When talking about the derby match, John Carver has declared that it is a ‘Cup Final for Newcastle fans.

If only we were in a Cup Final!

The ones I have to when watching Newcastle have been miserable affairs and I hope our game against the mackems isn’t like those Arsenal and Man Utd games.

In his pre-match press conference, Carver has rather bizarrely suggested that the players will have learnt from the last four defeats against Sunderland…well they haven’t shown much sign of that after the first, second or third!

The United Head Coach also talks of the awkwardness for players if they lose, of having to walk down the shop to get the newspapers.

Quite a mental image of Gouffran, Anita, Sissoko and the rest trooping down the paper shop to get their copy of The Sun…

“There’s a lot of people out there who say that because we have got so many foreign players, we don’t understand what it (the derby) means.

“But let me tell you. There are a lot of guys in that room and I think just about all of them have been involved in at least one – if not more. They do know what it means. I think it is an easy excuse to say you don’t know what a derby game means.

It’s not nice:

“Let me tell you, with the staff that we have got around here, and most of them are local lads, we drum it into them (the players) every day.

“Even when the derby is over, we remind them of what it is like, it’s not nice.”

Popping down the paper shop:

“Some of those guys in the room have witnessed what it is like when you lose a derby game.

“When they have to walk down a street, when they have to go in the shop to buy their newspapers that you guys write.”

It’s a Cup Final:

“So hopefully over what’s happened in the last four games (defeats), they’ll have felt a bit of hurt, because I certainly have.

“This is a huge game, this is a cup final for our fans.”

  • howaymebonnylads

    Did I hear him say something today along the lines of “no team of mine can be faulted for effort, commitment etc etc in Derby games”

    So what about the last 4 defeats then JC – were they not your team then like since you were the coach!!!???!!!???

  • Jarmin Geordie

    What a load of diahorrea this guy spouts, I don’t know any fan looking forward to this game (my Mackem friends included) as they would a cup final, trepidation is what springs to mind, in fact I’m surprised he’s allowed to mention those 2 words with the hierarchy stating we have no interest in such competitions

  • amacdee

    of those guys in the room have witnessed what it is like when you lose a
    derby game”
    Errr SOME ? All of the fkrs who are at the club right now, including the fat tub of lard, know what its like to lose a derby. Four to be precise !!!! STFU Carver and do your job, if you can ?

  • Roppa

    Carver lives in a bygone age that reflects his tactical knowledge & his general perception of life. He is in a time warp. Egosistical professional football players walking to the paper shop to buy a newspaper????? He is even more deluded than I feared!!

    The frightening thing is that he will be our manager next season – and the 52,000 Geordies who submissively attend every home game, by their reticence, will have been complicit in his appointment!!!

  • PeterRobson

    Get out much “Geordie John” ?

    We´re pretty much used to the verbal diahorrea you spout since taking over from the previous fella, but to claim that this is our  “Cup Final” is an insult to us fans !!

    Do you really believe that we accept such an inept performance from the team you are charged with coaching, that the only thing we now have to look forward to is at best, a tepid performance in a derby ?

    Win, lose or draw the verdict is in: You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting !!!

    Never since the days of Jackie Charlton have I seen such a woeful person entrusted with our team !!!

    Do the geordie nation a favour and walk away !!!

  • Bills frollocks

    All these years people have been wondering where’s WALLY. Well now they know.

  • Paul Patterson

    If you’d said that before 2008, you’d be laughed out of town.

    You’ve said it anyway, so please take your leave . .

  • Chemical Dave

    Wonderful that we have a manager/head coach who speaks fluent Pardew but with an accent we’re more familiar with.

  • philrenner09

    This game has nothing to do with Carver – its for local pride. Dont think anybody wants Carver as head coach – Ive been going to games since 1968 and can honestly say he is the worst manager we have had, incompetant fool in a track suit.