I thought Alan Pardew was shocking in terms of the rubbish he would come out with on behalf of Mike Ashley.

Whatever the NUFC owner did, Pardew was happy to cover for him by talking any old nonsense to confuse the issue and/or to point the finger of blame elsewhere.

Step forward John Carver.

He has clearly taken careful notice as Alan Pardew’s assistant but appears even more desperate to keep his job than Pardew was.

Carver just oozes desperation and sadly he has sold his soul to the devil in the eyes of the vast majority of fans.

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You may have heard the odd rumour that Newcastle are short of a defender or two.

Mike Ashley of course selling Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa and loaning out Davide Santon in January, despite Newcastle having next to no defensive back-up and Steven Taylor already confirmed as out for the season.

Despite this not one player was allowed to be signed, even on loan, leading to the current circus of having to play our best players, Colback and Janmaat, out of position and the subsequent defeats.

Mike Ashley just presses a button (or does he ring a little bell?) and John Carver leaps into action.

This is what he (John Carver) has suddenly volunteered about the situation surrounding Davide Santon leaving in January:

“Let me tell you something about Davide Santon….Davide Santon had been out injured for a long time, seven months I think it was.

“He came back against Leicester in the FA Cup and wasn’t prepared to wait to earn his right to get back into the team – he thought that he could go straight back into the team.

Davide Santon’s fault:

“He drove the situation, not us – not the club, he drove it.

“After the game on the bus, he was onto his agent, saying he wanted to get out, that he wanted to go and play.”

Players who don’t want to hang around:

“I’m not saying anybody has got a divine right and I am not saying he wouldn’t have been in the team within two or three weeks.

“If you have got a player who doesn’t want to hang around and fight for you, then that is an issue for me.”

Of course Davide Santon’s partner made very clear at the time that the Italian didn’t want to leave and was being forced out.

Those in any doubt only had to wait for the March NUFC Fans Forum when the club were quite happy to make clear that getting Davide Santon out of the door in January was purely to ensure they could loan him with a view to sell, with no concerns about the fact it left the squad down to the bare bones in defence.

From the NUFC Fans Forum minutes:

‘In relation to Davide Santon, with the player having only a year of his contract remaining in the summer, a decision had to be made with regard to his future and the board accepted a loan deal which it did not feel would still be there in the summer window.’

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Straight out of the horses mouth – again. And still people don’t believe this type of stuff!
    The lad was allegedly not good enough (according to some) yet here is getting called up to the Italy squad, Says more about Carver and Pardew’s abilities rather than the player’s, I would suggest. Certainly says all that needs to be known regarding this regime.

  • MarkKilmister

    Carver thinks he has a divine right to be a coach at our club under any owner & under any management setup. He’s been a part of the clubs demise

  • tyneside tommo

    If Carver could work the players as well as he does his mouth we’d be on 40 points by now.instead the guy is full of wind and p2ss and relegation looms

  • GToon

    If i was Santon i would expect to play every week and in the right position too. Poor management from the top down leads to players having little or no respect for the management team. If the team played well and were well managed Santon would have waited for his chance. Its only a shame i cant get rid of this club too as ive had enough of the current set up too. Scum bags the lot of them.

  • GToon

    tyneside tommo And if we did go down theres a part of me would laugh. I’d want to see Ashleys face at the final whistle. It would be worth it. I loved the Championship year. It was like the good old days and if this time it meant fatso sold up……..

  • fishandchips

    Carver is just another leech like stone, beardsley and all the other hangers on , if any of the so called geordie training staff there would speak up for us fans the cud become sort of a hero in talking terms but they dont so that proves theyve sold there soul , shame on them

  • macandmarge

    Sickandtiredstill it is almost beyond belief…i almost wish they go down to get rid of Ashley

  • Andgeo

    I don’t blame carver here, he doesn’t know any better and is a coach at best. He doesn’t have the requirements to be a manager of a premier league club. I blame the tight slimy fat scumbag who is running out football club into the ground for his own personal gain. Where has all the money gone mike ashley??

  • Andgeo

    I would take that now. It is the only way we will ever get rid of him. And until he goes we can expect to be dragged through the shire while he pockets annually 1) free international advertising 2) all of nufc merchandising 3) £25m+ sky money. He profits, we lose. I am not even bothered when we get beat by the mackems now it’s all become such a bad joke. Can’t help feeling that when he does go, he will leave us with nothing at all. :-(

  • Peaco

    In which case he could decline to comment. To slate an ex colleague shows a complete lack of class, particularly when the PR machine is so well exercised when it comes to talking about finances. As the old saying goes, better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.

  • Tadger

    Andgeo  We already have nothing most people just have not woke up to this fact

  • DownUnderMag

    7 games left and it’s hard to see where we are going to get even a point from other than perhaps the Leicester game, although even that isn’t likely given our apathetic approach to football these days.  Carver just simply isn’t up to the task on the pitch, although he is clearly doing his very best to suck up to the owner in hope that he still gets the job full time.

  • No Brainer

    Its clear you dont like tge truth santon nade very clear to his girlfriend that she was wrong and removed her comments. He gas a high opinion of himself but most fans see his failings. By calling hus agent whilst on the bus it shows hiw much regard ge hilds newcastle fans in.
    In exactly the same way we thought last season against sunderland when we all wanted him hung fir being weak as *iss.
    we akso had to left bacjs fit at the time he left

  • No Brainer

    What a crock of carp santon was despised by most fans for having no bottle.

  • Chemical Dave

    Haha, can’t believe you had the brass neck to point out my bad grammar yesterday soft length.

  • Demented_Man

    I’ve got news for Geordie John: none of the players want to hang around and fight for him.  That was quite evident on Sunday.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    1957 Why do you invent scenarios instead of accepting the one statement of fact which the club actually made? They could have said any of what Carver has just stated , at any time, and certainly at the FF.
    Instead, Charnley clearly made out the case that it was business and profit before anything else. He was released because they had the opportunity to do so that wouldn’t have been there this Summer. 
    Never ceases to amaze me that some people just won’t accept reality and instead have to create a whole mystical fantasy around Ashley’s running of this Club. Take a look up the road at just how devious, ruthless and dirty the man and his associates are in order to get what they want.
    Ashley’s career is filled with such back stabbing, people destroying actions in order to further SD and it’s profits. He isn’t here, and he didn’t want RFC, because he loves football or is even interested in it.
    He loves the fan-base of the clubs (collectively some 8 million or more worldwide) and the exposure they and football gives to SD.

  • toon tony

    Yes a leopard doesn’t change his spots. ….. (no brain ) aka APBAWA. ..

  • No Brainer

    toon tony Wrong again same spots as i have always had just me.

  • No Brainer

    Chemical Dave No, above you can see some spelling mistakes, I really couldn’t understand what you had written, it was literally undecipherable something about her privates i think

  • Westwood McKeag

    … Let me tell you … This semi-assertive crap just doesn’t wash. Do the honorable thing, Carver and bloody well resign!