John Carver claims that any side of his will not be faulted for lack of effort when they play Sunderland.

How exactly this squares with the Newcastle Head Coach’s previous admission that the statistics showed that the last four derby games (all defeats) showed Sunderland had worked harder than the Newcastle team, that is a Newcastle team that John Carver was responsible for helping to prepare as Pardew’s assistant…

Carver also highlights the intensity of the derby experience at his pre-match press conference by saying that playing golf midweek, it took him 6 hours to play a game because everybody wanted to talk to him.

I wouldn’t have minded eavesdropping on those conversations and what fans were ‘advising’ him to do…

“All week they (the fans) will have been talking about it: in the streets, at work – as I have done.

“I was on the golf course yesterday and the number of people who wanted to stop me…it took me 6 hours to play a game of golf.”

No lack of effort:

“That is because everybody cares, everybody wants to talk about it, everybody wants a piece of it.

“What I can guarantee is this: any side of mine playing against Sunderland will not be faulted for lack of effort, for lack of determination.”

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  • Oliver Lam

    It took him much longer to get his first win for Newcastle.

  • LeazesEnder

    He was putting with a niblick

  • Seventy2

    Has he not got printed invites to  the training ground for a ‘full and frank’ face off?

  • Chemical Dave

    Sounds like he had more shots than Rivierre.

  • wor monga

    There’s 50,000plus Geordies interested in this game…not the
    usual 15 Jonah’s that we see as usual writing their one-line disparaging
    comments from the safety of their keyboards down in Outer Mongolia or Swaziland
    or the pariahs that are on here but in fact support the unwashed…

    It has to change…we held the bragging rights for a long-time
    back then

    …they’ve got it now but it has to change, and now is as good a time as
    any for that to happen…HWL

  • Chemical Dave

    You hope we lose again, not because you support Sunderland, its just you love the opportunity to remind everyone how much better you are as a fan because you never moan or whinge. Wor mong, are you alongside Simon Carr in the top twenty fans ?

  • Jimmywayhay

    Another pointless statement from a desperate man out of his depth , we will know we’re we stand at full time !

  • magpie9

    6 hours for a round of golf? he must be better at golf than he is at getting wins at football

  • terriertwo

    Sounds like he had Shola as a caddy. Hope the people who spoke to him were putt in their place.

  • Andgeo

    Is he taking the pi55 or what??? how has he got 6 hours spare In the build up to this fixture? take the job seriously carver or off!!!!!