John Carver has been forced to accept that he was out of order when he said only five players were beyond criticicm for the derby defeat.

The Newcastle Head coach must hasve had some seriously unhappy players after he named and shamed those who he felt had let themselves and the fans down.

Carver had named Ryan Taylor, Jonas, Janmaat, Wiliamson and Colback as the five beyond criticism, with certainly Ayoze Perez for one who must have felt pretty let down by the Head Coach.

John Carver speaking after the Sunderland defeat:

“He (Jonas Gutierrez) gave me everything and he is void of any criticism along with Ryan Taylor, Daryl Janmaat, Mike Williamson and Jack Colback…those five are void of any criticism.”

Which then left Tim Krul, Ayoze Perez, Sammy Ameobi, Remy Cabella, Yoan Gouffran, Moussa Sissoko, Emmanuel Riviere and Adam Armstrong.

Speaking at his press conference ahead of Liverpool, John Carver was asked: Who did emerge with credit from the derby?

The Newcastle Head Coach replying:

“I think now I have had time to think about it, it is a bit unfair to come out and talk about the ones who did well and the ones who didn’t do well.

“I have already said it, we take responsibility.

Jack Colback might be outstanding…:

“Some weeks for example Jack Colback might be outstanding, the following week he might not be, but he is part of the team and it team spirit that is going to get you through it.

“I’m not going to go into individuals because it is unfair.”


  • Andy Brannen

    Why not ? It was a disgraceful showing from the majority ov them ? Ffs

  • David Grey

    Put his own name and Ashley at the top of the list

  • MagpieG

    The man is an absolute clot and unfit to manage a Conference team never mind NUFC.

  • Can’t believe they’re actually even contemplating giving this man a longer term contract. Man management?? Did he learn nothing from his much-publicised stint with Sir Bobby?

  • Graeme Ramsay

    Why play manu rivière before Adam Armstrong?….

  • Bearsize

    John the trick is to slag them off and them wanting to still want to play for you! Thats man management mate ;) you really are a mini pardew ha

  • DownUnderMag

    Naming and shaming them only works if we actually have better options available to bring in.  As it stands, telling a player he was rubbish and then being forced to play them the next game because we have no one else is slightly undermining the whole thing. Too few players, too little quality.  But at least we made a massive profit!

  • mentalman

    If he’s going to name and shame he should at least get it right, of the 5 only 2 actually played ok

  • mentalman

    Riviere is there to hold up the ball be a physical presence, fair enough he doesn’t do it that well but it’s better than Armstrong would

  • Deluded

    mentalman Why play like that though, when we don’t have the players to? It’s people like you who just let it drift along. You probably rated Shola, “Fair enough he’s crap but he’s geet tall he can get his heed on it in the mixer like, better than someone five foot two”

  • Deluded

    mentalman What game did you watch?

  • Hez

    Slight over reaction, mental never said Riviere was good or that style of play was suitable. Let me guess you think Armstrong is “world class” like Adam Campbell was. It’s people like you…

  • Peter Lamb


  • Ashleyout

    Beats me how Carver says Ryan Taylor was without criticism..He must’ve been watching a different game, Taylor was awful…right off it on the day and I like RT. This has got to be the worst Toon team for decades… Third rate players… Our buying policy now seems to be if he is a long term injury problem, buy him…Whats that all about?

  • Gordan Nufc Burke

    this man needs to stay away from the media, he is a joe kinnear completely clueless makes us look worse than we already are

  • Jarra MIck

    Ashleyout completely agree the one thing you can usually say about Ryan is the he is composed on the ball and never seems flustered. Against the Mackems he was hoofing it first time or heading when he could have controlled. Possibly the poorest game I have ever seen him play, just shows what Carver knows if he thinks he played well.

  • mentalman

    I didn’t rate shoal but his hold up play was better than anyone we’ve got now. You bring a striker on who can hold the ball further up the pitch to help out the defence which is particularly bad like ours. When Armstrong has played the ball is played up to him and it comes straight back.
    If Armstrong wasn’t a local lad he would have been slated for his performances this season

  • mentalman

    Take it you agree with Carver

  • Paul Soulsby

    Carver you should have been line one, page one, you plum.

  • Greg Codling

    Of the all the players that you could criticize. ..its the dead wood your gonna cut, not one of europes best young players in perez, the bad players are bad and should be cut away. Krul, Janmaat, Colback, Perez, Cabella should be kept and built around.

  • Mick Watson

    What a moron. Seriously. Can we have a manager with a triple digit IQ?

  • Toon Magpie

    Moron Carver

  • Toon Magpie

    Even double digit IQ. carver IQ is 0

  • Brownale69

    Clueless. Switch the light off when your leaving

  • Ashleyout

    Carver, your an embarrassment to geordies. I cringe when I hear your name.. You’d do more for the club as assistant groundsman…