When interviewed after the latest defeat against Spurs, John Carver went off on one when asked if Tim Krul was at fault for losing the game.

The Newcastle Head Coach talking about conceding two really bad goals and was then pressed on who or what was responsible for those goals that cost Newcastle the match.

The first two goals conceded being a long range effort and a free-kick that was crossed in from wide and ended up in the net.

Taking into account John Carver’s angry response to the question even being posed, you might have thought there would have been a bit better preparation, considering these questions to, and answers from, the Head Coach were part of an interview on the club’s own official TV channel:

John Carver:

“But again we have conceded two bad goals, two really bad goals – forget about the third goal because we were pushing. You can’t keep doing that.

(Interviewer) ‘You say bad goals, is it defensively…, is it Tim Krul…?’

“No No No, absolutely not Tim Krul.

“We lose possession in the middle third when we have got comfortable possession, breaking on them. We turn back on ourselves and Gouff gives it away and it ends up in the back of our net.”

Blaming Tim Krul:

“I don’t know why people are trying to blame Tim Krul, you have to prevent the first situation happening.

“The second comes from a lateral free-kick that we seem to concede every other week. Somebody just has to go and head the ball and clear it, we didn’t do that.”

(Interviewer)‘Tim Krul makes a couple of fantastic saves as well…?’

“Yes, but you don’t hear about the good things he does.

“People only want to talk about the bad things and Tim has made two great saves which kept the scoreline down. So he has to take a bit of credit for that.”

  • essexMag

    He keeps chirping away…blah blah blah. Stopped listening to him. Even quicker than we stopped listening to Pardwho.

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    you make me angry to the limit that i want to blow things up Carver
    how the hell he is not to blame for his poor goalkeeping ?? HUUUUUUH IDIOT ??

  • Bishbosh11

    To be fair, he has a point. It’s a team game after all. If we didn’t lose the ball or concede a daft free kick, the goals would not have happened.

  • Paul Patterson

    Look, he made a couple of good saves, but he was beaten from range by a shot he should have saved- REGARDLESS of who gave the ball away. Players are going to give the ball away – FACT! You can’t stop that John – FACT!
    The second goal shouldn’t have counted as there were players interfering with play in front of him.
    The third goal he went down too early for me.
    But the biggest rick he made in the game was one that didn’t cost us. We were defending a corner and Krul jumped and didn’t get the ball when it should have been his all day long. Did anyone else see it?
    Go to the BBC iPlayer and spin forward to 9:25 on Match of the Day 2 if you didn’t, because it was absolutely criminal.
    However Carver, look at yourself. We know the players limitations.

  • wor monga

    Paul Patterson    I agree with you here…Krul looks far from
    being the excellent last line of defence that we know he can be, and seems far
    from happy standing up behind such a pathetic defence…who were content to allow
    Chadli the freedom to go right across the box unchallenged to find an opening…
    the shot was straight, and saveable for any half decent shot stopper.

    On the second goal Carver has a point…I
    counted a line of 5 Spurs players moving in for Erikson’s cross, and no
    defenders trying to go in with them…but what it boils down to was that Krul saw
    the ball coming all the way across him, and didn’t make enough effort to get anything
    on it.
    I don’t think we will get any points until we
    see WBA and WHAM up here…providing we have our missing players back, and those
    two clubs have nothing to play for!!

  • tino o

    Krul was to blame for 2 of the goals as well as the team. Unorganised clueless and unmotivated this is our team. It is the managers job to put this right instead he turns up after every defeat promising better and bigging himself up . The man is a clown who is not fit to manage at any level. Can’t wait to see how much he congratulates himself if we manage to fluke a win. But not blaming everything on carver our players really need to have a good look at themselves and show a bit pride not many of them come out of this with any credit

  • centrepaddock

    Krul is vastly over rated. Fraser Forster and Harps are much more reliable. Harps had the ability to motivate and shout at his defense. Fraser never had a chance. 2 more bad decisions from Pardew to let them both go and to keep Krul.