John Carver has claimed that he is committed to attacking football and believes in the spirit of the ‘Entertainers’ tag that was placed on Kevin Keegan’s team, as well as Sir Bobby Robson’s side a few years later.

The Newcastle Head Coach claims he sets his team out to attack, something which goes against all known evidence of these 13 matches.

“I do not put shackles on these players and I do want them to express themselves.

“I was around with the Entertainers side and with Sir Bobby’s team, two sides that played on the front foot.”

Season over?:

“I don’t want to see us get into the final third, then end up with the ball back at our goalkeeper, I have never stopped them being progressive but at Sunderland we weren’t.

“(Responding to whether the season was over) I have got a job to do, you try telling our thousands of supporters the season is dead, we can’t do that.”

In those 13 games under Carver, United have only scored more than one goal on two occasions and six times they have failed to score at all.

No wonder the travelling fans were chanting ‘attack, attack, attack’ at the Stadium of Light.

Interesting that John Carver doesn’t name check how the team was set out under Alan Pardew, surely over those four years as Pardew’s right hand man, he had a major input in how the team played and tactics used.

For most supporters the team is now set up in the same negative way it was under Pardew, defending from deep and hoping to sneak a goal.

Before and after matches John Carver talks a good game, it is the bit in between that he has problems with.


  • Andrew Swift


  • Jarra MIck

    Was any of us surprised at the tactics employed against 5under1and? We knew it would be sit back and defend. Whose he trying to convince with this shite? Oh I forgot there are 50 thousand who don’t seem to accept the evidence of their own eyes and will believe whatever our beloved club representatives say. Step forward Moncur and Beardsley to tell us how great we are. Relegation next season is on the cards.

  • Raymond Hall

    Weeeees been on the tequila!

  • Darren Hart

    The more Carver speaks, the more convinced I am that he’s as senile as Joe Kinnear! :/

  • Andy Wardle

    Clowns are entertainers too….

  • Lawrence Cant

    The guys a natural comedian… Wonder if he’ considered stand up?

  • tino o

    Each time he speaks he sounds even more ridiculous. This club are taking us for mugs. My questions to supporter’s who don’t boycott spurs game, do I enjoy watching this crap week in week out, do you honestly believe it will get better under current ownership if you’re honest both answers will be no. It’s time for change and it won’t be done for you. THIS IS OUR CLUB DON’T ALLOW THEM TO KILL IT! !!! HTL!!!

  • Greg Codling

    Keegan spent 62m up to Shearer signing, considering that was 15m world record signing, and di maria was 60m, carver needs at least 150m to spend. Adding Genius like beardo and luck in finding Albert and gaining Watson, Elliot, Howey and Clark…the persuading Beresford and Lee to go north…I think we were so so lucky to see that team and live through it.

  • Peter Nealon


  • Paul Patterson

    Just when you think he can’t come up with any more statements that are stupid and make him look like a bigger fool than I already think he is.

    The sad thing is, he must actually BELIEVE what he says . .

  • PeterRobson

    The best way “Geordie John” could help bring back the “Entertainers” would be to piss off and get a job somewhere else, making room for someone competent !!!

    I always tried to keep my comments relevant and profanity free, but he just winds me up every time he opens his mouth !!!

  • Raymond Fairbridge

    Was he at the game on Sunday! He has no idea but is cheap so could stay.

  • Gary Linney

    That’s a laugh! Unfortunately, although he is a Geordie and proud of it… Carver has been JFK’ed / Pardewed!

  • Maximus Moose

    The Mans Shyte scared to mention the word KEEGAN

  • LeazesEnder

    I didn’t find the last game in the least bit entertaining….

  • Rich Oliver

    Tell you what, John lad, let’s worry about getting a point first then we’ll maybe have a look at your entertainers craic. Fffs

  • Oliver Lam

    He can start by getting sacked.

  • Chris Gowens

    Dearest Brenda

  • Gary Johnson

    He has lost all sense of reality that man needs medical help from the neck up. Team he has wont play for him. He has to go. Head coach. Head case more like.

