The disgusting treatment of Jonas Gutierrez by Newcastle United went a step further on Sunday.

Fans were surprised to hear that the versatile Argentine player was not in the team and then amazed to discover he wasn’t even on the bench.

Surely he must have been injured then….?

However, after the Tottenham defeat John Carver was asked whether leaving out Jonas Gutierrez from the 18 on duty v Spurs was a selection decision rather than down to ‘other’ reasons:

“Selection, yes,  I have my reasons for that and I don’t want to talk about Gutierrez anymore.”

The club have milked the Jonas Gutierrez cancer recovery angle for all it’s worth since he returned to Tyneside but now Mike Ashley is obviously taking his belated revenge after Jonas spoke out about how badly he was treated by the club as he fought testicular cancer.

In an interview last month Jonas said:

“The post-surgery studies were good and well, I went back to England after being discharged.”

“I returned mid-November and at the beginning to mid-December the manager (Alan Pardew) said I should find myself another club, that it was best… I understand a lot of things about football that, well, that for the directors it is a business, no?

“It is clear that they look after the club’s interests, but I think in a situation like that, you need to consider other things, even more if you see I had been playing for five years before having this problem, I was always playing.”

Medical bills:

 “I never asked for anything. I paid for it (medical bills) because for me, the most important thing, as I told you, was my health.

“If they thought it was OK to do it that way, then it’s OK. I never asked for anything and that’s it. I wasn’t interested.”

The fans:

 “The people from Newcastle, the fans have behaved amazingly, when I go around the city they congratulate me and say I’m looking very well.

“Very emotive words that make you very proud when you hear them. People have been so concerned for me and they’ve sent me those messages.”

What next?:

“I know the situation here (at Newcastle) isn’t the easiest but I’m going to fight to remain here. Time will tell, what I can do, to give the best of me and see how far I can get.”

Jonas himself knew the writing was on the wall in the lead up to the Sunderland match, putting this out on Twitter:

#newcastle vs sunderland

“Maybe the last one, I really enjoy the Derby, 3 points.

“Thanks for all toon army. Always in my heart.”

In that latest derby defeat, Jonas Gutierrez was one of the very few to emerge with any credit, in our fan ratings after the match he was just marginally behind Daryl Janmaat as Newcastle’s best player.

Despite this he was dropped against Liverpool but did ok as sub when replacing the useless Obertan at Anfield.

Then yesterday he can’t get ahead of any of Sterry, Riviere, Obertan, Ameobi, Armstrong and Kemen on the bench.

No disrespect to the kids who hopefully have a future at the club but I would have had Jonas ahead of all six of them.

Maybe anticipating there wouldn’t be quite as many fans to placate due to the Spurs boycott, Ashley felt moire comfortable sending the message down to Carver to leave Jonas out altogether.


  • Barry Goulder

    Jonas mate I think you are well out of this shambles of a club.wherever you go you will always be held with affection by always give 100per cent.which is more than the rest of the team ever did.

  • AshfordDeanoP

    It certainly wasn’t for footballing reasons!! 1) he’s one of the few who gives 100% and understands the fans; and 2) he’s playing for a new contract elsewhere. Don’t get Carver; plays 1 striker then bemoans he needs 2 to play. He has absolutely no idea!! #clueless

  • Kelbel Forster

    Run Jonas and don’t look back. This club has gone to the dogs and karma will get cashley one day!

  • Maximus Moose

    AshfordDeanoP The whole lot of them at Nufc are a bunch of scumbags

  • Jamiekgordon

    I have not given Ashley a penny since our home game against Southampton…

  • Chris McGarry

    Or could it be because he is close to the number of appearances for his bonus payment?

  • Demented_Man

    AshfordDeanoP Allegedly Jonas had a bust-up with Carver during the week over his training methods.  Carver threatened the players not to reveal any details to the outside world.  It certainly seems to be a sore point with Carver, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true.

  • chesterlad

    Stopped going after his 2nd season there, you can read right through him like a book.
    Miss it but will never return untill he has gone

  • GORDO1674

    Trying my level best to put aside the situation currently at the Toon and I take onboard the comment about Carver and Jonas following his ill advised comments about Newcastle……But…… Over and above the medical problems he has had to overcome, he should have been peddled two years ago. Not good enough then. Certainly not good enough now.
    Tough love and all that.
    Been far better players at Newcastle than he and they were shown the door, so let’s not get too sentimental about things like this. It happens. We all want the best players at the club. Jonas is far from being one of those.

  • mrkgw

    The regime disgust me. Jonas, you deserve so much better than this and the club in its current state are not representative as to the thoughts of the majority of us Newcastle supporters. Best of luck in signing for a club that treats its players with decency.

  • mrkgw

    Cannot abide Carver. Ashamed to say that this sad excuse is a fellow northerner.

