John Carver has claimed that he is an ‘excellent motivator’.

When asked how you motivate very well paid modern day players ahead of the derby, the Newcastle Head Coach challenged the journalist posing the question by saying he’d ‘obviously not been in a dressing room’ with him.

Carver added that players at the successful clubs are paid ‘an awful lot more’ than the Newcastle team but they don’t have a problem getting motivated.

How can you motivate millionaire football players?

John Carver:

“Well you have obviously not been in a dressing room with me…because I am quite demanding.

“I think I am an excellent motivator.”

You shouldn’t have to motivate players:

“To be honest I said this before the Arsenal game, I shouldn’t have to motivate players to play in a Premier League football match. They shouldn’t need motivating, no matter how much money you give them.

“You look at all the top sides; your Manchester Cities, your Chelseas, your Arsenals, they get paid an awful lot more than our guys but they’re still motivated – because that is what they want to do.”

The players at least had a go in December for the St. James’ Park home derby, it was more a lack of quality that let them down in the end.

Though the previous three derby matches were pretty shocking both in terms of quality and effort from some of the players.

Player after player, as well as John Carver, have been lined up this week to tell us that they know how important the derbies are and how ‘motivated’ they are for it.

In less than 24 hours we will find out what the reality is.

As for the Newcastle Head Coach, only 2 wins in 12 games in charge hardly suggests he is the greatest motivator, he really needs that to change tomorrow.

  • Mark Potter

    Based on what evidence his record states otherwise

  • Jamie Ingham

    He really needs to keep quiet.

  • Paul Nicholson

    We can all just really really really hope he is for tomorrow but am not holding much belief I’ve said it since the home game I would take 0-0 just to stop the rot and stop them equalling our record

  • Shaun Ryan Dunn

    Excellent bullshiter *

  • Simon Sharp

    Will probably motivate a number of players to leave if he stays. Prick.

  • Ian Waugh

    Has he thought about using those skills on the team?

  • Munich Mag

    I don’t doubt that JC isn’t a great motivator. The lad bleeds black and white, and good luck to him so do we all. The question is whether he has the ability to be the main man, or whether he is a born 2ic. Based on the results in his charge, and with the limitations placed on him by nobbin and dobbin who sit above him trying to play at footy manager….I reckon the latter. At the same time that doesn’t necessarily mean that the lad doesn’t have a role to play at the toon.

  • scotty63

    Munich Mag You’re right I hear Betty the tea lady is near retirement. Job sorted.

  • Toonarden

    Of course John – you’re Guardiola, Mourinho, Klopp, Benitez and Rogers all rolled into one*.
    Nowt like blowing yer own trumpet fella. Just go and blow it elsewhere. In fact anywhere except SJP.
    (* problem is they win most of the games they’re in charge of)

  • Sebastian Dzien

    of course xD

  • Ian Clow

    He,s been drinking bong water again.

  • Munich Mag

    scotty63 Munich Mag you mean JC makes a mean cup of rosy ?

  • Munich Mag

    1957 ^what do you expect JC to say ? The lad is living the dream as a west end lad, and would probably do the job for nowt. He seemed to have them motivated in the second half against Arsenawl.

  • Dara McIntyre

    Has been really proving that :L

  • toon tony

    Gob $#ite. !!!

  • magpie9

    Self praise is no recommendation! go & look at your record both on the pitch & the groveling pleading you have done so you can continue with the boot licking of fatty

  • Rollyp

    This man tries to prove the media are right in referring to us as delusional. It seems Charnley believes everything he says!

  • MilitantGeordie

    There’s no problem with motivation, i’m sure the players all want to win the games and play as well as they can. The problem is most of them aren’t good enough to play at this level.

  • scotty63

    Munich Mag scotty63 Well he does everything else really well…..apparently

  • PeterRobson

    Well, “Geordie John” you certainly motivate me !!!
    Every time I see/read a quote attributed (I say attributed because I find it hard to believe that anyone can spout so much shite as you do without help) to you, I´m motivated to switch channels on TV or click on the next article online !!!

    Does that mean we´re gonna have to start calling him “Mister Motivator” ?

  • Oliver Lam

    all talk and f*** all results

  • NatTurner

    PeterRobson  Same.  Clueless John has motivated me … to be slightly less obsessed with Newcastle.  At least I’ve relatedly been slightly more productive lately.

  • tino o

    There will be no living with him if we win today he will take every last drop of credit for it . Let’s hope we do I will mute his interview HTL. ..!!!

  • Munich Mag They need someone to taste the pies. That’s all he’s good for.

  • Toonarden

    Just about sums it up.

  • Munich Mag

    scudo Munich Mag if JC went anywhere near the pies Ashley and Penfold would have him. The pie cupboard is bigger than the trophy cabinet at the toon, and sees a lot more action…

  • magpie9

    Did Carver not read his coaches book? To score goals you have to be in opponents half. Sunderland 75% possession, Newcastle 1 shot after 45 min

  • tino o

    Now fuc# off carver Ashley enough is enough useless how embarrassing we’ve had it wan##ers !!!