John Carver looked for positives after he and his team had make it seven defeats out of seven, with a 3-2 home defeat to Swansea.

The Newcastle head coach saying Siem de Jong was a big positive when he got on the pitch and scored, whilst he also claimed that his team had showed character….a surprise to most of us who actually watched the match.

Carver stated that his players had done quite well apart from a five minute period either side of half-time, a spell when Swansea turned a one goal losing margin into a 2-1 lead.

However, he also conced that Newcastle were well and truly in a relegation battle now.

John Carver:

“It is always hard to take when you have lost a game but I actually thought we did quite well in the first half…give or take five minutes just before and after half-time.

“We know for a fact we haven’t got the biggest of sides and a set-play again – we have got to deal with set-plays a lot better.

The only positive:

“I don’t think Tim had a save to make other than pick the ball out of the back of the net in the first half. The only positive I will say is that we got Siem de Jong on the pitch and thankfully he scored.

“I think when you lose so many games your confidence is going to be hit, not just the players but everybody around the stadium, they say ‘here we go again’.”

Showing character:

“What I will say is that they showed character and kept going until the end.

“It has been a (relegation) battle for about four or five weeks and we know we are in a battle now, so we can’t hide from it.”

  • Jarmin Geordie

    I remember the entertainers and  Keegan walked away with the team in a better position and I worked with Sir Bobby, did you know, and he got sacked with a much better record than mine so I have no choice but to admit I’m not good enough and resign………unfortunately I woke up before Carver finished this statement

  • Simon Toward

    Out of his depth , disouonal

  • GToon

    I can accept the fact he was the only person willing to do the job and obviously wanted his chance at his club BUT what gets me is the fact the idiot will suggest he should be given the job full time at the end of the season. If he cares for the club at all he will walk and keep walking and take his coaching staff with him too.

  • tino o

    Ah bless him a total [email protected] retard go now you [email protected]

  • CartertheHungariannoblesteeddp Thesecond

    he’s an idiot. tape his mouth shut.

  • Guy Kebell


  • Harry Todd

    Only Newcastle fans could stage a protest with the team one nil up and well in control.
    This unsettled the players and gave Swansea a massive boast so well done.

  • Peter Nealon

    Someone please just kick him rought in the gob

  • 2someitsonlyagame

    Harry Todd  That is the sort of pathetic excuse i would expect from Carver.

  • toon tony

    Sorry but for that comment.’re on your TODD.

  • MilitantGeordie

    Harry Todd Yeah a little grumble from the crowd must have totally destroyed the players. I bet each one of them suddenly thought ” Oh no! they are booing again! arrghh now i can’t possibly play football!! no don’t pass me the ball NOW!! What are we supposed to do when they are being SO MEAN!!! ”
    These are supposed to be professional footballers. If they suddenly fall to pieces everytime the crowd have a whinge then they probably need therapy but of course that’s not the case is it.
    The problem is half of them wouldn’t get a game in the Championship and our ‘ Head Coach’ is way out of his depth. Blaming the crowd is pathetic.

  • GToon

    Harry Todd Blaming the fans? If our support had such an influence on the players that some idiots suggest we would have won every major trophy going. The overriding influence on the players are (in descending order of stupidity) : the owner thats sells the players they have tried to form a team with, the manager who gets them to play in a different position every week and some of the players in the team who despite pulling on the shirt are already planning their escape irrespective of the plight of the club, fans or whatever.

  • MartinJW

    Those of us who actually went to the game would realise that we actually played well in the first half and conceded at the worst possible time. Even in the second half we kept at it, but in the end were beaten. It happens. As someone who has stood regularly  in sub 15,000 crowds at NUFC league games I realise that our hardcore home support is much lower than the present average home gate. I frankly have no interest in fans who wish to boycott homes games. I just don’t understand why they feel the need to  make such a song and dance about it.  If you can no longer support NUFC  go and do something else. However I do not understand conditional support. You either support the team or you do not. No-one gave you any promises when you started supporting NUFC. The loyal will stick by the team. I have stuck by the club in care in far more dire situations than this as will have the silent majority.

  • amacdee

    Harry Todd Did you read this comment from an impartial observer ? 
    “It is not many teams that can look well beaten when they are a goal up”

  • GToon

    MartinJW Fair enough but mot people think our club has been taken from us and no longer represents what it did when we started supporting it. If we always turned the other cheek and just moved on we’d be having this conversation in German mein freund.

