now in a much better state, with owners who take the money generated by the club and invest it in building and improving the squad (and isn’t that all we’re asking for?).

So, boycott or not, protest or not, that’s your personal choice.  But if you choose not to, don’t do it out of defeatism, don’t use the above as excuses for inaction because, as the Liverpool example shows, protest can work, and isn’t it worth a try?

You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

If you want rid of Ashley, if you want change, take the first step.

  • LeazesEnder

    Good one Trevor, let hope live again!

  • Tony79

    Precisely right.

    We can have a desire for positive change without a detailed blueprint for what that would be after Ashley.

    We’ll always have our ups and downs but anything is better than Ashley and nu-sportsdirect-fc at the moment.  We are mid-table business plan for Sports direct not a club and as fans we are simply the backdrop to advertising revenue.

    Fight back and get some pride.  Sunday can be massive for us.  Lets do it together.

  • dave1892

    Another reason for protesting now – I actually think the club are planning to buy this summer, and because of all their lies it’ll be very hard for them to deny it’s in response to protests.

  • nnnnnmmmmm

    well, you learn something new every day. i thought it was RBS toxic debts that forced the sale of LFC.
    im not against the protest – im not going myself, but this story just isn’t backed by fact.

  • No Brainer

    And none of that worked.

    The change occurred because the club was utterly bust and given away by the bank that owned the debt the club had and then resold to a group of people who took on only part of that debt.

    So if you want the same solution that means you want Ashley to have it taken off him by a court to give it to the entity that has the deb which is……….

  • No Brainer

    dave1892 Thats great news because they bought nothing last year, no replacement for Cabaye like an ajax captain or anything, or a new investment in a £12m silky small modern day jinky smith type like Cabella, or improved right back better than the last one, or a geordie guy who in a injury hit team has proved a real winner on the park. Or the purchase of three youngsters one of whom has been a real hit years before expected or the two at Nottingham one who has put in some stormer performances in goal, the other being called in to train with the full england team.

    Are you saying that sort of buying inactivity at Newcastle united will be bettered this summer by a few protests?

    Should do the treble if we keep every body fit then.

  • Demented_Man

    Some good points there.  And we have the far more recent example of Rangers, where protests and boycotts have at least disrupted the status quo.  Defeatism and inertia will only allow Ashley to take the club down altogether, when it is no longer useful to him.

  • Steve1221

    Demented_Man Rangers fans didnt boycott, they just stopped going and while Ashley has been outed for now its only resulted in a different group of crooks taking control.

  • IntravenusMP

    Some good points but the hard facts were that RBS forced Hicks & GIllette’s hand.

  • Big Al 1967

    Sorry to disagree but the protests had little to do with it. The Bank were about to call in the debt and force the club into administration (I believe within 48 hours of doing so) hence the sale to the current owners

  • toon53

    From an article about the Spirit of Shankly group that organised the protests:

    On 18 October 2010 the board of Spirit of Shankly met the new owners of
    Liverpool F.C. for an informal discussion regarding their organisation
    and their actions regarding the previous regime. At that meeting new
    Liverpool owner John Henry said to the members of the group present “You
    guys need to know that without the action and hard work of the Spirit
    of Shankly, Tom (Werner) and I would not have bought the Club”.
    Perhaps they admired the fight shown by the fans to protect their club.  They didn’t just sit and take it.

  • NottsToon

    toon53 Shut up man, everyone knows that all the protests achieve is scaring Sheik Mohammed Bin Billionaire off buying us. It must be true, the “real” supporters repeat it often enough ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • TommyAdds

    No Brainer dave1892 Remy Cabella . Jimmy Smith.Give  yer heed a shake,not even in the same sentence !

  • Grumpyoldmag

    How many live TV games did Liverpool fans boycott to raise awareness? I must have missed that……Aah but maybe their protests were organised by people who actually go to the games. And as others have pointed out protests did not achieve the sale creditors did

  • MilitantGeordie

    Steve1221 Demented_Man Not going IS an action of Boycott. You can look this up in a dictionary.

  • Steve1221

    Yes a boycott can take the form of not going however deciding that you’d rather do something else doesn’t necessarily mean that you are boycotting.

  • SGM

    Steve1221 if you don’t go how is anyone going to know your boycotting/protesting, go, and walk out.

  • Steve1221

    Announcing a one of boycott is one way to go about letting people know but rangers fans had been dwindling for a while

  • dave1892

    No Brainer dave1892 No, that’s the exact opposite of what I’m saying – buying will be independent of the protests.

    Also, quality and type eh? Centre forward, centre back…..

  • IntravenusMP

    Big Al 1967 Yep, it was very similar to NUFC when Ashley took over, reality was the bank had had enough of chasing rainbows.

  • newcastle7

    Newcastle has been up for sale for five years and with the exception of local businessman Barry Moat not one person has shown any interest.No one wants to buy us and until they do best to get on with it.