John Carver has now even roped the tea lady into the blame game at Newcastle United.

The Head Coach trying to add a bit of ‘banter’ into his answer when asked about the latest derby defeat, saying that everybody at the club took responsibility, including the tea lady (you never know, Mike Ashley might give her the chop if she is above his age criteria, bring in a younger model that he can then sell on for a profit!).

Not sure if this is connected to Carver’s claim that amongst his problems pre-match on Sunday was that Tim Krul was said to be suffering from food poisoning…

With a threat of boycotting matches starting with Spurs, John Carver played the emotional blackmail line for boss Mike Ashley, saying that the players need the support of the fans.

With only 3 wins in the last 18 matches (including 2 in 13 under Carver) it is hard to see how the team and Head coach could do much worse if St. James’ Park was completely empty…

John Carver:

“The people who do turn up, get behind the team, we saw that against Arsenal.

“People will do what they want to do but I know the majority will (turn up and get behind team). Please get behind the team – we need you.”

Sunderland result:

“We all take responsibility as a club right down to the tea lady.”

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  • NottsToon

    The fitness coach is using emotional blackmail, desperation setting in I think. 

    Everyone needs to remember on the 19th you have a straight choice between action and continued apathy.

  • Peter Lowes

    Get a life and go now

  • Adam_B

    Does anyone else think that JC is trying to big up his own credibility by repeatedly attempting to draw inferences between himself and Sir Bobby Robson?

    I think this is maybe no. 3 or no. 4 reference, there may have been more. John, for god’s sake man, just because you were there at the same time as the great man, does not make you him, nor does it mean that you can claim the same approach, ability or anything else. Your performance as a football manager and his are rather different, and I know that you desperately want the job as Newcastle’s manager, but John, you are no SBR and even given the restrictions of working under the odious and unhelpful MA, you are not a good enough manager for NUFC and if you love NUFC and want it to do the best that it can (under the ridiculous MA restrictions), you should know that it needs a more skilled and more successful head coach than yourself.


    Totally Agree with Adam B Carver the Chava has played on Sir Bobby’s name since he became coach, he must think that we don’t know he was only the great man’s bag man.Carver is the fool who got Whitley Bay relegated !!!! He is not a fit and proper person to represent our great club,ask anyone who played against the pub team he played for when he was a lad.Ashamed that he is our manager.

  • PeterRobson

    The man is an incompetent buffoon !!! At least pardumbo put a bit of effort into his excuses and at times almost (I said almost) sounded sincere !!!

    Blaming the tea lady is a pathetic attempt at humour from a desperate man, and it´s going to take a lot more than humour for him to ever get the fans on his side !!!

    Asking us to get behind the team doesn´t have the emotional pull that it used to, it´s a two way street “Geordie John” !!! The players should be giving us a reason to get behind them and not just expecting blind loyalty to a bunch of players no longer worthy of our loyalty !!!

    By pulling on the Black and White shirts they are not just representing the 50,000+ in St James´ Park, they are also entrusted with the hopes and dreams of all those other fans, who for whatever reason can´t be at the game (physically) but feel the anguish just as much as the fan in row F.

    Respect and loyalty has to be earned, and I´m sorry “Geordie John” You no longer (if you ever did) inspire those feelings for me and I suspect many more supporters of newcastle United !!!

    You Have been weighed,
    You have been measured,
    You have been found wanting !!!

    Time to go “Geordie (I´m a fan you know) John” Carver !!!

  • terriertwo

    Charva and Ashley. One lump or two.

  • Paul Howard

    Is it john carver’s fault that you are in a slump?

  • David Bell

    It’s Mike Ashley’s fault for sucking the life out of Newcastle United. But carver needs to do us a favour and stand down. He’s not good enough.

  • Paul Howard

    Is’nt de boer coming in the summer?

  • Rollyp

    Haven’t heard him reference Pardew in his many comments, it is after all the one who he has obviously copied the most, or maybe it is the tea lady. She propably doesn’t like cups just mugs.

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    ye only on his wife :-)

  • David Bell

    In wish Paul. He’s signed an extension to his Ajax contract. I don’t think Mike Ashley is that bothered by getting a half decent manger in tbh.

  • toon tony

    We must keep Ethel the tea lady. …she’s the only one at the club with any experience in the “cups “.

  • Andgeo

    Charver your a muppet man

  • DownUnderMag

    Just all spiralling out of control, Ashley’s fine balancing act is beginning to topple and neither him nor his appointed mouthpiece in Carver knows what to do to avert the slide.

  • jimblag

    probaby, he is dutch.

  • Toon Magpie

    Then sack the tea lady, oh fcuk off Carver, get the f..I out of our club