At this moment in time there is absolutely no point arguing about who is to blame for our current fiasco.

The next four games need to be addressed as they could have a huge impact on the next few years.

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If we are relegated, I fear we cannot bounce back as we did last time.

We could be in deep trouble and Mike Ashley is so unpredictable he may well sell up, possibly leaving us in even deeper trouble.

John Carver needs help, preferably outside help.

He is a good guy but just not up to it, currently like a rabbit in the headlights, not knowing which way to turn.

Also, his tactical nous is almost non-existent and the players are on a huge downer.

We need someone to inspire for 360 minutes.

Please Mr Charnley, act now before it is too late.

Don’t be playing your ukulele as our ship goes down!!

One point may be enough, our life is in your hands.

  • cwtoon88

    Again How is John Carver a good guy? He f and blinds at the fans (his customers ) and is nothing but a spineless puppet for the regime. How in any way does that make him a good man?

    People assume because he is a geordie he is a good guy and its just not the case

  • A lex

    Have to say that this isn’t the most attention-catching article ever written on here, but never mind.

    The bit I just don;t get is this, though :

    Ashley is so unpredictable he may well sell up, possibly leaving us in
    even deeper trouble.”
    He can only sell up if he finds a buyer. So how is that putting us in deeper trouble than we already are? Unless you’re one of these who fear anything that you’re not familiar with and would, therefore, keep Ashley at the helm.

    I’m confident that any buyer recognises the latent, underlying potential of this club and fans. This was released in the early 90’s and NUFC was transformed. It can be released again, given the correct will and direction.

  • mrkgw

    Carver is just not up to the job and has to go. Surely……!

  • amacdee

    Of course Pinocchio needs help but its up to him to admit himself to

  • bill black

    All that matters to Ashley is that S.D. shares are down 9% and where 20 to1 to go down. The p$ss take now is on him and after being a fan for over 60 years and seeing the bad times as well as the good I will gladly wait to see him go and be it down a level so what

  • Ikeys Brother

    Medical Help is what Carver needs

  • worladandlass

    One of the saddest sights is to see a man drowning. John Carver is drowning. He needs to be saved by the club releasing him from all his responsibilities by sacking him now. He doesn’t know what day it is and its sad, but any sane person could see that he was not cut out for this job in a hundred years. Mike Ashley is  being particularly cruel here both to John and to the fans, you wouldn’t let your dog suffer this badly. For all our sakes if john isn’t going to jump then please do us a favour and ease him off the edge. We would be better with Peter Beardsley in charge for the remaining games

  • ash1001

    JC went with the reserves today Derby, could be it was to have a chat with Steve McClaren, had no influence on the reserves, they got beat 4 – 0 with deJong and Armstrong in the team,

  • dt2020

    ash1001 Good point. He’s already said he reverts to Assistant at end of season hasn’t he? Maybe he did have an influence – they lost!

  • Crawcrooklad

    I keep reading what a good coach Carver is, from various sources including ex-players. But the way I see it, he’s been coaching at the club on and off for quite a few years, and we’ve consistently had fully-fledged international players performing woefully. Maybe he’s just not very good, and is being afforded too much tolerance on the back of the “local lad who supports the Toon and bleeds black & white” ticket – a bit like Shola, who was (and probably still is) a lovely lad and supports the Toon, etc, etc, etc…

  • PeterRobson

    In John Carvers defence: Ah who am I kidding  ? Hess useless and the sooner he´s shipped out the better !!!

  • nufcslf

    Crawcrooklad Couldn’t even keep his job at Toronto FC in the MLS. Only a thicket like Cashley could think this could of worked. Going really well so far for the local lad. Unfortunately, I’m enjoying this now and looking forward to how bad it is allowed to get.

  • nufcslf

    worladandlass He deserves all the suffering along with any so called fans…not…that have stood by while the fat one has done nothing but take the piss. No sympathy from me at all.

  • nufcslf

    OOOpppsss, getting ahead of myself, 8 has to come first. But good old John will see me right.

  • GeordieLes

    If we get relegated and Ashley decides to sell up, what are the chances that he will call in his debt? If we can’t pay it by selling ALL our assets, and surely we can’t, will we then go into administration? Anybody know how these things work?