Whilst pundits and ex-players alike have been lining up to slaughter the Newcastle players because of a lack of effort, John Carver sees things differently.

Alan Shearer was only one of many who questioned the players’ pride in the shirt after making it seven defeats in a row against Swansea.

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Yet the Newcastle Head Coach bizarrely believes all of his players are giving it everything:

“The one thing that I will say about the group of people (Newcastle players)  in there,  is that they are giving everything.

“I think they did give everything (v Swansea).”

Can’t give any more:

“I do not think that they can give any more.

“Sometimes it isn’t good enough  and we all know that, but at least they are having a go, they never give in – kept going until the end.”

John Carver’s words are seemingly at odds with what he had to say after the lame defeat at Sunderland earlier in the month.

Back then, Pardew’s former assistant named five players who he said were the only ones who could hold their heads up high after the shame of the mackems totally outclassing his team.

If indeed the United players are giving it everything then in some ways that is even more worrying than the perception that their hearts just aren’t in it.

If they have nothing more to show than what we are seeing now then what hope have we got?

I think sadly it is a mixture of both factors, most of the players aren’t good enough AND many of them could be giving more at this moment in time than they are doing,

Seven defeats in a row and only three wins in the last twenty one matches is not a dip in form, or players out of form, it is simply heading for disaster.

The only question to be answered is whether that disaster will happen this season or we’ll have to wait a little longer for the inevitable.

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  • TomWatson1

    the man does not know his arse from his elbow

  • Paul Cruddas

    Just tape his face up. With Gaffer tape. And keep him away from a keyboard or writing impliment.
    Then restrict his movements in and around SJP to prevent any ‘accidental ‘ heated discussions about ‘why he does things with the team’

  • partworntyres

    protecting shirley has taken its toll. he should be sectioned for his own safety. self harm could be the next phase in his decline into madness.

  • Hughie

    Most sensible fans were prepared to give Carver a chance. No-one foresaw how inadequate he would be. Facts:
    1. On the pitch he has sustained the appalling defending characterising the club –for years he has been part of that shocking coaching regime. Last season we had the third worst PL goal difference, this season only QPR have shipped more. Look at other teams he has presided over as head coach–same story
    2. Off the pitch, with player morale already low following Pardew’s departure, many injuries and no signings, in public and in no time at all he has slagged off his team–many are not good enough; foreign players–difficult to make them understand ; slagged off pundits and fans. What kind of motivation is this for his squad?– We are all Toon fans, but that does not qualify us for managerial/head coach status.
    3. His record last year with Pardew banned and in the stand was played 7, won one, goals for 2 goals against 15.
    4. His managerial/head coach  record (see Wikipedia) in this country is played 25, won 5, drawn 3 ,lost 17 -goals for  29,
     goals against 54.

    Speaks for itself. It is not only John–the whole coaching and managerial set up has failed. Bring in the new……………….

  • Wallsendstu

    Sounds just like all the punch drunk boxing trainers that sky are currently bringing out.

  • Conman

    Sam,  i really do believe that he needs to do this as he has already hacked off the dressing room by naming names in some of the last few games of people he sees as not trying.  This is his last card and he has to make sure he plays it correctly by supporting and covering the players from the outside world.

    we, as fans , don’t think they deserve the lickings of a dog but a good manager, that JC is not, takes the wrap when losing and protects the players in a bubble and then feeds the praise straight to the team on a win.  That’s what good managers do.

    as i said earlier, this is not what he has done in the past and has led us to where we are now with a fractured dressing room.
    – See more at: //www.themag.co.uk/2015/04/john-carver-defends-the-indefensible/#sthash.HK2mA8Aa.dpuf

  • Conman

    Hughie  …and what worries me Hughie is that in a lot of interviews, he states clearly that if he doesn’t get the job full time, he will revert back to his 5 year contract as a coach !!!!!

    Really, he should be hiding away with his tail between his legs  I wouldn’t put him in charge of the Under 11’s !

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    We are so messed up never thought we would ever get this bad

  • Carver is only now defending the players after reading comments on here about what it takes to be a respected manager …….too little too late .

  • prestondave

    Conman In a word .No.

  • pissed off mag

    realy john this is them giving everything, watch bournmouth then youll see why your talking shite again

  • KevinBrown11

    If this is there best efforts, then just prey that the teams close to us don’t pick up any points, because we are shyte, Carver says players are giving there all, then in the same sentence he says he thinks they are, witch is it yes or no ? Can’t have both,

  • dude 1

    One word sums up this man CLOWN

  • cwtoon88

    The man is a joke and yet people still feel sorry for him making excuses because hes a “geordie”. The man is a puppet, worm, liar and a thug and deserves no sympathy

  • worladandlass

    One of the saddest sights is to see a man drowning. John Carver is drowning. He needs to be saved by the club releasing him from all his responsibilities by sacking him now. He doesn’t know what day it is and its sad, but any sane person could see that he was not cut out for this job in a hundred years. Mike Ashley is  being particularly cruel here both to John and to the fans, you wouldn’t let your dog suffer this badly. For all our sakes if john isn’t going to jump then please do us a favour and ease him off the edge. We would be better with Peter Beardsley in charge for the remaining games