Speaking ahead of the Liverpool match, John Carver has pledged to leave Newcastle United if promises made to him about investment in the squad don’t become reality.

The first question most of us would ask (apart from ‘Can I help you pack your bags’) is exactly why the temporary/permanent Head coach is talking about promises made over transfers, when he was the one who said when he was promoted that players going in and out were nothing to do with him?

Just over two months ago, John Carver said that his job was just to coach/organise the players.

Of course over these dismal weeks under him, it has been made abundantly clear to us by Pardew’s former assistant, that at least he thinks he has already got the job long-term.

Carver has talked about being part of the process for identifying new players, plus preparing for the summer and next season.

This is what our leader has said this time:

“We are already addressing it behind the scenes, Mike (Ashley) and Lee (Charnley) know what they have to do.

“If I thought that they were giving me lip service I would then say: ‘Thanks very much but I am off, I am walking away from this’ ….but I’m not because I know what we have to do and I do know that what they are saying to me is right.”

Can’t stand still:

“They have said that we need to bring players in, first to boost the size of the squad but also improve the quality… take us forward.

“We cannot stand still because the other clubs are not standing still and they (Ashley and Charnley) know that.”


“We have to keep up because if we don’t then we’ll get left behind, they know that.

“If I did not have enough belief in what they were trying to do and the promises that they have made about the summer then I would walk away.”

  • John Lukes

    The fat cnut might as well go now then…

  • philrenner09

    This guy has more faces than Lee Evans – two faced three faced lying bas–rd. For Gods sake go now

  • A lex

    They won’t support JC and they won’t support the next puppet either. They’re in it for non-footballing reasons only.
    ACT ON THE 19th !!

  • Demented_Man

    And what promises would they be, John?  The promises from Penfold to have a ‘net spend’ for a change?  Well, whoopy-do!

  • PeterRobson

    How on earth does he know which face to shave in the morning ?

    Your point about him having no say about incoming/outgoing players is totally invalid as he said he would walk if there was no investment in the squad, that has nowt to do with his input, however minimal that may be !!

    On the other hand, would it be worth wishing for non-investment just to see the back of “Geordie (I´m a fan too you know) John ” ?

  • Michael Dodd

    Click bate?

  • Andgeo

    Just an other puppet! Left behind whom???? Are we talking clubs with similar fan bases and income generating capability like Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U or City, or are we talking about getting left behind mediocre clubs who are much much smaller than Newcastle like Southampton, Stoke, West Ham. Or are we talking about struggling teams like Villa and West Brom??? We are now a million miles away from the top teams with who we used to compete. And we are now way behind the mediocre teams too. We are on par with the struggling teams, and realistically that is what we now are. The football we have all witnessed now for the past 2 years has been horrific and we have truffled against every team we have played. Is this because the players arnt good enough? The manager and coaching staff? Or because the club owner Simply hasn’t got a clue about football and is bleeding the club dry? Whilst The Sports Direct empire goes from strength to strength. Maybe if the £50m profit made this season, future increases in TV revenue, the £3.5m per season he is nicking from the club shops and at least £30m per season in foregone commercial revenue we give to Sports direct is invested in performances on the pitch, which is where it should be, we could compete. If this money is invested wisely we could compete with anyone. Sadly a small proportion of that would go on the team, probably the £10m he brought in during the Christmas transfer window and that will be wasted. Look at last summer! We were told he had spent £20m but ended up with rivière, and a couple of kids at forrest.

  • Andgeo

    Net spend of £10 million, which is the money from m’biwa and Santon. Don’t forget there will be a big saving on wages too when Gutierrez and Raylor are off the books in the summer. A likely scenario would be the sale of 2 out of krul, sissoko and tiote (also reducing the wage bill) and then them buying 4 or 5 ‘squad’ players for a combined £20m to £30m. Total liars!!

  • Andgeo

    Forgot about de-Jong!

  • Andgeo

    HE most probably will.

  • Hughie

    He is being hung out to dry, and is now apparently telling the Board what to do. Really? With an appalling  record on the pitch, because of a complete failure to motivate the team, daft selections, ridiculous tactics and substitutions, he should be sacked now, let alone in the summer. The team could probably manage itself better. Appoint Tim Krul as interim player manager.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Confusion and propaganda ,sports direct tripe!

  • Brownale69

    err will he walk out on a 5 year contract? say 50k or even 100k a year do the sums

  • John45

    What a buffoon. Was he not paying attention when previous managers of NUFC under Ashley were given similar assurances and promises of recruitment and investment, which later turned out to be not worth the paper they were written on.

  • tino o

    Get your boots on John Ashley and his bum-chum are full of shite