Ahead of the derby, John Carver says that he is the permanent Newcastle manager until he is told any different.

The Newcastle Head Coach/Manager says that there was nothing in his contract that says he is temporary or interim, meaning that according to him, he’s the manager until further notice.

Whilst there is speculation that Steve McClaren and others are likely to be in place come August, mpost supporters appear resigned to John Carver getting an extended run in charge.

With only two wins in twelve games, yet another derby defeat would be the cherry on top of the cake in terms of Carver’s record so far.

“If I keep worrying about everything that is going on, if I keep worrying about everybody who’s been linked with the job, then I wouldn’t be giving 100%, so I don’t even think about permanent.

“In my eyes, I am permanent, with that contract I signed. There was nothing about short-term and there was nothing about interim.”

I’m the permanent manager:

“I’m the permanent manager and that is my mindset and I don’t even think about the summer.

“I go into this game thinking I’m the manager of this club and I will remain the manager until I’m told I am not the manager anymore.”

  • Lawrence Cant

    Oooh sod off!

  • Bills frollocks

    I bet when he gets home the first thing he does is look at himself in the mirror saying ” well done boss. Damn your good”

  • toontom68

    Notice he has started saying Manager instead of Head Coach.
    He’s just forgotten the whole story I think!!

  • Brownale69

    brilliant we have a manager instead of a coach! heaven help us

  • Maximus Moose

    Lunatic !

  • PeterRobson

    I just vomitted into my Easter Eggs after reading the headline !!!!

    Please someone wake me up and tell me it´s all just been a bad dream and we don´t have a Pardumbo mark 2 picking the team !!!

  • Andy Wardle

    Ok. I’m the prime minister until I’m told different….. Now to help myself to some riches….

  • Andrew Flatman

    God help us please!!!!!!!

  • Kev82

    Until your told otherwise John or until that short term contract expires in the summer. Shut up you fool.

  • Andgeo

    Until told otherwise Carver, you are a completely useless Muppet!!!!!!

  • mrkgw

    Lets just hope that he is shown the door. Others have lost their jobs for far, far less.

  • NatTurner

    Clueless John.  He has a derby to prepare but golfs for six hours and then spends the rest of his time convincing himself he’s the permanent manager.