  • terriertwo

    He is definitely in line to follow in the footsteps of the great Sir Bobby and KK. They were both sacked when they brought our club to a level that none of us supporters will ever forget. He will be sacked or demoted for dragging us down to the depths of possible relegation this season and probably relegation next season The blokes not good enough to coach never mind manage a top club.

  • Toonbadger

    ” I have got a job to do, you try telling our thousands of supporters the season is dead, we can’t do that.”
    YOU don’t need to, you Muppet, we already know it`s dead

  • Toonbadger

    tino o  It`s already dead

  • Toonbadger

    Jarra MIck  Relegation next season is on the cards. Relegation THIS season is not impossible.

  • NottsToon

    It’s like he is totally oblivious to how much his constant media presence, referencing his fan status and his relationship with SBR, actually winds fans up and makes him look like a prize idiot. The club is a billion miles away from what it was under Keegan or SBR, so to have this former fitness coach talk about the good old days as if he were Jose Mourinho reminiscing  about his time with SBR at Porto is completely nonsensical and actually pretty insulting to the memories we have of the good times under SBR.

    The club is only headed one way, with Geordie John in the drivers seat and Ashley giving the directions. Fans have to choose whether they want to help these clowns take the club to pieces whilst being laughed at for their blind devotion, or whether they will take a stand finally and get behind the focal point of the planned protests. I haven’t had a season ticket for 5 years now but I’ll be there to lend support to the cause on the 19th.

    For too long we have read and heard from apologists saying “nothing is ever organised, nothing will work”, this is a lie which is passed around by the club, local media, regime plants and deluded apologists. We have something organised, there is a focal point for our anger now and a way to get it seen and heard. If you choose not to participate in this then you are contributing to the demise of the club and you will get what you deserve from Ashley, it’s just a shame that so many fans who do not deserve it may share your apathetic fate.

  • A lex

    I just don’t get Carver at all. Actually, He has everything to gain by going out to entertain but everything to lose by being cautious. So, why is he saying one thing but doing the other?
    Doing what he is doing won’t earn him the job he covets. Not that I want him to get the job, but he stands a better chance if he’d set the team up for all guns blazing.

  • tino o

    I would say we’re in a coma we just need to have someone in charge to show a bit interest in what happens on the management and playing side. Profits will take care of themselves in time. Someone who could see the potential this great club has . Ashley only interested in what he can get out without putting in. We need rid soon. !

  • scotty63

    Toonbadger could get exciting in a bad way!

  • Mark Iveson

    Give Armstrong a go…!

  • pissed off mag

    blokes a dunce, talks crap, tells lies and has no credibility at all with fans. Ill play best team in fa cup and nobody will tell me what team to pick [ LIAR ]

  • AndrewCowley1

    How can you come out with this nonsense and be serious.playing Perez on his own chasing players all over the prefer him to be honest and just say my teams are set up to not concede and try to nick a goal if we’re lucky.absolute light years away from Sbr kk teams.why can’t the young guys get a run.armstrong on for 3 minutes?60 minutes on then make a sub,amateur level coaching.

  • Andgeo

    Carver clearly lives in his own world. The only attacking football we ever see from Newcastle these days is usually too late when the game is already lost. He has a cheek blaming his team when he sets them up on the back foot. Once and for all get rid of this 4231 formation which has never worked for us. The only results we have (I.e. November) was through a change on personnel and formation. Attack from the first minute to the last, what have you got to loose. We actually looked pretty good in the second half against arsenal with this mentality.

  • Andgeo

    Keegan brought in £60m too. If the fat twit had just stuck with him, he’d have made even more money out of us and might have actually won something in the process.

  • Andgeo

    They think he’s gonna spend money in the ‘summa’ and he’s not all bad coz he’s kept their season ticket prices low. Total muppets.

  • Andgeo

    He’s thick. Simple as that.

  • Andgeo


  • Andgeo

    Linear could probably do a better job than charver.

  • Jon Harrison

    Carver is as clueless as it gets, how he is even valued as a legit coach is beyond me…