Reflecting on the latest defeat v Spurs, John Carver has declared that the Newcastle players ‘might just not be good enough.’

The Newcastle Head Coach praised his team’s attitude this afternoon, even though Spurs dominated and were clearly the better team.

Carver claims that he is desperate to find a solution and no wonder, with losing the last six matches he is now in danger of breaking all known NUFC records if United make it seven defeats in a row against Swansea next Saturday.

John Carver speaking to Sky after the match:

“I thought everybody was a bit nervous but we got a great start to the second half.

“Another give away for the first goal but we got that early goal in the second half and gave us a little bit of momentum…but then again conceded a poor goal to put us 2-1 behind.”

Might just not be good enough:

“The one thing I will say is these guys keep going, keep having a go, and they might just not be good enough.

“It’s disappointing but it is my job to find a solution, to find a way of playing, where I can maybe get two strikers on the pitch..because the only way you are going to win games is by winning…scoring goals.”

  • Paul Patterson

    By jingo, go . .als – well I never

  • Consett Mag

    At last, he’s being honest. No idea where the next win is coming from.

  • GToon

    Thats true and we can even point out which ones might not be good enough. I wonder if this new found honesty about people not being good enough will extend to himself and his coaching staff or are they exempt? Still with this club the buck stops at the bottom certainly not the top.

  • Simon Sharp

    It’s never your fault……

  • David Grey

    Along with the owner and coaching staff…….

  • Sickandtiredstill

    No sh*t,  Sherlock. Now take a look in the mirror.

  • PB777

    We aren’t good enough that is obvious. But why did we sit off a fairly ordinary Spurs team and concede so much possession? Poor old Perez had to run and run because he was so isolated. He was shattered when he got the ball. Push up ten yards, press them as s team and get on the front foot! It’s amazing how ordinary players look when they are pressed. Anyone can look great with ten yards of space. Carver needs to be braver. He just isn’t up to it.

  • ash1001

    Along with fact that ALL of the coaching staff, club management staff etc are all not FIT FOR PURPOSE please JC tell me why in simple terms why you took off Mehdi Abeid at half time, oh forgot you are not good enough, sort of obvious when he was one of the better player.up to that point.

  • Roppa

    It’s interesting how he always deflects the blame from himself. He’s right however, many of the players are clearly not good enough – which is a massive indictment to the ‘Trust in Carr’ myths! Yet, it’s Carr – the guy who brought  in all these ‘not good enough’ players, and who will oversee the appointment of the new Head Coach (JC’s isn’t out of the running yet!), & will decide upon which other ‘not good enough’ players will be bought in the summer!! 

    The Club staff in its entirety: from the Owner, the Managing Director, the Chief Scout, the Head Coach & his (so called) Coaching team  – are all not good enough. The Club is shambolic from top to bottom, and the owner is wholly responsible. It is ‘best practice’ is strong organisations for the owner (especially if he has no expertise in the subject) to recruit the best & most qualified people possible. Ashley goes for the cheapest & the most subservient. 

    Well done & thank you to all the boycotters today. May there be many more for the Swansea game!

  • MichaelHodgson

    atleast the pennys dropped and hes realised they are not good enough 52000 fans could of told him that this clubs on a downward spiral very quickly and i dont see it getting any better in the near future although carver is not totally to blame hes had hes hands tied and walked in to a squad totally depleted but its down t him when it comes to  kick off his tactics are worse than pardews hes not even a number 2 he should walk before he loses all dignity if he hasnt already

  • MichaelHodgson

    no confidence in the team and the players havent either

  • MichaelHodgson

    Mister Tee ive had one to many but couldnt put it better meself

  • tino o

    Nothing at this club is good enough at this club totally depressing. Hope the super fans who turned up today enjoyed the game what a crock of shite!

  • nev fur

    To be fair to Carr we don’t see his full list of suggested signings to see how far down his list we go. We only see the signings they succeed in getting for peanuts.

  • JamesShaughnessyLawrence

    Mister Tee Cracking read – should have been an article.

  • Jamiekgordon


  • JamesShaughnessyLawrence

    Roppa Also, remember this is the same Carr who has brought us players who have
    had a part in stopping us from playing League football year after year

  • Fozzyworld

    He’s been coaching them for years, has he just noticed!