  • Andgeo

    Here we go again!!! We’ve been in a relegation battle all season you muppet, and have been playing absolutely crap for a season and a half now. Conceding 3 goals in such a vital game is pathetic! The only hope we have now is the return of cisse and sissoko, if they can be bothered!

  • ilullissat

    Harry Todd Question :Are you happy with the way the club is run.Question :If not what are you going to do about it Harry Todd aka Mike Ashley

  • ilullissat

    MartinJW I’m glad you weren’t fighting for us during World War 2,We would be well and truly stuffed.I started supporting NUFC in 1968,how about you

  • ilullissat

    2someitsonlyagame Harry Todd Maybe it is Carver

  • Chemical Dave

    Harry Todd used to post as “Simon Carr” then “Newcastle 7” before his disgusting post about Jonas’ cancer was removed, he is utter scum.

  • Allan Thomson

    Commit that idiot to the nearest sanatorium

  • langbenton

    I watched a bit of Southampton  against Spurs and both teams (50 to 60 minutes) were knocking the ball around like a bloody pin-ball machine. Then I watch the Toon. Each player needed at least one touch (like Ayoze when he was played in late on). We have to face it: either the players are rubbish or the coaching is.

  • ilullissat

    1957 The football club is fcuked,let’s face it.I bet the atmosphere behind the scenes is crap.

  • ilullissat

    Chemical Dave It’s gotta be Ashley

  • snodgrass2

    MartinJW “No-one
    gave you any promises when you started supporting the team….” not
    entirely correct. There is an implied promise in the nature of sport,
    football, the leagues, the FA, UEFA, FIFA that you will try to win by
    beating the opposition. Also “the worst possible time to concede” is
    anytime you let the opposition score But then, this is the nature of the
    sport to win by scoring more than the opposition. Except for NUFC where
    the nature of the game is to take the TV or any other money it can
    greedily lay its hands on.We all support the team. But in life a surgeon
    will remove a limb to protect the whole body. Or a gardener will cut
    back a favourite plant to stop the spread of the disease. Not many will
    simply stand by and watch as the thing they love is killed by a cancer.
    Except certain supporters who are too insecure or limited in foresight
    to act.

  • snodgrass2

    Harry Todd Well in control…… are the little optimist

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    MartinJW  You want to respect the fans whether they go in, boycott or not.  if fans want to boycott its coz they are well pi^&&d off and I very much doubt they have any interest in you either.  They don’t just do it coz they want to, they believe they can overturn Goldfinger and get the club back to at least running like a football club with all the basics I:e a manager, a chairman, a PR to the fans and a course a strategy to compete in at least cup competitions.  I continue to go coz I cant stay away but I have respect for all.  We are a Band of Brothers but people like you (and your entitled to your opinion) who disapprove are probably the same people who would sit on the metro and watch a gang of charvers pick on some OAP and think well I am not getting involved, let someone else do the dirty work.  Nothing wrong with your loyalty mate just respect others no matter what they are doing. I would defend you to the protesters if it so arised as I think every fan should be to do what he likes in terms of going and supporting or boycotting .  And yes before you reply I have been in more dire situations but have never felt as low as now

  • Daftenoughtoganandwinit

    Harry Todd  What a load, unsettled the players my a%^e.  The truth is the team is as poor as anything in the league and weak as water through lack of strength and reinforcements. Coupled with tactics from a Sunday League manager who I would try and support but cannot coz he has took his 30 pieces of silver. It would help if he could only keep his trap shut and not spout utter garbage too.  Only last week on Monday the protest had not affected the team then by Wednesday when his brain started up again it had. I mean is this man going up the stairs or down?  The man is an idiot, like his predecessor.  Its never their fault, its never their fault brainless idiots  its never their fault

  • Deltic13

    I’d like to point out that if you payed money to watch that crap today (I would never go under this regime anyway) you would have been entitled to vent your disdain and vent your anger against carver. BUT the minute he offered me out or called me a c*nt as has been reported, I’d of chinned him and put him on his arse right there and then.

  • Phil Downey

    Yes we did quite well to only lose 3-2.

