John Carver has belatedly blamed the players for the weakened FA Cup team selection at Leicester, when seven changes were made.

Back at the start of the year in the lead up to that match, Carver’s second in charge after Pardew’s departure, the now Newcastle Head Coach had said how he was going to play a strong team etc etc.

The reality was that just like Alan Pardew had done before him, John Carver only played four players who had started the previous Premier League match.

After that predictable cup defeat, John Carver claimed that all of the players he’d left out were injured, apart from Ayoze Perez who needed a rest.

However, now Carver has changed tack and appears to be suggesting that it was the players themselves who didn’t want to play in that cup game.

Pardew’s former assistant saying that players came to him with ‘slight strains and pulls’ and ‘it started niggling me a little bit’.

Steven Taylor picked up a season ending injury in  the Burnley (pre-Leicester) match but the other six who played v Burnley  and then missed Leicester, all started against Chelsea in the next Premier League match after that FA Cup defeat.

The six were Ayoze Perez, Fabricio Coloccini, Moussa Sissoko, Jack Colback, Daryl Janmaat and Yoan Gouffran.

With the exception of Gouffran, pretty much Newcastle’s best five players.

So if John Carver wants to now blame the players for opting out, rather than him following Mike Ashley’s orders and fielding a weak team in the cups – surely he should say which of these players  were ‘niggling’ him when they didn’t want to bother with the FA Cup.

John Carver

“No one wants to win the FA Cup and have a dream of the FA Cup more than me. Being realistic, are we going to win the Premier League?

“I would not have thought so unless you have an unbelievably freaky season, we are not going to do that.”

It’s hard enough to make top 4…:

“It is hard enough trying to make the top four. So what can you win? Either the FA Cup or League Cup.

“I am telling you now, I wanted to win the FA Cup and circumstances meant that was not the case.”

Started niggling me a bit..:

“Listen I was quite excited before the Leicester game and then players started coming to me with slight strains and pulls, it started niggling me a little bit.

“I didn’t mention it to you lot (press) but it was bugging me because of how much I wanted to win it.”

The agenda from the club appears to be more and more to blame both players and fans for the problems at Newcastle United, to deflect attention away from the one person at the top who we all know has undermined the hopes and expectations of Newcastle fans for years.


  • MarkBacon

    Carver do us a favour and stop talking you are an embarrasment

  • woodsie 8

    Carver you are lower than a snakes belly do us all a favour and fack off

  • tino o

    He is becoming more embarrassing by the day. What a plonker could only be employed by Newcastle. He is just another symptom of ashleys tenure. I’m sure the next fool is lined up, likely to be mclaren mastering a new accent god help us!

  • dude 1

    The leader (ashley) has now told the monkey say it was the players boy this will deflect more heat off me and numb nuts said ok boss no problem but it’s backfired again because it’s now makes him look even more stupid for gods sake carver that game was in January it’s now April muppett.

  • AlanGraham

    If he tells me to “listen” 1 more time im goin to kick off

  • Chemical Dave

    How about “let me tell you” instead ?

  • ilullissat

    Even American media are following proceedings.Have a look at CNN.There’s a big article about what’s going on at NUFC

  • SGM

    If he’s lying the players (no doubt) will come out and say.

  • Wallsendstu

    Are they(owner, the tea boy) hanging him out to dry? Normally the wicked witch of the west pipes up when they say something out of line (she was always on Pardew’s shoulder) so has Wendy been told to shut up and let him make a number of embarrassing statements? Either that or she is telling him what to say and thick John is happy to do it.

  • RobBrown

    I find it amazing that we can read so much and understand so little.

    Carver says the fact that the players were complaining of slight strains was niggling him. 

    Graham Porter says he should name the players who were niggling him.

    First of all – no he shouldn’t.

    Secondly – if you read the words he didn’t say that individuals were niggling him, so how can he name them?

    I sometimes wonder how many of our fans went to school.

  • nev fur

    Actually I believe Carver did mention something about this at the time and sadly looking at one or two of those names I’m inclined to believe him. I don’t think he’s the man for the job but he’s also not deserving of blame for everything

  • Polarboy

    SGM He hasn’t named anyone so the backlash from the club that player would feel for a speaking out wouldn’t be worth them saying anything. So yes there is a very big doubt that someone would come forward when they can sit back and collect their money having not been slandered.

  • Polarboy

    AlanGraham Or “I want this job” mixed in with various versions of him talking about how he is working really very hard, poor lad. If all we have got to look forward to is the possibility of him back as assistant and McClaren in charge I may shoot myself now.

  • Polarboy

    So the other day he says that basically the players he has now are only capable of two wins since the start of the year and now he is trying to tell us that half of them can’t be arsed playing in the FA cup. So if we are to believe him then surely those players should all be sold and replaced or at the very least have been punished severely. On the other hand if we believe him about the FA cup then that would just illustrate that he holds no authority over those players. 
    In reality he is definitely lying about that group being incapable of having done any better since the start of the year and most likely lying about players not wanting to play in the FA cup. Whatever way you look at it Carver is undoubtedly completely out of his depth, desperate and showing what kind of character he is. Carver is a sniveling boot licker who will throw anyone under the bus if he thinks it will keep him in a job, a job he has no right being near either morally or professionally.

  • toonlee75

    More like penfold or baron silas greenback by past john because he wanted to play strong team and went to players directly.

  • Greg1000

    This man is just a waste of air

  • cwtoon88

    Jack Colback as one of our 5 best players you must be joking

    If he wasn’t a local lad he’d be slated week after week

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I hope Carver is reading the ‘Exclusive’ PR spin today about Club trying for Cups next season. Lol! This lot can’t lie straight in bed.

  • Malcolm Colledge

    Carvers lost the plot.

  • Barry Buglass

    He’s a nutjob…..Oh and just to clarify things, as a youth he supported Wolverhampton Wanderers.