No surprise to see John Carver wanting to make the non-penalty decision a major topic after the match but the Newcastle Head Coach wasn’t fooling anybody with what else he had to say.

I saw an understrength Liverpool side take an early lead and who then dominated, should have been at least three up, then they got complacent and Newcastle got in their box a few times and a clumsy challenge should have seen a penalty awarded for a challenge on Ayoze Perez.

Raheem Sterling scored that first goal but should have had a minimum of another two to take the match ball home. Missing absolute sitters.

According to John Carver though, if Newcastle repeat tonight’s performance then ‘there won’t be a problem’.

Yes John, there won’t be a problem of having to look for the petty cash tin to pay out any win bonuises for the foreseeable!

John Carver:

“Once we went 1-0 down we seemed to grow in the game, we were on the front foot and didn’t get a major decision.

“I keep coming in front of the camera and talking about it but everyone out there has seen it is a penalty, even Brendan said straight away it is a penalty. I will phone Mike Riley tomorrow, he will probably agree but it gets us nothing.”

Good reaction..:

“We have six cup finals and we need to pick up some points by hook or by crook and that is why our fans are going to be important to us. I have enough belief in this group of lads and if we see anything near what I saw tonight there won’t be a problem.

“I thought it was good reaction after last weekend. We had energy and caused Liverpool some real problems…we were tentative in the first ten minutes but we grew into the game.”

  • RexN

    We “caused Liverpool some real problems”.

    Of course we did. They had so many options that they had nervous breakdowns trying to choose which one to take.

  • dave1974

    carver rubbish coach even worst manger only there because he is the cheap opition and nobody would take him anyway

  • tino o

    Utter shite!

  • PhilYare

    indeed I think their woodwork needs repainted from all the shots crashing off it , their fullbacks need an extra day off training they are so worn out from all the extra hard work we made them do…. in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if rogers has to field a completely different team next game as them lads will be crushed from that.

    mind we always give them a tough game at anfield…. whether we lose 4-0, 3-0 or even just 2-0 its great to know we made them work sufficiently for it

  • Guy Kebell


  • Eric Saddler

    Good god HELP

  • Graham Boyd Snr

    Yes …..i bet they were shitting themselves….fkin bellend.

  • NatTurner

    We had energy and caused Liverpool some real problems until I decided to take Obertan off for Jonas.  Putting Jonas on the wing was a laughable error.  I’m in over my head here.  I’ve got no idea what I’m doing and by this point it’s obvious to everyone.  Looking forward to hitting the golf course in the morning to clear me mind.

  • Anthony Lewins


  • David Plan’b Huzzard

    The standard of football revolving around our club is apparently different to the standard of football the fans are watching

  • Prateek Thammineni

    Must have missed that part :/

  • DownUnderMag

    Caused them real problems….you know except for the scoreboard!  I can’t help feel sorry for Carver now, he is so clearly out of his depth and hasn’t got a squad to work with thanks to the fat fuhrer.  It i now just that he can’t ever win no matter what – If he speaks then people criticise what he says, some of which is justified given the Pardewesque excuses, some is just fans taking out frustrations on the only public figure we can take a pot-shot at, while i’m quite sure if he said nothing then he would be equally tormented.

  • Davy Jenkins

    Oh dear

  • Chris Dosher


  • Jarra MIck

    I said it before but this is the worst Liverpool side in a generation and probably longer. I don’t think there are many teams who wouldn’t have got a result against them last night. Sterling missed a sitter but apart from that Krul never made a proper save. As poor as we were we had a number of decent chances but haven’t got the players to make chances count.i think we are the worst team in the poorest premiership I can remember by a country mile and Liverpool being in the top 5 tells you how poor the league is.

  • Chris Usher

    Think JC has been stiffing to much Gas just like sterling had ffs

  • killyted

    Ithink he should stick to his day time job being a lolly pop lady  on the west road,clueless

  • StephenBear

    Wasn’t it quiet?

  • Paul Patterson

    We DID cause Liverpool problems.

    Do we stop at 2 and save ourselves for next week – or not?

  • Raymond Poulter


  • worladandlass

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear . This is beyond a joke.

  • Daniel Vanderputt

    I though we pressed the ball well the start of the second half, defensively woeful, need to start rebuilding from the back with some new centre backs.

  • killyted

    sorry I did not mean any disrespect to lolly pop ladies my mam did that once

  • killyted

    sorry no disrespect  to lolly  pop ladies

  • Brendannottstoonarmy

    Only problem was u was in charge jc

  • Sebastian Dzien

    but again no point. OUT!!