Views continue to come in from all over the place regarding Newcastle United’s problems on and off the pitch, with Leighton James the latest to cast his eye over NUFC.

The former Welsh international was a ‘favourite’ of United fans when facing Newcastle back in the 70s, long before he ended up playing for the mackems in a short spell during the 80s, even having his very own song (ask your dad).

Whatever his attributes as a player, I can’t really argue with James’ take on the Newcastle team after last weekend’s match.

Writing in the South Wales press, Leighton James says that United’s players ‘didn’t seem to care’ when they took on Spurs, the latest defeat making it 6 in a row for Newcastle.

“Having played in the north east for Sunderland, I know how passionate football fans are in that part of the world.

“When I watched Newcastle lose to Spurs on Sunday I saw a side that didn’t seem to care.”

Mike Ashley the reason?:

“I don’t know enough about the background issues to comment on whether Mike Ashley is behind his side’s recent slump.

“All I know is there are some good players at St James’ Park who could give more.”

  • Iain Tranter

    They don’t care. It’s like Sir Bobby said, “how do you motivate a millionaire?”

  • Corkyjohn


  • wivawova

    Class player in his time for Burnley and Wales. Who do we have playing in that position? Sammy Ameobi and Gouffran. Absolutely no comparison – particularly in the case of SA.  At least Gouff seems to be trying for the team.
    I’m not sure that this issue can wholly be put down to Ashley. The majority of players didn’t look so lost/pissed off/disinterested before Pardew left.

  • toontom68

    Why should they care? 
    The owner clearly doesnt.
    Theyre just paid employees who get paid regardless.
    I’ve been an fan for 35 years and I couldnt care less anymore either!!

  • No Brainer

    Think your right, jc is not a manager he has been talking him doing the job and being good enough.hiwever that divi at villa spends all his time talking about how good his players are.
    The simple prinary part of management look after those you need yo work for you.

  • 2 Tone

    Yes they did.

  • Belfast Ali

    One for the oldies. 1,2,3.
    Leighton James is a puff, Leighton James is a puff!

  • Philippines

    Tell them to have a chat with Nile Ranger!!