  • KevinTaylor1

    Gave up my season ticket last year, I could put up with the crap football because nobody has a god given right to support a team that always plays good football and challenges for honours we know that better than most. What I could not put up with  was watching an extremely rich man drain the life out of my club.
    I have watched most games this season mainly with trepidation and dread but still with a love that runs deeper than anything poor football or thieving billionaires can stop.  It saddens me to come on this website and see the divisions being caused amongst our support. Its not the players to blame for the state of the club or the present manager/head coach or past managers/head coaches, the blame lies firmly at the door of Mr Michael Ashley. The question is can we do anything about it?. The short term answer is NO. We have tried protests and now we have tried boycotts, neither worked. People are saying start a new club FC united of Newcastle, no thanks. I have put a lot of thought into this and the only way I can see to get rid of the Fatman short of hiring someone to fit him with a pair of concrete boots is to stop his revenue streams. By that I don’t mean little things like don’t by from his tatty shops or stop buying a programme. The only way to stop him from milking this club dry is relegation. We need to go down and as far as it takes to stop the TV money, for crowds to drop to less than 25,000, for major sponsors to drop out. This is the only way we will be rid of this Pariah. However many years it takes it is the only way he will walk away. If this does not happen I’m afraid I will never set foot inside St James’ Park again and that frightens me.

  • Roppa

    JamesShaughnessyLawrence / Nev fur, Roppa  Its true, in the past he has instigated some good deals, but most of the good ones: Cabaye, Debuchy, Sissoko, Cisse, & Janmatt were already full internationals in strong international teams before we signed them – all he did (and credit where credit is due) is manage to get Ashley to sign them.

    His recent signings – Perez excluded – have been less than impressive, but is that down to the inept coaching of Pardew / Carver, or down to Carr??

    If he manages to bring in a really good head coach in May, I’ll happily forgive him this seasons ineffective signings. Perhaps then, with a good coach, the recent signings & (hopefully) those yet to come, will show us that Carr really does deserve the exalted status he has  with the fans?

  • Andgeo

    My god the penny has finally dropped!! And maybe just maybe, john, you might find some way of getting 2 strikers on the pitch……like playing 442, you complete muppet!!! This guy is just plain, simple, THICK!!!!!

  • markbt08

    Carr can find the players (lacazette) its just that the Fcb is to tight to buy them

  • ilullissat

    Just heard Carver on MOTD saying we “need to get over the line”Has Pardew left a script

  • markbt08

    *by the way I’m Scottish

  • ilullissat

    A boycott is dead simple,You either go or you dont,There is nothing inbetween

  • LeazesEnder

    Andgeo 4-4-2 is in a museum.

  • grahame49

    Its like asking your lass if she still likes sex and she says yes, but not with you. Carver coaches and the players play but not for us,

  • LeazesEnder

    Mister Tee Mark Lawrenson laid into Ashley tonight on MOTD… about time they started saying something.

  • Andgeo

    Some of the players are undoubtedly not up to the task. And just likewise, as those players should never have been put into black and white shirts, john carver should never be manager. Totally out of his depth!

  • Andgeo

    Worked in November.

  • DownUnderMag

    They were good enough earlier in the season to go and beat Man City in the cup, Spurs away in the league, Chelsea and Liverpool at home in the league…once the formation and team selection was forced onto Pardew (and before he reverted to playing his favourites once available…which put an end to that winning run).

    The players have more just given up and have zero leadership on or off the pitch and the head-coach is showing no ability to change things for the better but is still scraping the barrel of Pardew’esque excuses as to why it isn’t his fault while he tries his hardest to still keep himself in with a shout of the job full time.

    Some players are below par and are being found out because of such a threadbare squad, but that is no excuse for the team failing to show any backbone or fight at present.  Any manager (sorry head coach) worth anything would have them at least battling in every game for their places…but where is that motivation when the players know there is no competition and the club won’t spend enough in the summer to compete and has no intentions of trying to win anything.

  • Toon Magpie

    No Carver you are not good enough and the 4-3-3 formation doesnt work these  days cant you see that? we had little of the posession.

  • Toon Magpie

    A bad tool always blames his workers.

  • Toon Magpie

    The museum would be  more entertaining.

  • mrkgw

    Carver has surely to go after this diabolical run of form. Useless.

  • Consett Mag

    I think the players were trying, but just weren’t up to the mark. A Shearer up front to partner Perez is the difference.
    Krul had a nightmare which gifted them two goals.
    The bottom line is that Spurs were clearly the better team.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Consett Mag 38% posession, at home, to a very very poor Spurs side. You needed a pair of binoculars to bridge the gap once again between Perez and the rest of the side.
    Bottom line is the team and Club are shyte with an owner fixated on accounting, not football.

  • Phildene

    @KevinTaylor1. The reason why the protest didn’t work was it was a ‘one off’ which never works. What we should’ve done was to keep on protesting for months, this would’ve worked. I believe this is only the start of the boycotts and if kept up will work