One of the more baffling things John Carver did at Anfield, was dropping Jonas Gutierrez.

Nobody was surprised to see Sammy Ameobi and Yoan Gouffran left out after shocking non-performances against Sunderland.

However, even the Newcastle Head Coach himself has said Jonas was one of only five players who could hold their ehads up after that latest derby defeat.

Many fans will smell a rat considering Jonn Carver was adamant through the week that he would be the one to choose to pick Jonas Gutierrez or not and no contract clauses would stop him….

One positive of the perverse decision to leave Jonas Gutierrez on the bench, was that when the Argentine midfielder did eventually replace the hopeless Gabriel Obertan, we had arguably the highlight of the night.

Jonas Gutierrez posting the following messages on Twitter after the game following an excellent reception from the Liverpool fans.

Credit to them because it came over as a very genuine display of affection for one of our few players who is a credit to the fans and the club at this moment in time.

I know it was an emotional night anyway with the Hillsborough anniversary coming up but it’s always the same with something like this, you can’t take it for granted that people will do the right thing, so you have to give a pat on the back when it happens.

You only have to compare it to the way many Manchester United fans behaved at St. James’ Park recently, choosing to try and sing over the minute’s applause in the 17th minute for Liam Sweeney and John Alder.

Watch the video below as Jonas Gutierrez prepares to come on

Jonas Gutierrez:

“Sorry for The result newcastle fans. Disculpas por el resultado newcastle fans.”

“Thanks newcastle fans and liverpool fans for The ovation at Anfield. Gracias fans de newcastle y liverpool por la ovación en Anfield.”

  • Michael John Dodds

    Nice touch by the wheel trim steelers.

  • realnufc

    NUFCTheMag thisisanfield lovely to see. Always thought it was a bit of a cliché but well done them. Hope they get champions league.

  • mightymojo

    Er….Thanks Michael…..
    I’m a Liverpool fan who was at the game last night, and it was probably my highlight too. A spontaneous show of respect for a man who has fought back from the kind of darkness I couldn’t even contemplate. 
    PS Good luck with the protest – we know what it’s like to see your club strangled to death by the idiots at the top.

  • Paul Patterson

    mightymojo  At the next match, if you’re there, you can tell as many of your fans as you like/want, that that was much appreciated last night. Sent a shiver down my spine at the time.

    Thank you to all Liverpool fans present.

  • Tony Mark Elsender

    Because they knew we were forfeiting the contest taking off a dangerous player for one who can’t pass, shoot or cross

  • PeterRobson

    Now that´s what football support is about !!! Sent a shiver seeing the look on Jonas´ face at the reception from liverpool fans !!!

    They recognised a man, who despite what he went through, still used his illness to help others find the strength to cope !!!

    Thank you Liverpool fans !!!!

    Jonas, whatever the future holds for you, in our hearts you will always be a Geordie !!!

  • PeterRobson

    mightymojo Thanks from me too mate !!! Through my time in the army, I still have “Scouse” Mates !!!

  • PeterRobson

    Couldn´t resist the dig eh ??

  • tino o

    Thank you lfc a touch of class lacking in football

  • Stephen McMenzie

    Nice touch. Despite their whining, most of them are proper fans.

  • Steve1221

    I didn’t find it baffling at all that he was dropped, the credit last week was for his effort not his performance. Some of the tired late challenges he made last week suggest he would have really struggled up against Liverpools wingers.

  • Lofty9

    mightymojo Thanks for the support mate, and sorry for the ‘Sign on’ chants. Coming from an area blighted by unemployment, not intelligent or funny really. Good luck with your own season.

  • toon tony

    Well done Liverpool fans. Will always remember the last time we won there. Before the game trying to find somewhere to park, a woman let me park in her drive, during the game their fans were a bit quiet, we started to sing YNWA Liverpool fans started booing us and started singing it themselves at which point all the flags went up and the noise from the Kop in full will stay with me forever. After the game was met by a pool fan wanting to shake as many Geordies hands as he could. Class. !!

  • mightymojo

    Thanks mate. Every club has it’s share of idiot fans – I know we definitely do! For the most part i feel there’s always been a healthy respect between the two clubs.
    My best mate (and landlord) is a Geordie, and I actually brought him to the game with me. Sadly for him it meant he had to sit with the Liverpool fans, but he didn’t get any abuse, aside from a dig in the ribs from me when we scored!
    He was made up with the response for Jonas as well.

  • hettonmag

    Well done Liverpool  fans  touch of class that sent a shiver  down my back hope they get  4th spot  at  the expense of one of the manc’s clubs, preferably  man u.

  • A lex

    Totally unnecessary comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • newcastle7

    For some reason unlike our friends down the road very few joined in the seventeen minutes applause certainly not those to my right.Very diappointing.

  • Jarra MIck

    Most decent fans behave decently when they are winning Liveool fans are no different.

  • Kev82

    I usually have little respect for Liverpool fans but that reception for Jonas last night changed my perception of them.

  • GToon

    Best moment of the game by a mile.

  • newcastle7

    A lex The total lack of respect for the seventeen minutes applause was a disgrace.
    Been to all the games this season and only Villa and Liverpool showed a lack of respect.All been great except those two teams with a special thank you to Sunderland and the Germans pre season.

  • LeeSpoor

    17th minute…???? Nothing… not even a ripple. Stop fellating the Liverpool shlong…… there was nowt heartfelt from them. If we by some miracle were winnong do you think there would be so much applause??? Me..not a chance.