  • Albert27

    Its not just about ability. Remember with KK and Kilcline. Sometimes u need a larger than life character in the team to get them going. I wudnt just have him in the team – i wud giv him the armband!!! Disgusting this club. Im ashamed. And i do question 90% of the teams commitment.

  • toon tony

    Jonas. ..walk into Carver’s office tell him to fcuk off. You deserve better than working for these morons. (Apologies to any real morons out there )

  • Mister Tee

    I can agree, to a point, that Jonas could have been transfer listed a while back. He seemed to have peaked in 2011/12 and he could have been made available for transfer then perhaps.
    He found out he had cancer in May 2013, it was treated and he came back to play a couple of games in the autumn of 2013. He was then deemed by Alan Pardew to be surplus to the team and allowed to go to Norwich, on loan, in January 2014. His cancer came back towards the end of last season and he went back to Argentina for treatment. Newcastle United, and Alan Pardew, fully aware of the fact he had cancer and fully aware of the fact they had let him go out on loan for “footballing reasons” still gave him a squad number and a precious place in the 23 man squad, a 23 man squad that they later turned around and said was full and they needed to sell before they could buy.
    Why would they do that?
    Why wouldnt they just say to Jonas “Look, with everything that has happened to you we want to terminate your contract/put you on the transfer list. We will pay your contract up, if needed, to allow you to find another club. We need extra space in the squad to buy another CB (perhaps?) because we are letting Mbiwa go. We will put plans in place to allow you a testemonial style match at the end of the season with the proceeds going to a cancer charity. Thank you for your time here and all the best”?
    Why would they keep him around and then bring him back into the team for a little run and then, suddenly, he can’t even get onto the bench yesterday when only 3 weeks ago Carver was complaining he was short of players???
    Something does not add up. I’m with you about the overly sentimental tone that can be used when discussing Jonas but, you say “tough love”, why not transfer list him if they didnt think he was worthy of a place in the squad, which they obviously didnt seeing as how they loaned him out when we were short of players last season??
    Putting aside his cancer treatment, how many 30 year old footballers get loaned out by their clubs but then get a 2nd chance with their club after having hardly played when they were on loan????

  • No Brainer

    So he’s good enough?
    I reckon only five of our team yesterday would be in the team if we had a full strength squad, and Jonas did not deserve to be on the pitch yesterday from his recent performances.
    Jonas is a lovely fella but he shouldn’t be playing for the toon any more, and we can’t pick a side on sentiment.

  • Mister Tee

    Why did Pardew give him a squad number for this season after loaning him out last season then?

  • MilitantGeordie

    newcastle7 You are so full of s**t i suspect you need to wear a nappy if you ever leave the keyboard.

  • Mister Tee

    “so please stop going on about a player who was always going to live but sadly was past his best three years ago”
    Well done, that is probably the worst, most insensitive comment I think I have ever saw on here and it is about one of our own players. Ask Jonas if HE thought he was always going to live, especially after the cancer had spread.
    And to think, you like to preach that you are in the (completely fictional) top 20 Newcastle United fans.
    You have outdid yourself there with that comment.
    Stay classy muppet.

  • Gaffa201

    newcastle7 guaranteed to live?!! are you for real?

  • pissed off mag

    newcastle7  liar you had a mate, we dont think so

  • bidz01

    Doesn’t surprise me at all! Fatman will throw all his toys out his big pram everytime somebody gives him some hometruths.
    I will not set foot inside St Jame’s again until Cash ley sells up. I travel from Notts and usually stay in a hotel over night so me and wor lass Can Hit The TOON so It Is Is Not Cheap But Really Used To Look Forward To The match But He Is not getting anymore Of My Money !

  • jimblag

    No Brainer you loved the squad a few months ago under Pardew.

  • NottsToon

    Jonas would be in my team every week at present as he is one of the very few who actually appears to give a f**k.  Honestly he isn;t good enough any more for a top flight Prem side with ambition, fortunately for him that is not us and his effort and endeavour are badly needed in a side battling relegation.

    If the team, the manager, the board and the owner cared as much about the clubs fans as Jonas then many more fans would care about the club too.

  • DownUnderMag

    His absence could easily be due to extention clauses just as much as spitting the dummy out over his comments.

    While I understand why some folks don’t rate him, he’s never given anything less than 100% for this club whenever he’s pulled on the black n white.  He’s always worked hard, grafted for the cause and always put his body on the line for the team.  He may not be as skilled as some of our players but he certainly works harder and sometimes, when you have these bad runs, that is what is more important than individual skill.  Sometimes it’s about ugly footy rather than free-flowing silky skills.
    I personally think his treatment has been appalling no matter whether we want him to stay or not, but no more than I expect from an employer who thinks 0-hour contracts are a legitimate form of running a business.