John Carver has revealed the only place he could be safe from getting abuse in the past week.

The Newcastle Head Coach saying that he only felt safe at the golf course and so arranged to meed his assistant Steve Stone there.

He also says that he is relieved he didn’t speak to the players the day after the defeat to Sunderland and instead had some thinking time.

John Carver:

“After the game on Monday I confined myself to the house.

“On Tuesday I got with Steve Stone and we went down the golf club because it seemed to be the only place I could go, without getting any abuse.”

Thinking time:

“Which was quite nice…and we talked about the team, how we go forward, how we deal with situations, what we’ll do at team meetings.

“It was very beneficial for me because it was away from everything, quite peaceful, it gave me a little bit of thinking time. Sometimes you can react straight after the game in the wrong manner. I’m pleased I didn’t speak to the players on Monday.”

Newcastle fans will be looking forward to seeing the fruits of this beneficial and peaceful thinking time, when the players step out onto the pitch tonight at Anfield.

As for John Carver saying he is pleased he didn’t speak to the team so quickly after the dismal derby defeat.

Maybe he should have thought twice about the press as well.

The Newcastle Head Coach has now had to admit he made a big mistake when he named and shamed those who he felt had let him and the fans down, when he said that there were only five players who could escape criticism.

When you think how weak our players have been in recent years; conceding a goal regularly leading to three or more in the net, plus a bad result or two often developing into long winless streaks.

Sadly the lack of backbone in the team is evident and John Carver singling out those he blames, is hardly going to help that fragile team spirit, as the players are now looking at a run of only 3 wins in the last 18 games, including 2 in 13 under Carver.

Just how bad United are at the minute was summed up by the astonishing stat that Sunderland have won only 3 of the last 22 Premier League matches, with 2 of those 3 coming againt Newcastle.

  • Jamie Smith


  • ash1001

    Whenever Alan Pardew spoke, Wendy Taylor was probably around somewhere to step in an stop him from saying something thing that was not allowed by his Lords and Masters – maybe he was going to tell it like it was. Move on to John Carver and he seems to be able to say what-ever he likes but they are confident he’s not going to slang off his Lords and Masters. A very strange turnaround, maybe we all got Pardew wrong, myself included.
    Another strange fact, not one of the better players other than Janmaat ever speak to the press, guess the rest cannot communicate – bring back Shola.

  • Toon Magpie

    Don’t come back to Newcastle Carver

  • Consett Mag

    If Carver resigns, and I feel he should, would that make him a Geordie again 1957?
    Sorry, but I think we’re slagging off the wrong one here IMO. The majority of the players we have are just good enough.

  • shadsdad

    I live in Derbyshire and he’s “persona non-grata” down here too!

  • Roppa2

    He must do an awful lot of thinking at the Golf club as i saw him, Steve Stone, a guy called dave, which I am guessing was Watson and another guy on the Saturday afternoon playing golf. This was after his two days off “reflecting”.  
    While he was “reflecting” on the Saturday, the mackems were being slaughtered ; a score which makes our result look even worse now. Clearly he thinks more about golf strokes not how pathetic the team were on the sunday or how to ensure the players change it around for tonights match. 
    I can’t help thinking that Ashley deliberately promotes people “above their station” to ensures they fulfil his instructions, regardless of how it makes them look. 
    The F.A. cup exit is just one example that springs to mind.