Only days ago John Carver dismissed suggestions that the demonstrations and boycott against Mike Ashley might have affected the players.

Now the Newcastle Head Coach has…blamed the boycott and demonstrations for affecting the players and himself.

Anybody watching the feeble defeat to Spurs can’t have thought it was any different to what had gone before.

That defeat made it six in a row under John Carver, with his overall record being 2 wins in 15 matches since he took over from Alan Pardew.

When including the former manager’s final matches, Newcastle have won only 3 of the lat 20 matches in all competitions.

John Carver says he is relieved that demonstrations are planned inside St. James’ Park for the Swansea match, with a stand-up demonstration planned in the 34th minute to signify the £34m that sat in Newcastle United’s bank unspent at the end of the latest financial accounts.

The Newcastle Head coach’s relief at protests being inside the ground may not last long if he and his team perform as they have being.

The mood in the stadium will be poisonous if Newcastle feebly hand over three points yet again.

The only way for the mood of the crowd to be onside is if the players earn it first.

“I didn’t want to use it as an excuse for players but…. I think it did affect people.

“It does affect you, it affected me slightly and it certainly affected some of the players.”

At least protests are inside the ground this time…:

“I know that there is another one (protest) coming this week but at least people are coming in the stadium and if it is a protest for one minute, and it only lasts one minute then we’ve got 89 minutes to get on with the game.

“I don’t have a problem with protests, people are entitled to do it, but at least people are coming into the stadium this time.”


  • RexN

    I’d like to join in with the plaudits for the players by not letting it show. Who could tell the difference with the previous 5 defeats?

  • Polarboy

    It’s incredible that the words are audible with all the shyte coming out. I thought it was an impossible task but Carver has took Pardspew’s crown with regards to blaming everyone but himself.

  • Paul Soulsby

    As opposed to his tactical genius and gift for motivation #sackapologistjc

  • G Dubz

    So what that tells you is that not being in the stadium had an impact.
    They are less bothered with fans now choosing to be in the stadium to demonstrate…
    Thats because a full stadium will make the “tat advertising” look better. He also gets a bit more fans money from beers and half time pies!!
    Only way to make a stand is to not go and not buy anymore SD products or merchandise
    As for it effecting the players i disagree, they are without passion, desire or emotion as has been the case for the last 5 months. How should a demonstration make a difference

  • magpie9

    Pardew taught him well, both bloody liars

  • Morpeth mag

    Carver didn’t want to use it as an excuse,,, so what’s changed his mind, he’s using it as an excuse now? Was there a boycott in the sunderland game? Because it looked like something affected them in that match also,,,,,,

  • Tony79

    “John Carver says he is relieved that demonstrations are planned inside St. James’ Park for the Swansea match,”

    Don;t be so sure John.  Thousands of us are still boycotting and will be protesting outside again.  #boycottswansea

  • prestondave

    Charver is fast becoming as despised as FCB and Fraudspew. He should remember where he is from and show a bit of dignity. One day Charver, when all this falls down around you , you will have to walk down the streets of Newcastle and see how people react to you. Think you might be in for a bit of a shock you spineless twerp.

  • PeterRobson

    Nothing more to say really !!!!!

  • Personally, I have no more time for this man

  • PeterRobson

    mickg That´s a bit unfair !!!! He worked under Sir Bobby Robson so I heard !!!

  • Brown Bottle

    PeterRobson mickg ….Really ??? …. can’t see it mesell like.

  • pissed off mag

    well at least some thing affected the players as the manager has not affected anything at our club, i think the piss poor tactics the players are given affected them more

  • terriertwo

    PeterRobson mickg  So did the tea lady

  • snodgrass2

    How does this man look himself in the eye in the mirror? I know it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for him but  John (the Lettuce) just because you are asked a question does not mean you have to answer it. Keep quiet mate, remember it is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than open it and prove you are. We do not believe one word from your lips no matter what comes out.

  • terriertwo

    If the players aren’t pulling there weight then dock their wages. Maybe then they will pull their fingers out and do the job they’re paid to do. That also applies to the coaching staff. Maybe the club should appoint some of the supporters to monitor the team and give them marks out of ten and if they only t get five marks then they only get half their wages.

