Speaking ahead of the Swansea match, John Carver says he hasn’t yet discovered anybody in his family who have joined the protests and boycotted matches.

The United Head Coach claims that fans know they have to support the team to make sure relegation is avoided.

Carver also claiming that some people will never be happy and would moan even if they were winning.

‘Fans protesting?’

“I think they are making their point and I can understand that they are entitled to make that point and have an opinion.

“I think though they also realise we need three points and that they need to get behind the team, because we want to be playing Premier League football next season.

‘If fans are ‘venting their spleen’ inside the stadium it can’t help?’

“It happens…it even happens when you are winning – trust me.

“You’re never going to please everybody, so there are always going to be times and spells when people are having a go at you and we just have to deal with that.

‘As a fan, does it disappoint you that fans are feeling as they do?’

“It doesn’t disappoint me because people are entitled to do that. I am pleading – please please please get behind the team.

“I haven’t come across any of my family who has boycotted the game but if they wanted to then it is their opinion if they want to.”


  • NottsToon

    More utter drivel from lettuce man.

  • SDmag

    Well John, we are “pleading, please please please” leave and take the large one with you.

  • Mark Wallace

    He doesn’t know if any of his family have boycotted yet cos they’ve all disowned him!!

  • fishandchips

    It will be hard for your family to boycott games especially if the tickets are for nowt carver ya daft ,,,, tucn

  • Corkyjohn

    Boycotted? I’m surprised they haven’t disowned you…

  • PeterRobson

    Is there no end to this mans ability to talk out of his arse ?

    There is a world of difference between “moaning” and being dissatisfied !!!

    If pointing out the flaws in your tactics, your team selection your handling of players, and your overall performance is considered by you “moaning”, then you can call me Victor Meldrew !!!

    As you pointed out, you´re a Geordie and a fan, and I heard a rumour somewhere that you worked with, possibly, the most respected Geordie of our times, Sir Bobby Robson.

    As a fan, are you deluded enough to be content with the dross served up on a regular basis ?

    As a Geordie are you pleased to see the club that is at the heart of our city being run like a back street brothel ?

    And finally, as a man are you deluded enough to think that Sir Bobby Robson would be pleased and proud of the job you´re (supposedly) doing ?

    The only positive thing to come out of this whole sordid debacle is the fact that You (plural) who are charged with the stewardship of OUR club, have managed to unite the fans (US) in finally taking a stand !

    For that I thank you from the bottom of my Black and White heart !!!

    It took Alan Pardew a lot longer to earn our enmity and apathy, you however have managed to help us channel those negative energies into a growing effort to rid Newcastle United of this malignant tumor with three heads !!!

    A simple message as God said to Lucifer when he cast him out from heaven : Get thee hence to endless nights !!!

  • bidz01

    Please, please, please get behind the team he says!!!
    We say please,please, please buy some players then ya useless piece of dog do!
    Why should we listen to Carver, he is just another mouthpiece for Fatman, Ashley out is the only way to go

  • Bills frollocks

    Those empty seats look fantastic. It is the only way to hurt FCB. We must hold out.

  • Andgeo

    John, as far as we are aware you have not pleased anybody at all. Incapable of motivating your team you actually appear to have a negative impact on the players. Your results and performances have been appalling!! Are you telling us that fatty and penfold are actually happy with the job you are doing???? Really???? That’s hard to believe, but let’s just say that they are happy with the catastrophically bad showing you have made as manager; do you actually love the taste of his fat, sweaty crack that much that you believe his tripe??? Even you know more about football than fatty, and that’s saying something….

  • snodgrass2

    Well they wouldn’t  boycott would they if they were WOLVES fans as JC Lettuce is alleged to be. They wouldn’t be there in the first place. Tells us ad nauseam he is “one of us” “a Geordie through and through” and “a great friend and disciple of Bobby Robson”. But I can’t recall him ever saying he is a Toon fan.

  • Harry Todd

    Yes he has not done a great job but had at least eleven players injured all season.
    However let him self down at Leicester City in the cub big style.

  • Jail for Ashley

    This man is quickly heading to the top of the table as most disliked manager in recent history.

  • ilullissat

    Oh you mean we should get behind the team.The fans are ALWAYS behind the team.They HAVE been since the club was founded.They are AGAINST the owner and the way the club is run.Would Carver shop somewhere where the shopkeeper didn’t speak to him and continuously sold him crap.Ditto Newcastle United

  • ilullissat

    Why doesn’t the Fatman start selling T-shirt with “did you know that I used to work with Sir Bobby Robson”on it

  • Andy Wardle

    Why don’t the “fans” stop all this rubbish?? As if FCB is bothered. It’s affecting the players. No wonder we can’t keep players or win games.. Howay for gods sake. GET BEHIND THE TEAM…..

  • ilullissat

    The fans have been behind the team since the club was formed.How about the owner getting behind the fans

  • snodgrass2

    If we all got behind the team and blocked the goal —–we might draw.