Double European Cup winner Kenny Burns, says that Newcastle players Jamaal Lascelles and Karl Darlow could go on to play for England, but aren’t good enough to play in the Premier League at the moment.

That is the good news/bad news view on the two Newcastle loan players from the former player who was a big figure in the Cloughie team at Forest who also won the League title.

Now writing for the Nottingham Post, Kenny Burns had this to say about the two players Newcastle bought last summer before instantly allowing them to return for a year’s loan at the City Ground.

On Karl Darlow:

“It’s possible one or both of them could go on to play for England but that doesn’t mean they would not benefit from another season with Nottingham Forest.

“To me, Darlow is someone who can get better and there are certainly areas of his game he can improve on. He’s come a long way but he’s still learning the game and I’m not sure he’s Premier League class yet, though I do believe he will be.”

Needs another year in Championship:

“I think he needs another year with Forest to work on things that come with experience like decision making and dominating your box.

“There are times when I’ve thought ‘he should have come for that’ but he’s only in his second or third season in the first team and we all make mistakes, it’s a question of how you learn from them.”

On Jamaal Lascelles:

“When it comes to Jamaal, you could make a case for him being a future England defender.

“It’s not a position where they are overly blessed at the moment and he’s already on the radar having trained with the national team a few times, I would love to see him be more aggressive and explosive over a few yards.””


“He is big and strong and if he used that strength against strikers better I don’t think they’d bully him, as they do now sometimes, I would like for him to come back to Forest for another year to help him develop his game further.

“There are times this season when I think he’s been our best defender but it took him a long time to get going when he did get selected, I would still like to see more of him though.”

With Newcastle desperate for new faces to add to the squad now, it would be very surprising if the pair were allowed to go out on loan again, no matter how it may potentially affect their long-term prospects.

Very few Newcastle fans will expect anything less that both Karl Darlow and Jamaal Lascelles being paraded this summer as being amongst United’s ‘new’ signings.

  • IntravenusMP

    Both are very good, i suppose Krul played in the  premier league at Darlow’s age so he could be ready. You never know, Jamaal Lascelles may not need to go out on loan to get championship football but the clever thing to do may be to loan him out with Streete (perhaps to Rangers) to develop a partnership and get game time.

  • Paul Patterson

    I would like to see them given another season on loan, but preferably somewhere other than Forest, just to vary their experience. ‘Cultured’ is the term.
    And, the longer they are away from this circus at the minute, the better their careers will pan out . .

  • IntravenusMP

    Paul Patterson I think that’s right, Forest don;t have an incentive to develop either of them now and perhaps why Pearce stubbornly didn’t play Lascelles much (although he had a court appearance to worry about)

  • lummo

    I think Darlow is Welsh, so it would be impressive if he made the England squad !!!

  • NottsToon

    Yes, both are so good they have spent a fair portion of the season on the bench due to not being good enough for a Chamionship club with hopes of promotion. I work with many Forest season ticket holders and that seems to be the consensus view.
    Well done for posting about football finally though.

  • IntravenusMP

    NottsToon Darlow has played pretty much every game. Jamaal Lascelles played in Forest’s best period this season and likened to Des Walker by the Trent End.

  • NottsToon

    Lascelles played because Hobbs and Wilson were injured, otherwise he would have been nowhere near the first team. He also played during Forest worst spell of the season which saw them lose 5 in a row (familiar?). I just gave an actual Forest season ticket holder who sits in the Trent End your Des Walker comment, he should stop laughing by Friday.
    Darlow was dropped after a series of high profile clangers, he is a decent shot stopper but show me a keeper who isn’t? He’s just average.
    Once again you don’t let facts get in the way of your baseless opinion.

  • IntravenusMP

    NottsToon Well, Des Walker seems to think differently.