John Carver has said that Newcastle need a Captain who is a leader, somebody who can run the dressing room and lead by example.

The Newcastle Head Coach was speaking about captaincy in general and how things have changed since the 80s and 90s, but it is hardly the greatest backing for Fabricio Coloccini.

John Carver:

“We need to give the captaincy to somebody who is responsible and who is a leader, the players will follow a leader.

“In the 80s and the 90s, your captain ran your dressing room for you and I know it has changed now, but that is how it was and that is how it should be.”

That’s what the Captain is there for:

“I shouldn’t have to go in there and manage that dressing room, that is what your captain is there for, but there aren’t many of them about now.

“We do things differently but they have to lead by example, when you’re the captain of a football club then you have to do things right.”

The Argentine defender has been the subject of much debate amongst fans, both for his personal performances and his captaincy in particular.

The unprofessional and petulant sending off at Goodison Park really left his team in the lurch, with no cover available due to Mike Ashley leaving the defence so short of numbers, by dispensing with Santon and Mapou and not allowing any new players to come in during January.

The fact that Coloccini never does any tv interviews is quite unbelievable as a captain, especially when the likes of Williamson and others are sent out after the latest heavy defeat to make their apologies and try to placate the supporters.

The fact your Captain is hiding in the dressing room sends out totally the wrong message.

What good it actually does at this stage for John Carver to be talking about what a Captain should be giving Newcastle United, is open to debate.

I think it is a no-brainer that the job is given to somebody else in the summer but then there again, there is a total absence of leadership at the club and maybe no surprise that Coloccini has been allowed to keep the job for so long, despite the fact he doesn’t carry out many parts of the job description.

With only QPR having conceded more goals than Newcastle so far this season, there are clearly massive weaknesses in defence that need sorting, both in terms of organisation and the individuals who make up that back four.

The question for many fans is whether any of the centre-backs, including Coloccini, are actually good enough, never mind be Captain.

  • PeterRobson

    Newcastle United also need a “coach” who is not a buffoon ! An MD with a spine and an owner with the courage to admit his failures and at least try to make things right again !!!

    Instead, this is what we got :

  • Hughie

    More statements of the obvious– how long have they taken to realise that Collocini is not a leader? Not only that but his head (and body) has been back in Argentina half the time. Get rid. Sign two good centre backs to go with the Nottingham Forest kid and S.Taylor

  • Paul Patterson

    Hughie  I agree with this.
    Sadly, it would be unfair to pair Lascalles with Taylor as Taylor can be a liability at times. And if he’s put alongside Williamson then you are playing with a Championship centre back pairing.

    I think it’s time to bin the lot I’m afraid. Lascalles should be paired with an experienced and quality centre back, who is also brought in to be captain next season.

  • AndrewCowley1

    First act of business by carver should have been the appointment of a good captain.

  • stepaylor

    Paul Patterson Hughie Steven Caulker would be ideal and will be heading out of QPR this summer. 8 million and he would also make a solid captain too

  • Jarra MIck

    I think Colo should take a sign language course so he can talk to his team mates in the changing room.

  • Jarra MIck

    Paul you do realise that Lascalles struggles to get a start for Forest. Add to that the fact Darlo is a mediocre goalie at best I wouldn’t be expecting too much from our Forest pair. I am sure they will be lauded as great young signings but from what I’ve seen this season they are championship standard.