John Carver has said that unless something ‘remarkable’ turns up, he will be at Newcastle for at least another five years.

The (temporary?) Newcastle Head Coach was speaking to kids at Wallsend Boys Club when making the comments.

Carver also talking about the importance of the derby and how it can make a player an instant hero.

However, when it comes to his own position he says he’ll be staying at the club even if he doesn’t get the head coach job permanently.

He claims though that dropping down to being assistant manager (assistant head coach?) doesn’t even enter his mind at the moment in time:

“I have five years left on my assistant manager’s eight year contract, so when this role runs out I can go back to that.

“That’s still there, to kick in if I don’t get this full-time, I have a job if I become assistant again, but I want this job full-time, so I am not thinking about that.”

Unless something ‘remarkable’ happens:

“I am 50 now and I want to be a manager, this is the right age.

“I will stay here unless something remarkable comes up.”

The derby:

“This is a game that can make a Newcastle player a legend, that’s what happens if you score a winner against Sunderland. You can become an icon in one game by scoring a special goal.

“The last four games, we have not won against Sunderland, we have some injuries but if we perform like we did in the second half against Arsenal we won’t be far short.

  • Bills frollocks

    John. It’s your lucky day. Something remarkable has come up. Notts County have sacked their manager Shaun Derry. Now that’s more your level. Now go. Oh, and clean your teeth while your on. No disrespect to Notts County.

  • Gary Wakefield

    Does he come out with comments like this to piss the fans off???

  • PeterRobson

    If scoring the winning goal in a derby match is the way carver measures a hero, then surely that makes him and the previous numpty imbeciles and pariahs for leading us to a record number of derby defeats on the bounce !!!

    Just judging you by your own words “Geordie John”.

    Here´s a question that´s been keeping me up at nights: Does your arse never get jealous of all the shite coming out of your gob John ?

    Just a thought !!!

  • terriertwo

    Clarkson mark 2. I used to enjoy Top Gear until he ruined it with his clownish displays. Same goes for the Toon with the puppet and now Charva. We’re going nowhere under this lot. A new broom required and not just to sweep the incompetent lot under the carpet.

  • wor monga

    What’s so shocking about this …these ‘revelations’
    were made a week ago…and he explained it all then, that if he doesn’t get the
    main job he reverts back on to his assistant coach contract.

    That makes sense…who would take temporary
    control for a few months without the security that the original contract they were
    on offers them?…it simply means he either stays and works under any new head
    coach or is paid the compensation that he is entitled to, and leaves!!!.

  • Ian Waugh

    What a massive nob.

  • bookie1

    This man is a clown still they may need someone to make the tea at half time

  • Jimmywayhay

    Oh no !

  • alreet

    Remarkable? Like a real coach with real tactics and game plan. Hmmmm in this day and age not so sure

  • amacdee

    have five years left on my assistant manager’s eight year contract, so
    when this role runs out I can go back to that”
    Not if you’re mysteriously flattened by a large Fatman who happens to fall on top of you while you’re doing what you’re paid for ?

  • alreet

    Well the remainder of that nice long 8 year deal will get paid off once the new gaffer is installed. I think even ash knows you aint the guy. Hes just waiting for other contracts to run out and to then nab a new guy.
    Weather it be garde. Mclaren. A N other i really dont care just someone with nouse.
    Get rid of all the old guard inc stone and carvs. If the fat controller has to remain at least have a huge clear out of all the back room staff and some of the donkeys on the pitch.
    Really waiting now to see what is done in the close season.