John Carver has said that he hopes that a win on Sunday will help him land the Newcastle Head Coach role long-term.

Alan Pardew’s former assistant says he’d like to think that he has gained recognition for what he’s already done at Newcastle but that a derby win would be ‘massive’.

Carver says he knows that it doesn’t mean that everything else is meaningless and ‘forgotten’, but he does think it will help his ‘case’.

John Carver:

“I would like to think that some of the stuff I have done is already on the way to making me, but in the eyes of the fans if you win a derby game, it is massive.”

“I am not saying everything else is forgotten…but it certainly helps your case.”

Doing it the right way:

“It certainly helps your case as long as you try to do it the right way.

“Listen, if I come off and it has not been a football match, but we win one nil, I would be delighted with that.”


  • howaymebonnylads

    did JC say exactly what it was that he has done so far?

  • Stephen Walton

    John Carver is not the man for the job irrespective of the derby result.

  • Anthony Darling

    Good Lord. I can’t believe he thinks that U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  • Peter Nealon

    He already knows he has the job

  • Jamie Ingham


  • philrenner09

    This game has nothing to do with Carver – its for local pride. Dont think anybody wants Carver as head coach – Ive been going to games since 1968 and can honestly say he is the worst manager we have had, incompatant fool in a track suit.

  • Seventy2

    John Carver hopes……(insert preference)……can help land him NUFC long-term job

  • toon tony

    Even if we won 10-0 he shouldn’t be considered for the job.

  • amacdee

    would like to think that some of the stuff I have done is already on
    the way to making me”
    What like getting involved in a shouting match with fans at Southampton ? Not forgetting the spats with fans at SJP and of course all those great results ? 
    With all that in mind he’s a shoe in for the job. Fatman loves an incompetent buffoon in the hot seat cos it makes him look less of a tw’t ;-)

  • wor monga


  • Paul Nicholson

    I think he knows he doesn’t

  • Peter Nealon

    And what makes you think wont get it

  • nufcslf

    I hope so John, so the knackers that back this piss take can continue to suffer for a long long time.

  • NatTurner

    And a derby loss should see him sacked Monday morning.  Pointless at this point I know, but fat Mike could use it to send the message that he will no longer put up with riff raff.