  • snodgrass2

    terriertwo Like the thought but if they don’t get paid doesn’t it just go back to AShley?

  • Phildene

    What a bloody nerve that idiot has! Let’s see what shite he spews when the protests continue-we hope they continue! ‘I’m my own man’ -really? I don’t think so John! You are definitely Pardew number 2 and you’re so pathetically useless at your job, you’re totally clueless on how to coach.

  • RexN

    Tony79 I think he is hoping the protests will be inside the ground because he will be boycotting out of it, just as Ashley did for Spurs.

  • Morpeth mag

    So did lady Elsie,,,, but it doesn’t mean she knows out about football,,,,,, but she still knows more than charver,,,,,,,,

  • partworntyres

    i new bobby me like – f.ckin canny that like, twitch, new his mother did she used to play for us? twitch, opens mouth wide closes quickly twitch. i spoke to mike – he said something, twich, mouth, f.ckin canny man, i’m my own man me, or me mother – opens mouth twitch twitch. i didn’t just know popeye i worked with him! – i like that harry kane but don’t want to rush him maybe he make his debut next season, is he a winger? twitch.mouth. two at the back three at the front everything else is just b.llsh.t. give me 15 geordies anytime opens mouth closes opens again twitch. f.ckin magpies errr mackems – which are we? everyone knew that in popeye’s day, me and him were like that twitch. f.ckin canny man, i knew when i got the job we’d win the league just a few games to go mouth twitch, am i in goal again?

  • Jail for Ashley

    No mention of his statement that a majority of fans think that Mike Ashley has done a good job at the club, he actually must be dreading the next win because the sh1t storm of abuse heading their way once/if we are safe is going to be nothing like he’s ever witnessed.

  • partworntyres

    Jail for Ashley it’s not a sh.t storm its a sh.t hurricane you can feel the sh.t congealing on the air around sjp. if only it could be a sh.t tornado it might take them all up and away for good!
    jim lahey.

  • Mal44

    It’s all our fault lads. It was under Pardew and still is under Carver. Nothing to do with the team selection or tactics.

  • PeterRobson

    Mal44 You´re right mate, I think we should all go and stand in the corner until we´ve learned how to behave properly !!!

    He must know what he´s talking about, after all he worked with Sir Bobby Robson, in case you didn´t know !!!

  • Andgeo

    John carver you have another 90 minutes to prove everyone wrong, over 90% of the toon army think that you are incompetent and unable to prepare or motive a football team. Or are you going to continue licking Fatty’s crack and making up excuses???

  • ilullissat

    Can anybody remember the character “Comical Ali” from the 2nd Iraq War,He was told to portray things in the best possible light, even when the allies tanks were rolling past him he refused to admit that they were anywhere near.Cue John Carver

  • foggy

    Carver should ask himself if his lack of ability has any effect on the players

  • A lex

    It was meant to, John! The whole point of protest is to ‘weaken’ the institution as it is now, to the point where Ashley sees alternative and better opportunities for his overall business.
    This ‘collateral damage’ is worth it in the short term to try and change the long term direction of NIFC.

  • whickhamrobbie

    what about the players affecting the fans does he not know the misery we are all going through and we are SICK OF IT .If the players and coaching staff (and owner) cant take the stick then ship out sharpish.
    Does Carver not think we all want to be happy smiling singing laughing at the games rather than tense miserable and angry. What an idiot !!!!

  • DZA187

    It’s more likely the players are affected by JC clueless tactics and instructions.

  • tomnaysburn

    He’s obviously a good bloke but Mr Carver omitted to say that the fans have a plan but the owner of Newcastle United’s fortunes clearly doesn’t.

    Therein lies Mike Ashley’s problem.

  • Harry Todd

    The atmosphere that the Evening Chronicle and the boycotters are creating is not going to help the players
    nor is the thirty fourth minute demonstration.In short Mike Ashley could have used the thirty four million pounds to pay off some of loan like most people on this site wanted.
    However he has kept the money back to buy players that’s because Mr Ashley is a kind man and loves the club.

  • ilullissat

    Harry Todd Looks like Ashley is using a lacky to put out his message or maybe it IS him