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John Carver ‘As a fan I would go to the match because I support the team’

6 years ago

John Carver has been asked whether he would support the boycott of the Spurs match if he was just a fan.

The Newcastle Head Coach replying that he wouldn’t ‘…because I support the team’.

John Carver:

“(As a fan) I would go to the match because I support the team.

“I think they (anyone who boycotts) do support the team but they’ve obviously got their own issues.”


“I respect those issues but I was asked ‘would I go?’, and I would say yes – I would go because I support the team.

“I never thought I would see it (boycott/campaign to stay away) to be perfectly honest, especially in the North East of England because we love football.”

Something triggered in their heads:

“So obviously something has triggered in their heads to make them not want to come and I respect that.

“I’m feeling it as well though, my family are feeling it, we are all feeling it, but no one more than me because it is my job as well and I can’t run away from it. I can assure the people out there that I am giving it every single minute of my time.”

A predictable answer from John  Carver and he does cover his back by saying that he respects those who stay away, but the implicit message being put out is definitely one of …if you’re a proper fan then you will be at the match.

For Carver to try and come across as being bewildered in terms of not really understanding why fans would stay away, is surely pathetic.

To say that he never thought he’d see it because Geordies love their football…well that’s exactly the point. Fans feeling strongly enough NOT to go despite having already paid for the privilege.

How can there be a stronger message of love for their football and their club?

Willing to pass up their seat at the match even though they have already handed over their money?

When John Carver says he thought he’d never see the day fans would boycott, his memory isn’t exactly the greatest.

He was in his twenties when there was a massive organised boycott campaign when Sir John Hall was trying wrest control from Gordon McKeag, thousands committed to staying away until change happened.

John Carver does have his job that he has to get on and do, which fans understand – even though they may not think he is up to it.

However, he can get on with the job and just say he understands fan frustration and so on, he doesn’t have to publicly humiliate himself further with feeble claims that he doesn’t understand why exactly so many supporters are unhappy.


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