Blackpool manager Lee Clark has given Nile Ranger the perfect response after the waste of space blamed him and the club for the fact he’d gone missing for five months.

Ranger justified not turning up for training since November by saying he was ‘struggling to fill his fridge’ on the basic pay deal he had signed with Blackpool.

However, Lee Clark gave the former Newcastle striker both barrels when speaking to the Blackpool Gazette:

“Mr Ranger knew the contract he was signing and all this nonsense is totally unprofessional….people I don’t want in and around my club at all.”

“I am not the first and I won’t be the last to be let down by Nile. It’s just rubbish, isn’t it? I’m sick of talking about it.”

It’s never his fault:

“Everyone from Southampton, Newcastle, Swindon and now Blackpool are all wrong and Nile is right.

“There is a talented boy there but it is not just about being a footballer, it is about being a supreme athlete and being the best you can be.”

As Clark says, it is always somebody else’s fault as to why Nile Ranger isn’t a superstar at his latest club that are daft enough to take him.

Blackpool might have been relegated but at least they won’t have to have this particular liability to deal with next season.

I suppose the big criticism of both Clarkie and his club would be, why on earth did they think it was a good idea to give Nile ‘I can’t fill my fridge’ Ranger (read what he had to say HERE) a chance at Blackpool?

It will be interesting to see who, if any, is daft enough this time to give Nile Ranger chance No.792 of his career.

  • pissed off mag

    ranger will be back up the toon soon, hes about the stamp of the players that will play under carver, total bluffer

  • DownUnderMag

    Is it just me or is Clarkie slowly morphing into Steve Bruce??

    Ranger though, complete waste of space.  If he is struggling to fill his fridge then ask him what he did with all the money he earned everywhere else??  Probably blew it on fake guns, blow and lip tattoos.  There are players with half his natural talent who have made a real go of being a professional footballer because they worked hard and had the right attitude, where he’s just pi$$ed his away because he thinks he’s better than he is.

  • bill black

    Blackpool another WONGA club going nowhere

  • Paul Soulsby

    Should have gone to Iceland. . . . . .

  • Keegan Serial Quitter

    Who cares what Clark has to say. His managerial record is an embarrassment.

  • Sean Kelly

    is that a misprint? shouldn’t “it’s” be “he’s? “

  • Jamie Ingham

    I’m sick of hearing about Nile Ranger.