John Carver has dismissed criticism of his negative tactics that fans see match after match, claiming he is the most positive person you could meet.

The Newcastle Head Coach says he ‘doesn’t put shackles’ on his players but after watching Ayoze Perez marooned up front on his own against Sunderland, supporters will be very interested to hear how Carver justifies that.

He also stated (as he did before the match) that you can be assured that any side of his would give it everything, yet in this post-match interview to Sky, John Carver had to embarrassingly admit that his players hadn’t given it 100%:

“We were abysmal in the first half, I always say a side of mine will give 100% but we didn’t.

“We were so negative. I want them to be exciting, but for whatever reason we were so negative out there. We weren’t at the races, but at least we had a go in the second half.”

Huffing and puffing:

“It was a world class strike on Jermain Defoe’s weaker foot but if we had gone in at half-time goalless we’d have been delighted because we were second best.

“We huffed and puffed (in 2nd half) but it wasn’t good enough. We were so negative, every day we go onto the training ground and I’m the most positive person.”

Not happy with other units:

“I don’t put shackles on players, I want the players to be exciting because I have been around exciting teams.

“The back four is a makeshift back four, they stuck to their jobs along with the goalkeeper and they deserve credit, but the other units I’m not happy with.”


  • Dave Graham

    John Carver has no idea what he’s doing U0001f44e

  • Brownale69

    SAFC have had 3 managers that have MOTIVATED an average team up to beat us repeatedly.
    IF CARVER cant do it then GET OUT

  • Porciestreet

    Absolutely the most abject team I have seen in the 55 years I have followed this club. Not only were we seccond best, but seccond best to a team who were 5h!t3. Credit where it’s due, they took their chance. I don’t think we had a shot of any kind till the 84th min which is abysmal.
    We have single handedly kept them in the premiership for the last three years with 6 points a season. 
    Lost for words……………………………………………!

  • Jarmin Geordie

    After saying he’s a motivator and any of his teams will give 100% he’s been proved a liar, so time to man up and p*ss off John you’re totally out of your depth in Prem League and if you loved the club as much as you keep stating you do, go to give that said club a chance of survival as with you at the helm I personally can’t see where our next point is coming from

  • RexN

    In a way, you have to envy Carver, having the opportunity to manage our club that has a fantastic tradition. Sadly, 2 wins in 14 games, both against relegation threatened clubs, show that he is not up to the job.

    The one person to blame for what is going on is the person who allowed him to be appointed. Ashley deserves all the vitriol he gets.

  • David Williams

    Nice bloke but out of his depth and taking a whipping for the Clown prince himself

  • Andrew Milburn

    out of his depth..

  • tino o

    [email protected] off carver utit. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andgeo

    What a load of nonsense. Between now and the end of the season carver, the pre-madonnas and the 2nd rate championship players in our squad need to put their inflated egos to one side, keep their mouths shut and get on with what they are getting paid to do. Fat Cashley, Get out of our club!!

  • MilitantGeordie

    Well Carver why don’t you resign immediately since the players aren’t responding to your 100% positivity? Seriously though you’ve just admitted you cannot motivate a bunch of overpaid ar*seholes to win a match for the ar*ehole owner and the long suffering fans so surely you must go? Come on now Carver you’ve had your little fantasy football session but you must realise it’s time to leave? Dear me what a total shambles this club is.. owner who doesn’t care, a man pretending to be a manager saying owt the owner wants to hear to try and get the job full time and a bunch of players who are either totally demoralised OR simply not Premiership level players. Today was truly disgusting from start to finish. We made Sunderland look like Real Madrid and let’s not forget how sh*te Sunderland really are!!  most of the players playing today for Newcastle shouldn’t be playing in the Premierleague but this is what happens when the owner is a penny pinching profit driven c**t!!!

  • Peter Lamb

    Just shut up. There is no need to talk shite at a time like this. Give us a break…

  • Chris Usher

    This bloke is more deluded then a thought where was the motivation are passion he was supposed to drilled into the squad week before this derby if thats all he can come up with God help us for the rest of the season as its looking like he hasn’t got what it takes too get this team to do its up-most best and play football ffs

  • lynchtoon

    I have had enough no more words!!!!!!! the words on so many peoples lips today!!!#

  • Paul Patterson

    Colback, one of our better players this season- Left back (a position he left Sunderland to get away from)??
    Gouffran, just being on the pitch??
    Janmaat, one of our better players this season a SPECIALIST right back played at centre back??
    Perez, one of our better players this season, played on his own when goals are required??
    Riviere, just being named in the squad??
    Armstrong, given just three minutes to save a derby game??
    No third sub, in a game we are getting beat in??


  • If this idiot is still there in August, we are doomed. Hasn’t got a clue.

  • If this idiot is still in charge by August, we are doomed.

  • Toon Magpie

    What s he got to be positive about? He is most negative at tactics and team selection.