John Carver has taken the unusual step of confirming that striker Emmanuel Riviere will definitely start the Leicester match next weekend.

The Newcastle Head Coach believes Riviere played ‘extremely well’ against Swansea before tiring due to lack of match practice.

Carver also admitted just how bad his players are at defending set-plays and has an acceptance about it, which is maybe even stranger than confirming who will and won’t start next weekend’s match already.

John Carver:

“As we know, we are not great at defending set-plays, that was the only way they (Swansea) looked like scoring. So disappointing because I thought we did some really good stuff in the first half.

“We had a game plan and we played with the two strikers and Cabella just in behind. More offensive, so we took  a little bit of a risk but I thought we controlled the game and Tim had very little to do – apart from picking the ball out of the net just before half-time.

‘Emmanuel Riviere came in and made a real difference?’

“Yes, I though he played extremely well in the first half; was a good target, a good link, but he;s not played for a while and he has run himself into the ground, so I need to replace him.

“But he’ll start next week, he’ll play in the game next week because I saw enough to start him.”

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    Not great at defending set plays ? Its because carver has the tactical ability of tomato , just what does this man see when he looks in the mirror ffs

  • Brown Bottle

    also admitted just how bad his players are at defending set-plays and
    has an acceptance about it. …jaw drops…beer drools…”sputter..sputter….You pick em, you train em, your tactics! 
    Remember, when you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result from the defined then the next stop is meltdown. This blurt may be clinically insane.

  • Deluded

    Well John, Riviere knackered was still putting himself about more than the rest of the team. As with most other decisions you’ve made John, taking him off was wrong. The scabs who were left behind even boo’d you. Riv may be limited but he showed good touches and link up play and he was PUTTING SOME EFFORT IN.

  • NatTurner

    Riviere is a terrible football player.  Why not start with Ayoze and De Jong up front?  Take De Jong off when he’s tired and we (hopefully) have the lead.

  • Prateek Thammineni

    FFs I thought it was gonna say Armstrong

  • DownUnderMag

    I think Riviere is a decent player and seems to be getting a lot of undeserved stick.  He was another casualty of Pardew playing players out of position or asking them to do a role they aren’t suited to.  he isn’t a target man and he can’t play a lone striker role.  But that is exactly what he was expected to do whenever he was given a game.  On Saturday he actually showed some really good touches and linked up well with Perez, but again was playing in a makeshift front three and was asked to track back too often.

    I actually think this is a good move by Carver to pump his confidence after a good first half and setting up the opening goal.  I don’t think Carver got it right bringing him off, even though he was out of sorts int eh second half, and I don’t think he should be playing a wide role in a 4-3-3.  I would love to see us just go into the Leicester game with a good old fashioned 4-4-2 and see what we can do.  Perez and Riviere up front together with De Jong in central midfield as an attacking midfielder.  If Carver does bring Perez or Riviere off then I hope it is for Armstrong to get a shout.  

    But like it or not, our defence is terrible and we don’t produce enough quality deliveries into the box for any striker to benefit…even Shearer would have had trouble scoring in this side.

  • DeanBurns

    Another terrible decision. Thanks John.

  • No Brainer

    He’s right Riviere was our best forward p[layer on Saturday.

  • No Brainer

    DownUnderMag You now your football shame most others on here don’t he was a mile ahead of Perez at the weekend

  • Hughie

    Riviere played well on Saturday but is not a goalscorer. That is one of our major problems. Thought Perez was really poor and Cabella non existent again on Saturday. Team against Leicester : Krul, Janmaat, Collo, Willo, Dummett (hopefully) Abeid, Obertan, Ameobi, Colback, De Jong, Riviere.  Sissoko and Cabella flatter to deceive and I wouldn’t play them in a black and white shirt again. Perez is burnt out and has clearly lost confidence. One for the future. Armstrong is too small, which is one of the problems with our lightweight, literally, attack..

  • Mister Tee

    Its a shame John Carver doesnt.
    Central Midfielder at Left Back.
    Full Back in Central Midfield (who can play LB)
    Winger in Central Midfield (who can play LB)
    Central Midfielder on bench.
    Pesky fans unsettling the team……

  • pissed off mag

    No Brainer  ashleys bitch

  • toon tony

    Wow. ..Leicester must be quaking in there boots to hear such a prolific goalscorer will be starting on Saturday.

  • KevinBrown11

    Not very clever of Carver, now Leicester knows who’s up front for the match, personally I’d start with de jong we seem to start of ok so hopefully we can get a few before half-time as we can’t seem to play ok for the full match, I know de jong isn’t fully fit but looked good the few minutes he was on and bagged a goal,

  • Philippines

    At the risk of being called “Ashley’s bitch” by one of our esteemed and very cultural commentators, I also thought Riviere played quite well. But what do I know I only went to my first match in 1957 (Man City v Fulham). Done Revie was playing centre forward with Bert Trautmann in goal. I think it was about one shilling to get in the ground.

  • alreet

    Hmm starting with a player you know doesnt score. Put armstrong and de jong up top give cabella a free role. Sissoko is due back so plant him colback and abeid in the middle let anita keep going at left back and hopefully dummett can come back raring to go.
    change it round carver coz it isnt working.