John Carver has claimed that Newcastle matched Liverpool for all but the first 10 minutes.

Raheem Sterling scoring an early goal thanks largely to shocking defending by Ryan Taylor and Gabriel Obertan.

The Newcastle Head coach stating that Tim Krul didn’t have a great deal to do after half-time and thta United wre on the front foot in that second period.

“Then just after that a fantastic effort by Perez and a world class save by the goalkeeper, you are thinking everything is good here…

“Even in the second half we came out on the front foot and Tim Krul didn’t have a great deal to do.”

Liverpool’s quality:

“Then we lost Moussa Sissoko and to be quite honest we got a bit lucky because it should have been a straight red.

“When you think of the quality Liverpool have, the quality they have on the bench, the quality they have missing…and we matched them after that first ten minutes.”

Newcastle did pick themselves up a bit and before half-time had a little spell where Perez was unlucky when he saw a great header matched by an equally great save, but apart from the penalty incident, which again (funny that…) involved Perez I think Liverpool were still well in comand.

What the home side did do was get sloppy but you did get the feeling that by far the biggest threat to the scousers was complacency, not anything Newcastle could conjure up by themselves.

Raheem Sterling alone, could and should have had a minimum of a hat-trick, maybe more.

Also, Liverpool had a weakened team out (as did Newcastle) and it could have got very messy if they’d had a decent finisher such as Sturridge on the pitch.

Before the match I sadly would have taken a two goal defeat and on the balance of play I think United were fortunate to get away with that margin.

Not looking forward to Spurs…


  • PeterRobson

    For someone who worked with Sir Bobby Robson (he really did you know) and has all the badges, he still hasn´t grasped the basic principal: THERE ARE NINETY, 90, NEUNZIG minutes in a game of football !!!

    The match does not kick off 10 minutes after we have conceded a goal !!!

    2X45 minute periods !!!!

    I´m sure there must be a village somewhere that could put your talents to good use, and if you need a reference when applying for the position of “Village Idiot” there are easily a few thousand of us willing to vouch for you !!!

  • barkerp85

    this man is a f*****g joke not a clue. Matched them? we stood off them in challanges and didnt close them down. gave them too much room hence the two goals.

    Sissoko didnt look interested all game

    Perez up front on his own hasnt worked all season yet he still plays the same formation.

    Charva do us all a favour and f**k off.

  • NottsToon

    11 years ago today we were playing PSV in Europa and being managed by SBR.
    Think about that for a minute.

  • toonmad1956

    barkerp85 As well as not looking interested Sissoko deliberately got himself sent off – miss-timed his tackle on purpose

  • barkerp85

    toonmad1956 barkerp85 he hasnt looked bothered for a while now, the way he has been playing no boy will want to sign him. Arsenal? good look Moussa


    NottsToon I nearly did not notice, what with Carver basically being exactly the same as SBR, they worked together if you didn’t know.

  • toon tony

    Nice to see J C showing us his commitment learning by his mistakes. Standing in the technical area clapping his hands every 5 minutes. ….must have learned that from SBR. (he worked for him don’t you know )

  • Andgeo

    A half decent side would have had a good chance at Liverpool last night. We have no defence and no attack, might as well have forfeited the game and saved everyone the hassle. Sissoko should be fined a months wages for getting sent off, total idiot!!!

  • PeterRobson

    toon tony I never knew he worked with  SBR !!! He never mentioned it !!!

  • DZA187

    Clueless JC strikes again, we matched Liverpool after 10 minutes. What game was JC watching ?

  • PeterS84

    This guy is a joke. I was there last night having paid £56 for a restricted view of a match and even i could see we did not Liverpool at all. Liverpool should have been 3 or 4 goals ahead before the players noticed that the game had actually kicked off.

    As for tactics, he played Anita who had never played LB before at LB (Jonas on the bench has played LB for his country in a world cup). we have a young CB on the bench which if he had played him would have freed up our most creative player all season to play in his preferred role at RB and we played the smallest player on the pitch upfront on his own to deal with the long ball show that is mike Williamson punting balls up to him all game.

    There are 19 other clubs in the league and if they were in the market for a manager not one of them would take Carver (Says it all for me). He might have worked for SBR but the only thing they have in common if they both played golf in there spare time.

    massive overhaul needed, if possible keep Krul, Janmaat, Colback, Abeid, De Jong, Sissoko, Perez, Cisse, Aarons (if he ever gets fit) and maybe one or 2 others, sell/give away/sack/trade for a mars bar the rest and buy a new squad.

  • shadsdad

    Could have been 6 but a clear penalty may have given us a lift.

  • worladandlass

    oh dear me what a waste of space, time and so little effort. He couldn’t conjure a result in the Northern league ! I anticipate we may get one more point this season. It will be enough but only just. Last season second half rerun in terms of abject performance. When hope has gone there is nothing left

  • mrkgw

    Carver – do us all a massive favour and resign. You arent cut out for this. Coach perhaps. Manager, definitely not.

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    Wtf carver ur a local lad dreamt of managing Newcastle I can do ur job swap jobs for a week thn u will see n Mike Ashley just spend some £100 millions teams above us in table likes of West Ham crystal p Southampton fair play to thm but thy av invested in players take a look wot happening in the league 1=winners 20 = relaxation =relaagated

  • ToonTone100

    …Dont fret …. until we “match” spurs ….

  • Demented_Man

    mrkgw Coach is all they’re asking for.  I still think he’ll get the job if he manages to get in the top 17.

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    We av lost every game Thts left pefo

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    Matched Liverpool nt in years jc it was 2.0 put all the players on laughing gas worked for sterling I can’t see where the next win or goal will come from 35 points joke like u thts running our club john carver reply to me let me manage our next game the fans nt turn on me coz we not be there

  • mrkgw

    Hope not. The bloke comes across shockingly during interviews and does nothing for the club. Can’t stand him and, he is of course a fellow northerner. I’d rather have Pardew at the club, any day.

  • NatTurner

    If we matched them at all it wasn’t for 80 minutes.  We had given up even before the second goal, and there’s no excuse for that.

  • Bren.notts.toonarmy

    How much u getting for keeping us up jc well buy all toon fan the new kit to say sorry wot good u av done U0001f4a9U0001f44d

  • NottsToon

    We are hands down the worst team in the league by some margin, if it were not for Cisse’s goals and Pardew hitting on a mystical winning formula for a short period we would be rock bottom of the league and deservedly so.

    Next season, if we stay up this, we will not be so lucky.

  • PeterRobson
  • shadsdad

    Coach? He’d struggle with a minibus!!