I am a lifelong Liverpool supporter but I, along with many other Liverpool fans, have empathy with Newcastle fans fighting against Mike Ashley and Wonga.

I can’t offer any solutions against Ashley, but suggest that a strong message against him and Wonga could possibly be arranged by all Newcastle fans taping over the Wonga adverts on their shirts when attending matches.

The tape could be taken off later so as not to spoil the shirts but think of the message it would send out if 30,000 Newcastle fans blocked the wonga advert on their shirts for every match till the end of the season.

I hope you win your battle and drive Ashley and Wonga out.

Good luck to the fans in their fight.


  • Porciestreet

    Cheers Scouse, we need all the help we can get with this despicable man.
    HWTF…Ashley oot ASAP…………!

  • Porciestreet

    I did suggest some time ago that for a small fee, someone with what it takes could screen print over th w***a rubbish .  The start of a new company perhaps..?

  • LeazesEnder

    Its not a new idea…. available on ebay

  • mrkgw

    Thanks to the Liverpool supporters on this one. One more favour though – please dont attempt to sign Janmaat!

  • John_Charver

    robbalucky84 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag Buy TOFFS retro #NUFC replicas. Money going to a proper local company, instead of #AshleyOut

  • lemmiwinks42

    robbalucky84 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag Baffled why people are happy to wear Wonga brand. Also on Ashley Puma strip to boot!

  • robbalucky84

    lemmiwinks42 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag seriously the people holding an Ashley out poster whilst standing in front of that Wonga board..

  • robbalucky84

    lemmiwinks42 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag dressed head to toe in stuff from the NUFC Direct catalogue…

  • lemmiwinks42

    robbalucky84 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag But the strip form Sports Direct and Ashley scores three times!

  • robbalucky84

    lemmiwinks42 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag just hope those going to the SD protest have more sense than to nip in for a quick shop

  • Gaffa201

    Getting sympathy from scousers just shows how bad its got. If the martyrs thinks its bad we’re in some mess

  • justchampion

    How about advertising a rival. That should ruffle his feathers…

  • mrkgw It’s a safe bet he’ll be leaving as he’s too good for us, and if he does go I think I’d rather he went to Liverpool than to Man U.

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    Thanks Liverpool fans but ur after our best player janmaat u wud love us to go dwn n raid us like u alway do

  • justchampion

    Knowing the club, they will ban supporters or ask them to remove any patches. For this reason i would suggest patches supporting the SBR foundation. Imagine the negative publicity the club would get by asking to remove it?

  • Morpeth mag

    A nice sentiment of a scouser, maybe ive misread them all these years? Thanks anyway,,,,,

  • cjr_shearer9

    If Swansea score tennis balls on the pitch

  • SJPunited

    John_Charver robbalucky84 Mike_Ashley_Out NUFCTheMag or try SBRFoundation WidnesRL for a Bobby Robson shirt

  • Brown Bottle

    Good idea. Cheers mate.

  • Harry Todd

    To be quite frank Liverpool have massive problems of their own.They never win the league but charge fifty two pounds upwards to get in.No some Liverpool season ticket holders and they have had enough as just to dear.In short Liverpool no longer a football club just a tourist attraction for the rich.Think the Liverpool Echo
    should start a boycott or the fans form another team like their friends down the road.
    Congratulations to F.C United of Manchester in getting promoted.

  • TheBoneYard

    ok so good to here some support and ideas, so now, how about the liverpool fans making Sports Direct a no go store ! the trend could hopefully spread nationally……………..support football and not billionaire sadistic parasites…………power to the fans !