  • PhilYare

    Harry Todd B0LL0CKS

  • Mister Tee

    @Harry Todd
    Only Newcastle United under Mike Ashley could we allow a manager to leave (for money) and not even be bothered to attempt to bring a replacement in.
    Only John Carver will know how his team selections work;
    Adam Armstrong gets brought on as a sub, ahead of Emmanuel Riviere for the last few games yet suddenly, out of nowhere, Riviere gets a start ahead of Armstrong.
    Ryan Taylor has played at left back more than a few times in his career yet Carver plays a central midfielder, Vurnon Anita, at left back and Ryan Taylor in centre midfield.
    Jonas Gutierrez has played at left back for Argentina at a World Cup yet Carver plays a central midfielder, Vurnon Anita, at left back and Jonas Gutierrez in centre midfield.
    Medhi Abeid, a central midfielder, cannot get into the starting 11 ahead of a defender on his last legs (and out of contract at the end of the season) and an ageing wide midfielder (out of contract at the end of the season).
    Jonas Gutierrez was deemed not good enough for Newcastle United and allowed to go out on loan more than a year ago yet now he is playing the full 90mins for us in the Premier League.
    In the wrong position.
    After he has battled cancer.
    And there is blatantly no chance of the club offering him a new contract.
    After being left out last week because of a disagreement with the ‘manager’.
    Work those little problems out for me will you and then tell me who unsettles the players more?
    The fans or the people running the club?
    The club is knacked from the very top and the fans are the best thing, by far, about Newcastle United at the minute regardless whether they are boycotting or attending.

  • bidz01

    I agree that it was good that De Jong got on and scored but Charver says “At least they carried on till the end!” FFS! How many thousands of pounds are they on a week!? If you have any Geordie pride at all you will resign NOW Charver! !!!
    Ashley out!!!!

  • magpie9

    Carver you said you would walk away if you couldn’t do the job. Congratulations you have beaten Pardew for all time futility at N.U.F.C. The record is all yours so get on your bike & do one

  • magpie9

    Swansea coaches must be blind, they had 3 corners from which they had 2 clear cut chances & scored a goal. In second half they took a new tactic of taking the corners short, I remember when we had a defence. What the hell do they practice during the weeks training? Pick the ball out of net?

  • DownUnderMag

    7 loses in a row speaks volumes about the mindset of the players, the quality available and the abilities of the coaching staff.  Carver is simply not good enough, that much is clear, BUT the quality on the pitch is sadly well below par as well.  We have a number of key players either suspended or injured and it is really showing the glaring flaw in Ashley’s grand plan of XI purples and the rest just making up the numbers….as soon as 3 or 4 of those purples are out then the team just isn’t able to even compete let alone win matches. 

    Let’s not beat around the bush here, Swansea were not great yesterday, but won a match because we couldn’t take advantage and we couldn’t defend set pieces (let along hope of actually scoring from one ourselves). The club needs an overhaul of players coaches and attitude before next season – no matter how we fair in what surely must be classed as a relegation battle!!!

  • Harry Todd

    What you cannot say is that the players did not try at times they were fighting for their lives with four players
    going for the same ball.However Carver was far two slow making changes and should have had De JONG 
    on twenty minutes before he did.Even at three one up Swansea were making changes but we were slow to adapt.A cup final the next two games and Carver cannot afford to get it wrong.

  • Harry Todd

    Mister Tee What Iam saying was everything was going well then the protest led to five minutes of anti Ashley chants.This unsettles the team.

  • Chemical Dave

    Nice of you to drop in and take time away from your oncology specialist day job.

  • Chemical Dave

    Harry “toady”.

  • Brownale69


  • Mister Tee

    @Harry Todd
    Things haven’t went well on the pitch for ages, protests or no protests, so I think thats a bit of a kop out.
    Seeing as Carver knew full well there would be stadium protests earlier in the week, he even commented on them saying at least the fans would be inside the stadium, I would have thought he would have told the players to prepare and to block those sort of chants out. They weren’t aimed at the players anyway.
    What I am saying is that there have been plenty of issues left undressed that have unsettled the team, and the club, far more than a few little chants from upset supporters.
    What came first?
    Protests or poor management?

  • Brownale69

    MartinJW keep paying for cashley to laugh at you