John Carver has named those Newcastle players who are above criticism for the latest feeble derby performance and by default told us who he blames.

The Newcastle Head Coach went out of his way to say that Jonas Gutierrez, Mike Williamson, Ryan Taylor, Jack Colback and Daryl Janmaat are ‘void of any criticism’.

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John Carver was asked about Jonas Gutierrez’ performance and told the Shields Gazette:

“He gave me everything and he is void of any criticism along with Ryan Taylor, Daryl Janmaat, Mike Williamson and Jack Colback…those five are void of any criticism.

“Let’s face it, five in a row is a long run, maybe one or two people cannot handle it but I won’t go into names.”

Which then leaves Tim Krul, Ayoze Perez, Sammy Ameobi, Remy Cabella, Yoan Gouffran, Moussa Sissoko, Emmanuel Riviere and Adam Armstrong.

From other comments made by Carver, especially with regard to the incident with Jermain Defoe in the tunnel, I’m guessing that Tim Krul may not be seen as ‘guilty’ for his contribution yesterday.

The same with Adam Armstrong, brought on with 3 minutes to go, the 18 year old surely can’t be blamed.

Which leaves us with Perez, Ameobi, Cabella, Gouffran, Sissoko and Riviere.

In my opinion, Ayoze Perez was totally let down by John Carver (like the rest of us), asked to play up front with zero support and service.

As for the other five, they were all terrible.

Whether they would have done better if John Carver hadn’t been so negative with his tactics…is open to question.

It is all a bit chicken and egg, is the starting point the players not being good enough/committed, or is it the manager/head coach who undermines everything?

Cabella and Sissoko are certainly better than they showed.

Whilst Riviere, Gouffran and Ameobi could and should have done more, they are in no way Premier League standard and the way that Gouffran manages to hide for such long periods….at least he is good at doing something!

The visit to Liverpool on Monday night is looking a nightmare, so interesting to see how John Carver handles those who he has found guilty.

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  • Paul Patterson


  • Peter Lamb

    Inexperience and stupidity on full show.

  • Clint Storey

    Well I thought Taylor was awful wasted every free kick and corner a professional footballer should be able to miss the first defender and not put the ball out from a corner

  • mentalman

    Why did it take him so long to make ineffective changes if he knew who was to blame.
    Taylor was terrible, yet again willo didn’t even try and compete in the air which led to the goal and Jonas was used to try and win over the fans.
    We lost the game because we had no midfield, Gouff was lost ameobi showed he doesn’t care and has the same attitude as his Brother, we should have had Anita at rb, Taylor at lb and colback abeid & sissoko in midfield
    Carver seems to blame the same players every game, he obviously has his favourites

  • wor monga

    Yesterday proved without a doubt that some are not prepared to
    bust their guts for Carver, or the club, and some others have had enough of this
    season, and want to be elsewhere for the next one!!

    I said it after the Man U game there’s no points for this lot…until
    the last 3 or 4 games of the season when at least 2 of those clubs should have
    nothing left to play for, and we’ll probably finish on any number between 38
    and 41pts…let’s hope it’s enough!!

    …It won’t be enough for Carver though, and whether he stays in some capacity or other depends on Ashley, and who they can get to take the job next!!

  • PeterRobson

    Brilliant motivation from the Pardew clone !!!

    Let´s seperate the squad into doers and talkers then the talkers can all bully the doers like the speccy kid in the corridoors at school !!!

    Perhaps include wedgies and wet willies in the training program too !!!

    All your crap about getting them motivated for a “Derby” was pathetic !!!

    Professional sportsmen should not need motivating to perform, they get paid enough to perform, perhaps the fans and TV companies should ask for their money back under the old trades descriptions act coz we´re certainly not getting what we pay for !!!

  • Maximus Moose

    mentalman We lost the game because we`ve only 4 Premiership standard players !

  • mentalman

    True but we were playing a team with even less quality than our own.

  • partworntyres

    carver is to blame – he is not equipped to handle the situation – tactically he is inept – his man management is clearly poor – why did anyone expect any other result? it is unlikely we will win another game this season. – that really would f..k up shirley’s economic plan.

  • Robert Crosby

    Did Ashley just enter the stadium???

  • Munich Mag

    I thought Ryan Taylor and Colback were both absolutely minging. There again, knackers played them both at full backs, which neither of them are …

  • partworntyres

    carver couldn’t even get his nazi salute right….

  • Dominic Cottle

    I’d put Carver on the list aswell then

  • magpie9

    Carver should remember when you point a finger at anyone you point 3 at yourself

  • RexN

    Has he mentioned which coaches are above criticism and which are to blame?

  • mentalman

    He just stands in the technical area with his arms folded or rubbing his chin every other coach is constantly shouting instructions, the only time Carver does is when Stone whispers something in his ear
    The man is totally out of his depth

  • scotty63

    mentalman whoa – Taylor is playing out of position after 2 ACL op’s – he can only do so much – he should be getting bits of game time not being hoyed in like this (he probably wont ever get back to PL fitness but you have to give him kudos for bottle) – the rest I agree with.

  • SeanLynch

    Yes we are struggling with injuries, have been all season and yes any manager given the same situation at their respective club would find things difficult.
    But that is something managers and coaches are paid handsomely to deal with, not just when things are going well, but when they are dire .. as they are now.
    And they live and die professionally by their decisions.

    Expecting players who have performed extremely poorly for weeks on end, to turn things around in the most important of league matches, shows a great deal of naivety

    No matter what words Carver tries to use to deflect criticism away from himself and towards the players instead, he should consider the following:

    He has the final word before players take to the pitch.
    He has the opportunity during the match to change tactics, formations and to take action where required.
    He is the one who gets to turn things around at half-time so that any doubts about the situation are put to bed before the second-half begins.
    And finally he is the one who gets to continue tweaking, organising, putting things right and ultimately replacing those who simply aren’t performing.

    If you do none of the above, you are not a manager, nor head coach, you are merely a spectator!

  • lager_arm

    ‘Cabella and Sissoko are certainly better than they showed’ how do u come to that conclusion ? Sissoko plays when he fancies and that isn’t very often, and Cabella is absolutely shite, weaker than piss and nowhere near good enough to be decent in the premier league, he was embarrassing against sunderland, for me one of the worst signings we’ve ever made.

  • Toon Magpie

    John Carver guilty as charged.